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Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things

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Summary: Changes are coming to McKinley High.

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Television > Glee
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JmariaFR1521,3190153,84130 Aug 1111 Nov 11No

Seasons Change

Title: Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own: Buffy/Angel, Glee or Torchwood. Those belong to Whedon, Murphy & Davies. See how nicely I’m playing with them.
Spoilers: Series; 2x06 Never Been Kissed, & Children of Earth
Summary: Changes are coming to McKinley High.

Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things
Seasons Change

~ Cleveland ~

“Reilly-Summers Agency, how may I forward your call?” the brunette frowned down at the unknown number on the screen.

Wasn’t it Summers-Reilly two days ago?” the voice laughed over the line.

“Well, we decided to flip a coin. Lucky bastard won the toss,” a grin bloomed over her face. “What’s happening, hot stuff?”

For one, I’m state-side,” Jack dropped that bomb efficiently.

“Crap. You know Faith still wants to kick your ass for the last little stunt you pulled when you were here last time.”

Oh, it gets even better.

“Don’t tell me, you’re in Ohio,” Dawn Summers groaned. “This can’t be good.”

A little birdie sang a song in my ear. Big changes are coming our way, and I’m needed in Lima.

“Lima? Nothing supernatural or other-worldly is going on in Lima.”

“Wanna bet?”

Dawn’s head jerked away from the screen and up to see Captain Jack grinning at her over the counter. The man was devastatingly good looking.

“It’s a gift,” Jack laughed.

“Connor still isn’t in a forgiving mood these days,” Dawn huffed.

“What’s there to be mad about? Honestly -”

“You called him androgynous and threatened to lock him up with Dammit-Janet,” Dawn leaned forward on her elbows. “And only revoked the threat when he countered with ‘did you want it to die badly?’. You two really do not get on fabulously.”

“That is because he wants to kill me. It’s that hunter-prey mentality, even though I’m not really prey. Unless he asks me to play -”

“Why Lima? Why now?” Dawn shook her head clear of all of the pretty pictures Jack was shoving in her mind.

“The times, they are a changin’,” Jack grinned.

“Are you quoting Dylan now?”

“Yes. I need you and the Angelspawn in Lima with me.”

“Why?” Dawn narrowed her eyes.

“Because the last couple of teenagers I was around were demented or hosting aliens in their bodies. I’m sadly out of touch with young people -”

“I don’t like that smutty grin, Jack,” But Dawn couldn’t help grinning at his silliness. It was a nice change after all that had gone down in Cardiff.

“Well, it’s been a while, and you remember your misspent youth better than I do my own.”

“My ‘misspent youth’ was crammed in a house with fifty-plus superheroes and Connor’s was spent in a hell dimension.”

“Then you can perfectly relate to these kids.”


Both of them jerked their heads up to see Connor leaning against the doorframe.

“Because maybe you can be the one to save them, after all -”

“Stop quoting Wonderwall,” Dawn groaned. “You talked to Lorne, didn’t you?”

“Of course. And Clem. Did you know both of them are in Lima Heights?”


“It smells like Sunnydale,” Dawn said quietly to Connor.

“Like death and sugar?”

“You are so gross on so many levels that I don’t even know why I’m your friend,” Dawn glared at him.

“To piss of Spike, annoy Angel and creep out Buffy?” Connor drawled, raking his gaze over the student body that was beginning to swarm over the campus.

“Of course,” Dawn huffed. “It was a rhetorical question, Con.”

“That I answered, Dawnie.”

“You’re going to drive me to drink heavily while we’re in Lima, aren’t you?”

“Nope,” Connor narrowed his eyes as a group of jocks swarmed around weaker prey. “That’ll be Jack’s job.”

Come to Rome, Dawnie. Spend some time in the South of France, and what do I choose to do? I choose Connor and Cleveland,” Dawn muttered as Connor slunk off. “That’s gonna end bloody.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Nov 11.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking