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Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things

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Summary: Changes are coming to McKinley High.

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JmariaFR1521,3190153,84130 Aug 1111 Nov 11No

The Beginning of the End

Title: Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own: Buffy/Angel, Glee or Torchwood. Those belong to Whedon, Murphy & Davies. See how nicely I’m playing with them.
Spoilers: Series; 2x06 Never Been Kissed, & Children of Earth
Summary: Changes are coming to McKinley High.
A/N: So…yeah. First chapter is Buffy-verse less.

Butterfly Wings, Hurricane Things
The Beginning of the End


Everyone noticed the handsome man striding confidently down the halls of McKinley High School. You’d have to be blind not to. Cheerios nearly fainted at the sight of him, Jocks backed up and tried not to make eye contact, and Kurt Hummel even wanted to touch his jacket. Okay, so steal it, but still.

He didn’t even bother to make eye contact with any of the faculty or staff as he confidently breezed into Principal Figgins office, sitting down with a casual slouch in the chair across from the frowning Indian man.

“May I help you?” Figgins frowned, not remembering scheduling an appointment with a parent for that morning.

“Actually, I’m here to help you, Figgy.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Oh, you have my pardon,” the man gave a tight-lipped smile as he continued, ignoring the principal’s baffled look. “You know, the 21st century is supposed to be when everything changes. I should know, I’ve been spouting that off for about five years now. Whatever god you believe knows it’s been a lot longer than that for me. But do you know what I’ve noticed, Figgy?

“Nothing’s happening. It’s growing stagnant in here. In London. In Cardiff. Big shit is happening and are any of you noticing? No. You’re worrying about stupid, petty little things and boxing them away. Guess what? The little green men have been coming for years, and you lot just continue on ignoring them. Giant spaceships exploding in the sky on Christmas day? Pfft, hallucination. Contaminated water lines. Aliens demanding the lives of innocent children? Some damned British hoax again.”

His eyes went steely then, shuttering off a particularly bad memory. Figgins opened his mouth to refute whatever he’d found questionable in the handsome man’s statement, only to be stopped as the man’s fist slammed into his desk.

“Apparently, big gestures aren’t enough for people anymore. So. We’re going back to basics. Back to the little things. ‘Butterflies flapping their wings in Alaska making hurricanes in Japan’ sorts of little things, but little things nonetheless.”


“Because it’s those little things that change the course of mankind. Like a boy looking for his Mummy, or a girl getting into a big blue box with a strange man. Because big changes are coming here, Figgy. They have been for the past year and a half. Green things, demon-y things, alien things. This place is pretty potent. And, honestly, I’ve got nothing better to do. So, take a big sip of coffee there, why don’t you?” the man grinned at him.

For the life of him, Figgins couldn’t understand why he was compelled to do it, but drink he did. Things got a bit fuzzy for a few moments, and when he wiped his eyes clear a strange man was sitting across from him smiling brightly.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying…um, what was your name again?”

“Captain Jack Harkness, McKinley’s new Activities Supervisor.”

“Activities Supervisor? But I’m afraid that’s not -”

“In the budget, yes, I know. Luckily, some funds were acquisitioned specifically for this position to be created.”

“If the board is planning on cutting from the Cherrios or the Glee kids, I’m going to have to listen to five hours worth of complaining from Will and Sue,” Figgins looked annoyed.

“A benevolent benefactor donated their own funds to save you from having to deal with any of that,” Jack grinned. “Besides, I think that’s going to be my job very shortly anyway.”

Figgins thought on that for about half a second. A huge smile lit across his face as he stretched out a hand to Jack.

“Welcome to McKinley High, Captain.”
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