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A Solemn Occasion, Indeed

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Follies of Fate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angel dressed in a costume for Halloween, too, at Buffy's request. Who could have guessed just how significant a change that would make in his destiny?

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Literature > FantasyGreywizardFR1316860133,49430 Aug 1130 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters all belong to Joss and ME or Robert E. Howard. Deal with it. I have.

Category: Literature -> Fantasy. Crossover with one of Robert E. Howard's classics.

Summary: Angel dressed in a costume for Halloween, too, at Buffy's request. Who could have guessed just how significant a change that would make in his destiny?

Time Frame: Follows the events of the BtVS Season two episode, 'Halloween' and my earlier story, 'Star Knight, Star Bright.' Story #2 in my 'Follies of Fate' series

Spoilers: Nope. None at all, since this story is seriously AU from Joss' canon.

Character Bashing: None. I'm actually trying to make Angel seem like a decent person in this one. Let me know if I succeeded.

Feedback: Of course!

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author’s Note 1: This one is unbeta'd, as all of these submissions will be.

Author’s Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author’s Note 3: This is story #29 for Challenge 6471: August Fic-A-Day 2011.


Ethan’s Costume Emporium
Sunnydale, CA

October 30, 1998

"So, would you want to wear a costume tomorrow night? We could go to the Bronze after I'm finished escorting my group of kids around, and you could maybe wear something that would match what I'm wearing," Buffy suggested to the ensouled vampire she was so enamored with, and who'd met her at the costume shop as they'd agreed to do the previous night, giving him the full-power half-pout and the soulful, puppy-dog eyes she used to use on her father to get her own way as she looked up into his.

"Yeah, I guess that could be fun," Angel nodded, willing to do anything reasonable if it would help brighten Buffy's life even a little.

{ After all, } he reflected to himself, { it's not as though she's going to have a great deal of joy and happiness in her life. Most Slayers don't even make it to a second year, after being Called. }

{ If my wearing a costume can make her happy, giving Harris another opportunity to poke fun at me is a small sacrifice to make, } he decided. { In fact, maybe I should follow that "Come as you aren't" attitude Buffy mentioned to Willow earlier, and choose something completely contrary to what I would normally consider. }

Strolling around the shop perusing the costumes available, a pair of reproduction flintlock pistols lying next to a faux cutlass caught his attention, and a small smile crossed his lips as the memory of a character from a collection of fantasy stories he'd read years before inspired him with an idea for the costume he'd promised to wear for Buffy.

{ It's perfect, } he thought to himself. { And Harris will most likely be struck speechless once he realizes who I'll be dressed as. }

{ Well, at least, he will for a little while, } he hoped.


Somewhere on the streets of Sunnydale

October 31, 1998

He pushed himself up off the ground of the alley in which he'd found himself lying, drawing his cutlass and pulling one of his flintlocks as he glanced around for any sign of highwaymen, brigands or demons who might be tempted to attack while he was momentarily disoriented.

Seeing no signs of anything of possibly malign nature nearby, his attention was instantly focused as the faint sound of terror-filled screams were carried to him on the wind.

Taking but the briefest instant to determine the direction from which the cries for help were emanating, he threw his cloak back over his shoulders and headed off at a quick but cautious gait, checking his surroundings for any signs of hidden traps or ambushes.

{ Lord, guide my path, that I might find and protect the innocent and helpless, } he gave a silent prayer as he moved.

{ But if I cannot arrive in time to save them, then let me serve as an instrument of your vengeance. }


Angel's apartment house
Fornance St.
Sunnydale, CA

November 1, 1998

{ Whoever would have thought that my agreeing to Buffy's request to dress up for Halloween could have ended up like this? } Angel thought to himself as he stood for a moment outside his apartment building and savored the warmth of the morning's sunlight.

{ I can't wait to see Buffy's reaction when she sees me walk in to the library using the main corridor from the street, rather than the sewer access, } he smiled to himself as he then headed off towards the high school.

{ And seeing the others' expressions is definitely something I'm looking forward to seeing, too. Especially Harris', when he realizes that I can walk in the sunlight now. }

{ I wonder if any of the Gang aside from Giles will even recognize the name of Solomon Kane? }


The End

You have reached the end of "A Solemn Occasion, Indeed". This story is complete.

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