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Miss Demeanor

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Summary: Dawn's mouth has gotten her in trouble again. Written for Fic A Day.

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NCIS > Dawn-CenteredgrundyFR1314880144,48930 Aug 1130 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. NCIS belongs to Bellisario. I'm playing with other people's toys.

“This is so totally your fault!” Andrew snapped as the officer- no, agent- shut the door firmly behind him.

Dawn rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. Quit whining. And keep your mouth shut until someone of a lawyerly nature shows up.”

“Oh, that’s rich. If you hadn’t gotten mouthy, we wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Dawn turned to her partner in (non-)crime with a glare that made him wilt. Less than he would have in Sunnydale, but still visible.

“You know they’re leaving us in here to stew, right? The idea being to annoy us and throw us off balance. You don’t need to help them by getting on my last remaining nerve.”

Andrew’s mouth shut with an audible snap. Dawn might be the less violent of the Summers sisters, but there was a reason even Spike feared her when she was truly hacked off. He slumped resignedly into his totally uncomfortable hard plastic chair.

“If you had to r-“ at Dawn’s warning look, he hastily amended his word choice, “forcefully share your opinion with an officer of the law, couldn’t you at least have kept it to the normal police? They’d have let us go with a caution.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, Andrew, but if the cops want to, they can always find a way to arrest you,” Dawn replied, trying without success to find a tolerable position on her own plastic chair.

“Then shouldn’t you have stopped sharing when he broke out the ‘I WILL arrest you?’” Andrew asked, scooching his chair cautiously away as he said it.

“I didn’t think he’d actually do it. He was smiling when he said it. Normally if they mean it, they’re not smiling, they’re yelling. And you’re allowed to get up, you know,” Dawn told him. “Nobody told you not to.”

“Yeah-huh they did,” Andrew replied, relieved not to be facing threats to his person for pointing out the obvious. “Very Special Agent DiNozzo said to sit down and stay put.”

“I don’t think Agent Power Trip meant it quite so literally,” Dawn replied. “He just meant not to try to leave the interrogation room.”

“Interrogation room?” Andrew’s voice cracked on the first word. “They’re going to interrogate us?”

“No, Andrew, they’re going to try to interrogate us. You’re going to sit there and not say a word, or so help me, Boba Fett gets decapitated the second we get back.”

“But Agent DiNozzo-“

“Is probably behind the one-way glass right now with a tub of popcorn. You’re better than reality TV.”

Behind the glass, two heads swiveled to look at Tony DiNozzo, who did not have popcorn, but was watching avidly, standing at the very spot Dawn Summers was giving a withering look of disgust from her side of the glass.

“You know, Tony, I think she has you figured out very accurately,” Ziva said.

“Maybe Gibbs should offer her a job,” McGee added.

The End

You have reached the end of "Miss Demeanor". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking