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This story is No. 5 in the series "There's something about coffee". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Abby has entered into a game of one-up with a certain redheaded witch. Things got interesting at the NCIS forensic lab.

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NCIS > Willow-CenteredlothlorienFR715922163,73331 Aug 1131 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the concept and even that I share with CorruptedSmile. I am indeed poor...

A/N: Here's the final story in the coffee centred prompt war CorruptedSmile and I are currently waging. You should go check out what she did with the prompts in her Coffee series XD But before you do that, read and review please.


Gibbs walked into Abby’s lab to discover a decidedly odd scene. Instead of metal music the speakers were playing Backstreet Boys and instead of Abby greeting him with smiles and a hug she was frantically typing on her computer and didn’t appear to have noticed him coming in at all until he put Caf-Pow in front of her.

“Gibbs,” she exclaimed in shock. “What are you doing here? I don’t have anything for you. You didn’t give me anything to do and even if you had I don’t have the time to do it now, because Red’s winning and I can’t let her and she destroyed my music and –“

Gibbs pressed a finger to her lips to silence her. “Breathe.”

Abby took a deep breath. “Breathing. Yes I can do that. I’ll breathe and it will get better.”

Gibbs nodded. “Now do you want to explain why you have pop music playing in your lab?”

“It’s Red. She’s locked me out of my music files and encrypted the music player so that I can’t turn it off. She added a few more security programmes to our web that are connected to the music player so I can’t turn that off without turning them off too and now I have to have this playing until I can figure out a way to separate the two programmes.”

If anything, Gibbs looked even more confused. “Who is this Red and why is she messing with our security?”

Red is RedWitch and we’ve been playing a game of one-up for six months now and last week I managed to hack her system and install a bug that rickrolled her when she opened any file. And I added a few security measures of course, but I didn’t think to tie them to the bug like she did here and now she’s winning.” Abby managed to explain all this is one breath and Gibbs was stunned by her lung capacity once again. Then what she said fully registered and he gave her a glare.

“Are you telling me that there’s a hacker playing with our security system, because you started a game of one-up? Do you realize that giving away out information like that is a criminal offence?”

Abby slapped him on the arm. “Gibbs! I can’t believe you think I would do something like that. She’s completely safe. The president vouches for her and she’s a government approved hacker. She hacks everyone now and then to check their security and then she improves it. But when she first hacked us, I caught her and piggybacked on her signal and hacked her and now we’re just playing and our security has never been better!”

Suddenly Abby’s computer beeped and a message appeared on her screen.

Dear Abby, you really didn’t have to defend me, but you did and that’s really cool and I’m liking you more and more the more we play and I’m coming to Washington next week and we should go for coffee. I’ll bring my laptop and we can compare notes. I’ll leave my IM programme on your disk so we can talk. Oh, and I unlocked your music, so you can stop listening to that drivel. I can’t wait to see you. RedWitch a.k.a Willow

Gibbs left the lab to the sound of squeeing. Sometimes Goth forensic scientists were just too odd to understand.

A/N: I know there's not much coffee here, but Caf-Pow counts right? Of course it does XD Let me know what you thought.

The End

You have reached the end of "One-up". This story is complete.

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