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Summary: Everyone has a story, and every story has a beginning. Coincidentally, they shared theirs.

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Devil May Cry belong to their respective owners.

A/N: I finished translating this part. I still can't believe it... I was supposed to upload this chapter last month, but I Real Life kept me busy and I forgot to, -.-u

Holidays are coming, so there might be second chapter this month (finals are at the end of January, so I'm supposed to have free time).

To those tracking the story and putting up with me and my wonderful uploading schedule: thanks for your patience!


Chapter Two

Once she calmed down, Buffy left her seat on the floor and searched for the library’s door. It was big, red and definitely something that Dracula would have in his castle. Crossing it, Buffy saw that the other side was illuminated by blue flames; there were three at each side, each one resting on a ledge.

There was a gargoyle in front of her, with one set of stairs at each side that leaded to it. There was also a circle of orange light in front of the statue. Giving it a critical look, Buffy returned to the library, took one of the statues’ remains and returned to where the gargoyle was.

She walked up the stairs and studied the circle before taking a step back and launching the stone at the circle. Her eyes widened in surprise when the stone was thrust upwards. Buffy heard how the stone hit against something, but it didn’t come down. Standing in the middle of the small chamber, Buffy tried to see the ceiling.

She was unable to; there were some lights up there, but they weren’t strong enough as to allow her to see where the ceiling was. What she was able to see, however, were the ledges on the walls, where the lights were, and that seemed to be width enough for a person to walk calmly on them.

Buffy climbed to the gargoyle and frowned at the circle of light. Apparently, the stone had only been launched, and there wasn’t another exit…

Gathering her courage, Buffy jumped into the light and went flying upwards. She reached a bit over the first ledge and remembered in the last second to grip its edge when she fell down. She sat on the ledge and cursed, that hadn’t been very entertaining.

Unfortunately for her, she had to repeat the process another two times before reaching another room.

After crossing this new room, the Slayer finally arrived at an open space. A few steps from her, there was a balcony that, without a doubt, had seen better days. Admiring the view, Buffy could see that she was in what seemed to be a big tower rising in the middle of a city.

She left the balcony behind her and walked towards a corridor, that lead to a new door. Buffy tried to open it, but it appeared to be blocked. What to do… try to open it by force or go back to jumping in that chamber?

She didn’t feel like going back to the magical trampolines, but the same could be said about trying to open this door. For starters, she didn’t know if she could force it open and she didn’t want to tire herself out trying to.

With a sight of resignation, she recovered her scythe from the ground and turned back towards the other door.

“I hate this place.”


Buffy looked at the new door, putting away the hair strands that kept getting in her mouth because of the wind that came from the balcony. Before opening it, she crossed her fingers and prayed for it to not be blocked. She nearly made a little victory dance when the door opened without problems. Even so, the happiness at progressing on her journey disappeared after her first steps into the corridor on the other side.

Before her there were many statues, every single one of them carrying two big swords. There was a blue bar on the sword that turned red when the statue was about to attack. How did she know? Because they were exactly like the ones she had fought back in the library.

Angry at having to fight these things again, the Slayer left the scythe on the floor and advanced towards the living statues. Fighting them wasn’t difficult; the trick was getting away from the swords when the bar turned red. Whoever charmed them, they hadn’t made a good job. She could destroy them with her fists –though her knuckles always hurt after destroying one- or choose to make them destroy each other by jumping away from them just when they attacked.

To put in simple: they were annoying, slow and didn’t help her to prove her theory about intelligent rocks. Seriously, who was the one that thought that these things were a good idea as a defense system?

Once she finished with all the statues, Buffy picked up her weapon and continued her way trough the corridor until she came face to face with a door flanked by to big statues. Two heavy looking chains and more than a dozen of spikes prevented the door from being opened.

Stepping back, Buffy crossed the lateral corridor she had seen before and reached another room. This one she could open and she found herself in another corridor, surrounded by walls decorated by scenes of humans being devoured by demons.

“This is never good…” she commented to herself, tracing with a finger a line from one of the drawings. She walked to the end of the small corridor and towards a wide chamber full of coffins.

There was the statue of a mermaid, illuminated by chandeliers. In front of the mermaid there was a door; if she as lucky, this door would lead her towards the exit. Buffy walked towards the double door. When her hand touched the knob, some kind of red mist sealed it and the young woman had to dodge the giant hand -made from that mist- that tried to attack her.

Behind her, she heard a bell and the sound of many footsteps filled the air.

“A Hellmouth, a library with books about demons, a building infested with demons… You sure know how to make a girl feel like at home!”

The Slayer turned around to view her opponents with a small smirk. One of them was like the one she had killed at the library and the other looked like smaller versions of it.

“Wow, look, the whole family.”

Four enemies, all with a tendency for imitating Death, and at least one of them knew how to teleport. Buffy held firmly her scythe, identical to the one that the bigger demon carried. This was going to be interesting.


Dante observed with a slight smile the glass which that girl had jumped trough with her motorbike. She might be a bit crazy (she shot at him with a rocket launcher!), but there was no doubt that the girl was an extra reason for being inside this damn tower. He couldn’t allow that beauty to die in a place like this.

The half-devil crossed the threshold and had to admit that the place was a great architectural work. He let a whistle of admiration.

“And to think that this place was under the city…”

The devil hunter took a quick look at the large chamber. The door at his left was surrounded by flames, so that route was rejected. A bit above him, Dante saw a blue door that, at first glance, didn’t look to be blocked by anything.

Placing a foot on the first step, the half-devil started his ascension through the stairs, towards the top of the tower and his brother, with who he had pending business. There was nothing like a warm family reunion.

Family reunion… If he tried really hard, he could believe that.


Buffy felt how her breath left her for a few moments when her body hit the statue of the mermaid. Next to her, something fell from the statue. Ignoring what must be just a piece of rock, the Slayer tried to get up from the floor.

Her enemy moved forward with a triumphant step. She had been able to destroy the other three, but the big one kept appearing and disappearing between all that smoke, and the bell sound was starting to get on her nerves.

Buffy let out a scream when the blade of the scythe pierced her stomach. She had forgotten how much those wounds hurt. The demon retired the blade and readied another attack.

Trying to catch her breath, the young woman rose again and regarded the bleeding wound with a pained face. She hated when there was so much blood. Buffy avoided her enemy’s weapon, but she had to lean against the base of the statue when a spasm of pain hit her body.

The next hit she stopped with her hand. As soon as she felt the cold metal of the scythe’s handle, she pulled at the weapon and launched it to the other side of the chamber.

There was something wrong with her, with her powers. It had started back in the library when she had met her first enemy, a sensation that had been becoming stronger and stronger since then; it was like something was trying to take control. It was a bit like what had happened on her battle against Adam, but that time it had been different, not as extreme as this. Back then she knew that she was in control, but now… She allowed a small laugh to leave through her lips and gave the demon in front of her a feral smile.


The human female started to make the Hell Vanguard nervous, enough to make the demon decide to leave the chamber as quickly as possible. The demon wasn’t a genius, but he was more intelligent than most demons in this tower.

He knew that no human was that strong or fast. He knew that human eyes didn’t shine with a golden light.


Arkham, a bald man with a reddish eye and a blue eye, watched without blinking how a young man with short silver hair sliced apart yet another Hell Vanguard. A pity, most demons in this tower weren’t as intelligent as those.

“It seems we have some unannounced visits,” said his young associated, sheathing his katana. “Two females, both human.”

“I believe I know who one of them might be. I’ll take care of it.” The man took a look at the sky and noticed the black clouds that were starting to gather around the tower. “Looks like a storm is coming.”

Receiving no answer, Arkham began to walk towards the interior of the tower, but stopped when he heard the voice of the half-devil.

“The other woman, do you know who she is?” Vergil asked without turning around.

“I know as much as you. I’ll check it out.”


A/N: So... I have two questions for everyone:

1) What do you think about this crossover?

2) Pairings. While there's no going to be any on this fic, I would like to know what each of you would ship (and why). We have four characters to work with: Buffy, Dante, Vergil and Lady. Let the Ship War begin!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Origin" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Dec 11.

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