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Summary: Everyone has a story, and every story has a beginning. Coincidentally, they shared theirs.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May CryGartabroFR1533,9511102,4961 Sep 114 Dec 11No


A/N: An answer to cloudleonsgurl’s challenge. I started to write this in Spanish (prologue + 2 chapters, right now) and promised to translate it. I hope that I translate it correctly, ^_^U

The plot-bunny had a Buffy/Vergil or Buffy/Dante pairing (or a love triangle), but this story is supposed to follow DMC3, so… No romance. Really, I don’t see anyone falling in love in so little time!

Especially Vergil.

I’ll have next chapter up as soon as possible (and I promise that it's longer).

Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Devil May Cry belong to their respective owners.


Buffy Summers, the Slayer, finished transmitting her goodbye message to her sister, giving the young teenager a kiss on her forehead as a last goodbye. Dawn, for her part, tried to fight her tears and to be strong before her older sister; however, the imminent death of her sister was more than she could take and the young girl started to break when Buffy turned around and started to run towards the end of the platform.

Under the platform where the two sisters were, there was a portal that connected all dimensions with theirs, created trough the Key’s (Dawn’s) blood and that glowed with a pure white light, threatening to swallow their world and take them all to Hell. From the portal, at more frequent intervals, bolts were coming out and falling over Sunnydale, destroying the pavement, transforming the buildings into houses of terror and bringing demons from other worlds into theirs.

Without thinking twice, the Slayer jumped into the portal under the badly build tower that those crazy people had built. She didn’t want to die but, as the Slayer, it was her mission to protect the world from the supernatural threats. It was true that her death wasn’t really needed, but the alternative was to allow her little sister, who was only fourteen, to jump in her place and die closing the portal.

The portal was opened with the blood of a Summers and it would be closed with the blood of another.

When her body entered in contact with the portal, the first sensation that Buffy felt was relief. Her sister would be safe; the others would take care of her. No more fighting, no more being the Slayer. The relief didn’t last long, because she was still alive and hanging in the middle of a vortex made of pure energy.

The magic that kept the portal open run through her veins, searching in her blood more power to stay active. After a few seconds that felt like hours, the magic found a source of energy; it tried to access it, but it was protected. Buffy felt an intense pain trough all her body and the magic rejoiced when it finally reached the power sleeping inside the Slayer.

Buffy felt as if something was stretching her in thousands of directions at the same time, and each force that was pulling at her was doing so with insistence, trying to take her to the world from where it came from. A part of her, barely conscious between all the pain, stopped resisting and allowed one of the forces to pull at her. In her world, the portal finally closed.

Inside her, something awoke.


A young man with white hair and blue eyes, a half-devil that answered to the name of Dante, observed how a huge tower rose from the ground of the city, destroying the buildings of the zone. Those that weren’t hurt at first, ran away terrified at the sudden attack from the demons that appeared near the tower.

At the top of the tower, someone, who could well be the twin brother of the young man, was gazing at the city that was at the feet of the tall structure and that had sunk into chaos. Along the tower, several rays hit the stone surface.

“Well, Vergil” commented the boy looking at his older brother at the top of the tower. “What a party you have planned. Though, I suppose it was needed, it has been almost a years since we last met!”

The boy laughed and, with a grin draw on his face, he headed towards the tower.
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