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Summary: Response to the 20 Minute challenge. Hermione thinks on her marriage whilst in the arms of her lover. HG/SS

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and the associated characters. I am making no money off this fic, and I am only doing it for fun.

Severus looked around the modest accommodations of his Hogsmeade cottage. They suited him perfectly and were free of clutter. He had also brought many of the books from his personal library here.

He’d purchased the small house for use by Hermione and him for there rendezvous. He didn’t even know how he’d come to be caught up in the whole sordid affair to begin with. It wasn’t in his nature to let someone use him like that; in fact usually it was the other way around. Perhaps I’ve grown soft since Voldemorts defeat Severus scoffed at that though if there was one thing people never mistake him for that was soft. Cruel, short tempered and ugly yes but never soft.

Hermione was different to him somehow, she had brought a light into his world that he’d never imagined possible. Ever since the whole affair had started Severus had treated their trysts as nothing more than an itch to scratch; something that would allow him to forget about what had happened during the war. Severus though had somehow in their twelve month relationship grown to care for the woman. Hermione had done the impossible and melted the ice that encased his heart for so long.

Many thought him to be a cold hearted bastard, and for the most part they were right. Hermione somehow had gotten under his skin and over the course of their relationship he’d fallen in love with her.

Once he’d recognized his feelings he’d tried to break things off with her but in the end he always came back to her. She was addictive, and it was something he couldn’t give up no matter how hard he tried.

Severus had resigned himself to being in a relationship with someone who only wanted him for the physical pleasure he could give to her.

Hermione though had surprised him. About six months after they’d began seeing each other she confessed she was in love with him. To say he’d been shocked was an understatement.

After that though he made sure he made his feelings known, each time they met he’d try to convince her to leave her husband. That it really wasn’t fair on any of them.

It had taken him a further six months for him to even begin to get through to her. She could be as stubborn as an ox when she wanted to be. Though that was one of the reasons he’d fallen in love with her in the first place.

He’d brought the little cottage in Hogsmeade a couple of months after they’d began seeing each other, he’d grown sick of meeting her in seedy motels. Severus didn’t like how that made their relationship look. Severus had always thought it made them look cheap somehow, like the relationship didn’t even matter to them.

No-one had figured out they were lovers, though Severus wouldn’t be surprised if Albus suspected something. The old coot was always poking around where he wasn’t wanted.

Severus also took glee in the fact that he’d get one up on Ronald Weasley. He’d never liked the boy. He liked him even less now, though the prat probably had no idea his wife was screwing around with their ex-potions teacher. He could just imagining the look on the idiots face if, no when he found out. Severus was determined he would force the issue with Hermione if he had to. He wouldn’t be someone’s dirty secret forever.

Then just last night the thing he’d been waiting for happened. He asked her to leave him and she didn’t argue with him like she usually did. In fact she smiled at him saying only one word “Tomorrow.” Maybe there was hope for them after all. Tomorrow they would start their new life together. Tomorrow.


The End

You have reached the end of "Tomorrow". This story is complete.

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