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Homecoming Surprise

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Summary: *August 2011 Twisted Shorts* - After another grueling adventure, Scott Harvath finds a surprise waiting for him at his home

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Literature > ActionBeriaearwenFR131717005463 Sep 113 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon. The character and world of Scott Harvath belong to Brad Thor. Both are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes/Warnings: Mention of adult activities - thus the FR-13. A bit (or a lot) OOC.

Pairing: Faith/Scott

Homecoming Surprise
By Beriaearwen

He knew as soon as he pulled his car into the driveway something wasn't right. There were no other cars around, nothing out of place, the birds were singing and squirrels... squirreling as if nothing could be wrong, but too many years of living in extreme danger left his instincts singing.

Pulling his gun, he carefully scanned the front of his house. Not seeing anything amiss, he headed around the left side, toward the back.

His eyes were immediately drawn to the figure on the dock, dangling her feet over the edge. Somehow, he couldn't work up much surprise that she'd found him.

Scouting the area one last time, he felt satisfied they were alone. As he secured his gun, he crossed the lawn, knowing she was aware of his presence.

He stopped several steps behind her, drinking in the sight of her, remembering the feel of her, the smell her her. He waited until she turned her head and he couldn't help the electric feeling the sight of her always brought him.

“You're not an easy man to find, Scott Harvath.”

His eyebrow twitched at her knowing his real name. The few weeks they'd spent together, he'd been using an alias, as had she. Many names would fit her, but Susie hadn't been one of them. No Susie had liquid brown eyes that spoke sex and danger, a voice that wrapped around a man, drawing him in, a body that... His thoughts cut off as she spoke again.

“Fortunately, I had a little something of yours to help me track you down.” So saying, the woman stood up and revealed a well-rounded belly.

Scott gasped as his eyes took in her altered form. Her rounded stomach could only mean one thing.

He had longed for children for years and that desire had been growing constantly the past few months. Tearing his eyes away from his dearest wish, he asked, “How do you... Weren't you...”

“How do I know it's yours? Wasn't I using birth control? To answer the second question, yes I was, but apparently the stuff they injected into me lessened the effectiveness of the birth control I was using. To answer your first question, there's no one else it could have been.”

While a part of his brain registered her explanation, the greater part of him longed to step forward and touch her stomach, to feel the life within – his child.

Rolling her eyes, she encouraged, “Would you just step up and cop a feel already? If anyone can touch the baby belly it would be the baby's daddy.”

A few quick strides found him in front of the woman carrying his child. Gently rested his hand on the belly, he felt a kick against his palm. “Hey little one,” he whispered, “I'm your daddy.”

Feeling a second kick in response, he smiled at the woman who'd been little more than a useful tool for him.

As he met her eyes, concerns about the baby's safety, their future, a potential relationship and more flooded his mind.

A wry smile appeared on her face as she covered his hands. “I've already gotten started on the safety thing and the rest we'll work out later. And just so we're on an even playing field, my name is Faith.”

“No last name?”

She shrugged. “None I want to claim. We have a lot to go over, mind if we take this inside? I could use a real chair to sit in.”

Rising to his feet, but leaving his hand on her abdomen, he looked down and met her eyes. He'd forgotten how small she was compared to him. Doubts began to creep into his mind, the difficulties of his job, the dangers, the lies he would need to tell and the secrets he would need to keep. Was she really the type of person with whom he could become involved?

As if reading his mind, Faith smiled and rested a hand on his arm. “We'll figure it out,” she assured.

Feeling another kick beneath his hand, Scott couldn't help but believe her. It would all work out in the end – he would make sure of it.


The End

You have reached the end of "Homecoming Surprise". This story is complete.

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