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Not Just Another 'Killer' Weekend

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Summary: *August 2011 Twisted Shorts* 'Killer' Diller is returning from a weekend pass and Beetle is wondering what happened. (BtVS/Beetle Bailey)

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Comics > Comic StripsBeriaearwenFR131846003854 Sep 114 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of "Beetle Bailey" belong to Mort Walker, etc. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes/Warnings: A little odd. This crossover made my brain hurt.

Not Just Another 'Killer' Weekend
By Beriaearwen

Walking toward the mess, Beetle found himself confronted with a returning Killer. Taking in his friend's appearance, he couldn't help but ask, "Finally meet your match?"

The dreamy look on Killer's face and the smile on his lips said more than any words he could utter. "What a woman," he replied, his mind obviously still on his lady from this weekend.

"Let's get some food and you can tell me about it," Beetle encouraged, knowing that Killer wouldn't get into too many details, but enough to make an interesting story.


After they sat down with their meals, Beetle waited for Killer to begin.

"Well. It started Friday night. I'd gone to that new place – Catharsis – for the night. New club meant all the lovely ladies would be there. Cruising the scene I more or less had my pick of the pride when she walked in.”

“She have a name?”

Killer just smiled.

Beetle rolled his eyes. He should have known, Killer didn't ever share names. “So what'd she look like?”

“Just the right size with all the good kind of curves, brown wavy hair, beautifully liquid brown eyes and lips... Just kissable.”

“So you danced?” Beetle wondered at the odd look that flashed across his friend's face.

“You could say that. She taught me a few new steps as well.”

“Will you be seeing her again?”

Beetle saw an unfamiliar expression cross his friend's face before he grinned.

“Can't deny all the other ladies a little Killer,” he said, ending the discussion even as his mind replayed his time with Faith.


Friday Night...

Killer had been doing fairly well with the brunette who called herself Faith. They were currently standing at the bar after he took in her moves on the dance floor and showed her a few of his own.

He reached out to rest a hand on her thigh when her eyes drifted to something behind him and a scowl appeared on her face. “Old boyfriend?” he asked, unwilling to turn his full attention away from her, but turning himself to take a look. He didn't care for boyfriend trouble – ex or otherwise. Not that it would stop him, but it never hurt to know.

“Dumb blonde about to have a really bad night.”

Killer stiffened. He liked women. He liked lots of women. That's how he'd gotten his nickname, he was the base lady killer. But he respected women enough to believe they should at least be aware enough to understand the decision they were making. “Shall we help her out.”

Faith gave him an odd look before shaking her head. “You stay here. I'll handle it and be back in a minute, hot stuff.” Leaning forward she planted a passionate kiss on him.

It took few minutes for the lust-induced haze to clear. By the time it did, he spotted Faith half-way to the back door.

Sliding off his seat, he dropped a few bills on the bar and followed after Faith. He might be a lady's man, but he was also a soldier.

Killer managed to cut through the crowd and catch the back door before it shut behind Faith.

The sound of a scuffle drew his attention and he quickly turned toward the left.

What he saw had his jaw dropping in disbelief.

Faith, in all her leather-clad hotness, punched the rather large man hard enough to snap his head back. After another second, Killer caught sight of the man's face and gulped. He knew what the man was. He'd had a run-in with a vampire on one particularly unfortunate evening at Dave's several months before. It had been training and a lot of luck that helped him escape.

Now, he stood watching the beautiful, petite woman he'd been wooing fight off a creature he wasn't sure his training officers could overcome and succeeding brilliantly.

Oddly, he found he found himself even more interested in discovering what other sorts of moves Faith might have, only in, say, a bedroom setting.

Another minute and a move he didn't really see left nothing but a cloud of dust and Faith staring into his eyes.

He swallowed hard as she sauntered over to him, stepping in to his personal space and running a finger down his cheek.

“See something you like, Killer?” she asked, leaning forward to whisper the question in his ear.

He'd never met a woman like her before and knew he never would again, so he decided to grab onto this opportunity with both hands. “Yeah,” he responded as his hands landed on her hips. Her low, throaty chuckle did nothing to calm his desire.


His mind returning to the present, Killer looked down at his food. Sometime during the early hours of the morning, Faith had shared her story with him. He'd been right that he'd never met anyone like her and never would again, but they would always have their night at the Paris Hotel.


The End

You have reached the end of "Not Just Another 'Killer' Weekend". This story is complete.

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