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Summary: Cassie suddenly becomes one of many new Slayers. How will she cope with this change in her already complicated life?.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate or Buffy. I am making no money off them so don’t sue.

Chapter Three - Dreams


Dream Sequence

Sunnydale, California, America

Standing above the opening to hell the girls used their blood to open the portal, each one of them knowing it was likely they would not survive the day. Buffy the slayer had taken them into her home when the Bringers had tried to kill them all. Each had a destiny with the darkness and each of them would give their lives to fight for the world. At the moment none of them had any power, but if Buffy’s plan works all of them would become Slayers and finally fulfill their destiny.

As the Hellmouth opened Buffy led her brave girls into hell and started the fight of their lives. Through Buffy the First had been given purchase on their world and through Buffy it would be defeated.

All around her Buffy could see little girls fighting and dying, each of them doing their bit in the Apocalypse. Swinging the scythe she be-headed another Turok Han, but as each fell three more took its place. It seemed as if they would never win. Until finally the amulet around Spikes neck began to glow a pure white, killing every evil creature it touched. Looking around Buffy saw the hellmouth begin to collapse and she ordered the girls to retreat.

With one final look back Buffy raced from the building and ran, the ground collapsing behind her. Once free from Sunnydale she looked back on the destruction they had caused knowing they had done it. They had won. Buffy just didn’t know if it was worth all the death.

Screwing her face up, Cassie began tossing and turning on her makeshift bed as the dreams washed over her mind.

Galway, Ireland,

It was dark out, barely a star shining in the sky to see. The end of the world was nigh, and it was up to her to stop it. Zachary was a very powerful Master Vampire and a vicious killer, relentlessly he slaughtered the people of her sleepy little town. Ireland had seen better days, not since Angelus' reign had they ever seen such brutality.

Marguerite slowly stalked the master vampire, tracking the killer back to his lair. She had been after this vampire for nearly a month now, she wouldn’t let him get away again. Tonight he would die.

She quickly dispatched the fledgling Vamps that surrounded her attempting to prevent her from stopping their master. It was her duty, her destiny to prevent Zachary from winning.

She’d been taken from her family when she was barely three years old, and had been training with her watcher ever since. She was a formidable warrior and one Zachary had no hopes in beating.

’Zachary' Marguerite called out. Launching a crossbow bolt into the glass orb sitting upon the alter, destroying Zachary’s window of opportunity. `Now you die' she told him with pure conviction, believing the battle to be won.

`No, now you do' he told her as he moved in behind her sinking his fang's into her slender neck draining her of her life's blood.

Marguerite fought back with every scrap of energy she possessed, but ultimately Zachary was the better fighter.

Once her body was drained Zachary dropped the young slayer to the floor, dead. `Don't worry little girl I'll complete the ritual next time. After all I do have eternity to do it' he told her corpse.

Cassie lay on the couch tossing and turning at the nightmare that she was stuck in. Slowly the scene changed to a more modern setting, Cassie recognized the place as that of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, America

Slowly Zachary made his way through the town of Colorado springs, the time was slowly approaching when he could attempt the ritual again, this time without the slayer interfering.

The ritual would make him invincible. Nothing would be able to kill him he would be truly immortal leaving him to devastate the mortals, he would rule over all. No longer will Mortals be the dominant species of this pathetic planet.

Nothing would stop him. He smiled evilly, walking over to the screaming teenager that lay bound on the floor, slapping the girl across the face to shut up her pathetic sniveling.

‘You won’t get away with this. Someone will find me’ the girl cried out desperate to convince the mad-man to spare her life.

‘No? Of course I’ll get away with this you pathetic girl’ He told the screaming girl as he sunk his fangs into the girls neck, reveling in her screams, before they slowly faded away as the child died slowly.

Yes, this time nothing would stop him from completing the ritual, even if it meant taking the town down to its knees. The Slayer would die before she’d interfere this time. Yes, nothing would stop him this time.


Screaming Cassie sat upright breathing heavily from her nightmares. It had been so real, as if it had really happened though that was impossible she knew that intellectually, though there had been something strange about the dream. The girl’s Marguerite, Buffy and the others had fought those monsters, but she wasn’t watching it in the third person, it was as if she was Marguerite, and that thing that had killed her, a vampire? They were myths, stuff out of fairy tales to scare children into doing what they were told. It couldn’t be real. Could it? Cassie didn’t know the answer to that, but she knew that there was more to her dream than a simple nightmare; she just didn’t know what it was exactly.

Jumping slightly at the opening of the door, Cassie looked up into her mother’s angry face. Quickly deciding she wasn’t going to take any nonsense, she resolved herself to tell her the truth even if it killed her.

“Ah, hi mum, what’s up?” she asked searching her mother’s face for any sign of forgiveness, finding none she took a deep breath mentally preparing herself for the worse.

“Don’t what’s up me you know perfectly well why I’m here. You shouldn’t be getting into fights at school, or getting suspended. As of right now you are grounded, losing all privileges until further notice. Understood?” Janet Frasier said, crossing her arms over her chest glaring down at her daughter. Who returned the look “Come on, get up. I’m taking you home” she said stepping aside to let her daughter pass.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chosen" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 11.

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