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The Doctor's Diagnosis

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Summary: *August 2011 Twisted Shorts* Dawn get an outside perspective when the school bus stops at a hospital

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Television > Diagnosis MurderBeriaearwenFR71528019446 Sep 116 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: The Characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of Diagnosis Murder belong to CBS, etc. All are used here without permission.

Notes/Warnings: Not portals for Dawn. Not overly happy with this one, but here it is.

The Doctor's Diagnosis
By Beriaearwen

Dawn tried to work up some emotion as the bus pulled into the hospital parking lot. She knew they needed to be here if they planned on the remaining people surviving.

She couldn't even work up the emotion to feel pain over their loss. She'd gone from fighting to euphoria to numb. A part of her knew this was normal, that the pain would return, that she would start feeling again. She'd seen the aftermath of too many battles not to know it, had even experienced it herself, though nothing on this level.

Leaving the bus, she stayed on the fringes of the group, though never out of Buffy's sight. That was another thing she would have to deal with soon.

She'd been wrong, they all had been. They'd been scared and took it out on the one target they knew wouldn't fight back - Buffy. She felt a pang of grief and pain as she realized she'd told her sister she didn't need her anymore, didn't want her anymore and essentially sent her out of the house to die. And she hadn't cared.

How did she make this right?

"You haven't been looked at yet, young lady," a friendly voice said, shaking her out of her musings.

Turning she spotted a doctor - as evidenced by his white coat and stethoscope - standing slightly behind her. He had gray hair and a gray mustache. In a way he reminded her of the grandfather she'd never actually met.

"Mark Sloan," he introduced offering his hand in greeting.

"Dawn Summers," she replied accepting his hand.

Moving forward, Dr. Sloan settled in the chair beside her. "I don't believe we've checked you for injuries yet."

Dawn shrugged. "I have soem bruises and scrapes, I'll be sore tomorrow, but overall, I'm fine."

"I see," the doctor said before falling into a comfortable silence.

Dawn didn't really mind his presence, it wasn't overbearing. It felt comforting. After a few minutes of them both staring out the window, she turned and asked, "Do you think it's possible to forgive soemone who kicked you out of their life? To want to be their sis... their friend again?"

Dr. Sloan caught every word, including the slip. He'd seen the dynamics and the way most of the others had been keeping an eye on Buffy Summers. Whatever happened, he had the feeling it wasn't Dawn who'd been kicked out, but Buffy. Still, he couldn't help wanting to offer her comfort, to heal the wounds he could see and the ones he couldn't. "It depends on the person in question and the situation. But yes, you can repair a relationship. Just like a broken bone or a deep cut, it's never going to look exactly the same and there may always be evidence of the break, but it can heal, especially if a sincere apology is applied. And chocolate."

Dawn giggled at the chocolate comment and smiled. "Thank you, Dr. Sloan."

Mark stood and patted her shoulder. "Anytime. Now how about we see to your scrapes and bruises."


The End

You have reached the end of "The Doctor's Diagnosis". This story is complete.

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