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Andrew's Fault

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Summary: *August 2011 Twisted Shorts* This trip to the weird was definitely not her fault. It was Andrew's.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationBeriaearwenFR71359041,1296 Sep 116 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation belong to G. Roddenberry. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes/Warnings: A bit of silliness. I feel bad for poor Andrew...

Andrew's Fault
By Beriaearwen

There could be no way Buffy could ever blame her for this one. It wasn't even Tuesday!

Crossing her arms she glared at the Klingon, completely unimpressed by the level of menace he projected. After all, he had nothing on Buffy before her first cup of morning coffee. It didn't matter how little sleep a slayer needed, sleep deprivation didn't make for cranky slayers, unassuaged caffeine addiction did.

Of course, unassuaged caffeine addiction made for cranky former keys as well. Not that Andrew hadn't done his part - the little weasel.

This was absolutely the last time she tried to be nice to him. He'd been sick and had his dolls out to play with - excuse her - Star Trek the Next Generation action figures. He'd asked for a specific book, which she kindly retrieved along with a new box of tissues - extra soft with lotion no less.

He then requested some juice, which she left to get. What she hadn't expected was Andrew attempting to cast an animation spell so he could watch his toys interact.

Naturally, just as she returned with the juice, he sneezed in the middle of a word causing a portal to open - stupid portals - and suck her into the Star Trek Universe.

Glancing to the side, she spotted Commander Riker running his eyes up and down her nineteen year old form. She couldn't help but roll her eyes.

Turning to the other side, they landed on Counselor Troi who looked as irritated as she felt. You didn't have to be an empath to know she wasn't pleased with Riker's actions.

Her attention was drawn back to Lieutenant Worf a moment later when he demanded, "You will tell us how you arrived on the bridge. The truth."

Dawn sighed and settled back in her chair. It was going to be a long day. Fortunately, she knew for certain that Buffy would be home early, so it should only be a few more hours. Meanwhile, might as well let the others feel her frustration, "I told you. Magic."
Worf growled.


The End

You have reached the end of "Andrew's Fault". This story is complete.

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