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Uncomfortable Reunions

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts* Methos and the person now known as Buffy Summers are about to reunite. Will Buffy forgive her husband, after so many years? Now they have to contend with Middle Earth and the shadow that is about to befall the land.

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Methos
Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered
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Uncomfortable Reunions

Day 27 Uncomfortable reunions
Title:Uncomfortable reunions
Author: hellbells101 / hellbells(tth)
Summary: Methos and the person now known as Buffy Summers are about to reunite. Will Buffy forgive her husband, after so many years? If not he’ll lose his head!
Disclaimer : As usual none of the characters belong to me. I borrow them but all rights belong to the owners of Buffy, Highlander and LOTR.
Characters: Buffy, Methos, Giles, Willow
Challenge: for the livejournal 2011 August Fic a Day Challenge on twistedshorts.
Timeline: Post s7 Buffy and methos in highlander
Rating: Fr-13
Word Count:786

Buffy had escaped to the library in the Cleveland headquarters. If anyone had been in the room, they would have been very surprised to see what the slayer was doing, The prime slayer was currently reading a book. Buffy may pretend to be ditzy but in reality she was far smarter than she looked. Still, many would have been surprised to see her happily curled up reading a book in Ancient Sumerian.

Buffy didn’t find Ancient Sumerian difficult. She was already considered Ancient when people started to speak it.

You see, only one person knew Buffy’s big secret. She had told Giles about her status as an immortal. It was one of the big reasons she was so devastated about being dragged out of heaven. She had waited five thousand years to see Heaven, only to have it ripped out of her hands. Giles had kept her secrets but would often ask her about the periods of history that the records forgot.

A moment later though, she felt something, which sent a shiver down her spine. The quickening was so very strong, she knew that it could belong to only one person. Her sword was drawn without conscious thought as she stalked down the hallways, she was heading to the source of the power.

Anyone who crossed the slayers path could see how angry she was. All wondered who had a death wish because it had to be bad, if they had angered the prime slayer. They all stepped out of the way of the angry slayer and hoped not to get caught up in the whirlwind.

At the door standing a little uncomfortably was Adam Pierson. This was one reunion that he was not looking forward to, he and his wife had parted company when he became a horseman.

He hoped the following couple of thousand years would have lessened her anger but somehow he doubted it.

A sweet young redhead greeted him, “Hello. How can I help you?”

He was charm personified, “Thank you but the person I’m meeting already knows that I am here.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” The voice was so cold and angry that nearly all the people in the entrance hall shivered. The only time Buffy was this mad was when the First was making an appearance. They had never seen the sword, which she had levelled against the guests neck.

A mischievous smile crossed his face, “Can’t a husband come and visit his wife?”

Despite herself Buffy snickered, “Divorce wasn’t possible but I figured skipping continents would have given you a clue.”

Adam saw the crowd and wanting a private conversation switched to their native language, “We need to talk it is important.”

Buffy sighed and withdrew her sword, the replied using the same language, “Follow me.”

Almost the minute they left to go to Buffy’s room, Willow ran to Giles.

“Gilesyouneedtocomequick.ItseemBuffyhas ahusbandbuttheydon’tseemtogetalong. Ialsoamconfusedasshespokealanguagei’veneverheard.”

Giles almost laughed at the pout and slight jealousy he heard in the Wiccan’s voice.

However, Giles was worried. In one of their late night gab sessions, Buffy had talked about his past. In one of their sessions she had talked about the love of her life. Buffy had explained that her love for Methos far outstripped what she had felt for Spike or Angel. She had spoken of her utter heartache when he had become one of the horseman.

Giles reflexively polished his glasses. “Willow the language you heard is so old, no-one apart from Buffy and her husband can speak it anymore. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to stop my slayer from doing something she’ll regret.”

It was a truth that Buffy refused to acknowledge, but she truly did love her husband. Giles knew that if she killed him permanently, she would truly regret it once she calmed down.

Giles headed towards where her quarters were, he never had the chance to intervene though because when he opened the door the couple were gone.

Buffy and Methos had been cut off mid-curse and pulled through the portal. Once she got her bearings and gently disentagled herself from Methos; she opened her eyes to be met by a beautiful blonde elf, “A star shines on our meeting Eliza. I am Lady Galadriel.

Buffy quirked an eyebrow, “Not to be rude but where are we?”

Galadriel smiled, “Well if you follow me little one I will explain all that your powers failed to explain.

Buffy didn’t know what the hell was going on but she was pretty sure that she liked this Galadriel. Even with the crack of her being a little one. She momentarily, put aside her anger at Methos and traded a look. Surely at 5,000 she couldn’t be considered a little one.

Wow, this royally sucked and it wasn’t even a Tuesday
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