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The Borg-Slayer

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Summary: Buffy chooses a different costume in order to needle Xander

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Star Trek > VoyagerrothosFR1332,19913310,1968 Sep 119 Sep 11No

Alcoves andNew Beginnings

Disclaimer:see chapter 1

Buffy came back from patrol and walked in to the Library.

"Giles, things are going to be different. I need to manufacture some of the Borg technology in order to function optimally." Buffy said holding a duffel she had liberated from a vamp nest with her Slaying gains.

"Very well, the Council provides a slayer with a stipend." Giles stated.

"Not enough. I'm going to need to acquire things from Slaying as well as the stipend to build the things I'll need.It should stop at a Borg generator and a regeneration alcove. While my Slayer healing has been keeping me sufficiently regenerated now I dare not test what happens if I get severely injured. That's only one problem; I've been having thoughts Giles thoughts that do not deal with shoe sales: thoughts of starting a collective and assimilating people. Talk to Xander about how bad that would be, if it came from me there would be problems. Now, I'm going to find out how to get rid of this stuff legally and then invest the proceeds in order to make my regeneration alcove more of a possibility." Buffy said before walking away and taking a seat at the infernal machine.

Giles polished his glasses and felt worried for his charge; she was not getting a good enough rest? A cranky Slayer was not good, and he dared to think what would happen to Sunnydale High on the morning school began. Maybe he should contact the Council on requisitioning more monies for the Slayer. This called for a cup of tea with some fine brandy.

The next morning, Giles called a afternoon Scooby meeting. He dreaded what would come from his question.

"Xander, could you enlighten us on the Borg from Star Trek?" Giles asked with a grimace.

"G-man, if one of them was here at the behest of the Collective we'd better hope that they considered us insignificant. Because if not then we'd all be assimilated in short order; then Earth would eventually be assimilated and turned into a Borg paradise. We would cease to exist. On the other hand, if it were a lone Borg drone cut off from the Collective than we would best welcome it with open arms, because it would almost be like having a Slayer and Willow rolled into one here. They'd be able to stop demons and vampires no problem. The downside would be the creation of all the technology to keep it. Then add to it that emotions are possible, but without radical surgery they have an upper limit restrained by the implants." Xander deadpanned not liking being here of all places on a Sunday.

"Good Lord!, well Buffy has become an independent Borg unit and that poses some problems." Giles said while polishing his glasses. Mental note: Skip the tea just have the brandy and lots of it.

"Giles is there something some kind of spell you can do to help her?" Willow asked.

"No, the Chaos magic makes it too risky to attempt any spell." Giles said.

"G-man, since Buffy became a Borg did she ever report thoughts of assimilating people?" Xander asked, hoping it was kind of true.

"Yes, she did." Giles said.

"Good, Willow find Buffy and tell her we're going to have some quality time; separated Borg usually have separation issues and Buffy's issues over her parents divorce probably got magnified." Xander ordered, not unlike an NCO.

Willow just rushed out of the Library and started searching for Buffy.

She found Buffy an hour later snarling about Ferengi while she was reading over some literature at home on a bank's lending process.

"Hey Buffy, Xander and I are going to the Bronze later want to come with us?" Willow asked the blonde.

"No thanks Will, I need to do this first and then patrol. However, you and Xander can come over and we can watch some horror movies later." Buffy said before turning her attention back to the object of her ire, a real estate listing for the old CRD building.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Borg-Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Sep 11.

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