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The Borg-Slayer

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Summary: Buffy chooses a different costume in order to needle Xander

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Chapter One

Disclaimer:I neither own BTVS or Star Trek Voyager.

Response to Challenge 6574 Slayer of Nine

Buffy went down to Ethan's because they were given a raw deal by Snyder to escort those that were worse than vampires: runts on a sugar-high.

C'mon it was her one night to sit down and vegetate and Snyder pulls this. She had barely restrained herself from breaking his legs and feeding him to a riser.

Oh, she wouldn't but she could dream of it. Speaking of dreaming, she had caught Xander of daydreaming during research last night and he said something about Seven of Nine and Voyager when she had woken him up.

Maybe she should forego trying to attract Angel for one night and continue the Xander-mocking? After all, the noblewoman dress looked expensive, and the Seven of Nine suit was not that expensive. Maybe a white sheet tastefully wrapped around her would allow it to pass inspection from Snyder and her mother.

So she grabbed the costume, and walking to the register said to Ethan

"I'd like this costume." and she presented the Seven of Nine costume with the implants it needed.

"Well, wouldn't you like to be a princess for an evening?" Ethan said hoping to put this woman in the noblewoman's dress.

"No, I'd like to wear this costume." Buffy said.

Deciding not to push his luck, Ethan just rang up the sale.

Of course, five minutes later up comes Harmony Kendall with the noblewoman outfit and Ethan just shrugged his shoulders, at least a blonde is wearing the costume and a bottle blonde at that.

Later that night

Ethan closes the store, shrugs into his robe and kneels in front of the Janus bust. After an appropriate amount of groveling, Ethan cuts his hands, crosses his arms and yells.


Then he starts cackling as he feels the spell take effect.

"Showtime! Ahahahahahaha!" Ethan burps.

"Excuse me. Got to cut down on those pre-enchantment nachos." he says running off to look for some antacids.

Buffy is leading her children around with Harmony of all people! She looks like a princess in that gown! I should have it!

The wave of magic hits and Buffy is not there; in her place is Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct to Unimatrix 01.

Seven looks down at her body.

"It seems I've been in another one of Ensign Paris's simulations on the Holodeck, this piece of cloth is interfering with my movements." she says as she removes the cloth.

"Better, now why hasn't the simulation ended? Computer End Program!" She says.

"Curious." She tapped her combadge. "Seven of Nine to Mr. Neelix." No answer. "Seven of Nine to Sickbay. No answer. "Seven of Nine to the Bridge." No answer. "Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway." No answer. "Seven of Nine to Voyager." No answer. "Seven of Nine to the Federation." No answer.

She was alone. Alone on what looked like a pre-warp post-industrial planet with a breathable atmosphere even though it seemed to cause some nasal discomfort.

Interesting, this planet seemed to have an alien species that scuttled about with fangs trying to bite others.

Depressingly, she was bereft of a phaser on this Away Mission, which was not Federation standard practice.

A inhabitant tried to bite her, and seemingly out of instinct Seven's foot lashed out; sending the offender into a tree.

"Interesting. I somehow have increased attack protocols, I should investigate this further." Seven said while starting a jog towards an area of subspace emissions.

Maybe my ship is cloaked as a building. Seven thought.

She reached the open door and saw a man kneeling in front of a statue.

Could this be a Unimatrix of this people? Seven thought before stepping into the room.

"Hello, can you tell me where this is?" She said not certain that she should add the other logical questions of when and how.

"Oi! Bird get out of 'ere before you bollocks me work up!" Ethan yelled when he saw the costumed Slayer.

"Am I going to cause a problem?" Seven said.

Ethan took a calming breath.

"Yes you are young lady, now as to where you are. You are in Sunnydale California. Please leave through the door." Ethan said in his best shopkeeper voice.

Of course, right then Ripper arrived and started to extract information from Ethan. Seven decided to leave and just as she left the abode she was hit by an energy wave.

A/N: This is a re-post as there were some grammatical issues brought to my attention.
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