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When The Best Need The Calvalry

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Summary: *August 2011 Twisted Shorts* Rainbow Team 2 has been captured. Rainbow Team 1 needs help with the rescue. But where do the best go when they need help?

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Literature > Action > Author: Tom ClancyBeriaearwenFR1311,034061,6348 Sep 118 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of Rainbow 6 belong to Tom Clancy, etc. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes/Warnings: While familiar with John Clark and Ding Chavez from some of the books, I have not read Rainbow 6 nor played the game. Probably got everything wrong, but, again, it's all in good fun.

When The Best Need The Cavalry
By Beriaearwen

Ding paced across the office.

This unusual behavior didn't go unnoticed by the other man, but John Clark had more important things to finish and allowed his long-time partner, now son-in-law to do the worrying for both of them.

Rainbow Team One had gone missing on their mission.

Rainbow Team Two barely made it back with the intelligence they needed to rescue the team.

The problem was, even with all the remaining Rainbow members together, they would never get in and out without almost total losses, which was saying something since Rainbow was hands-down the best of the best in the world.

That left the question – who did the best of the best go to when they weren't good enough.

“We'll be there in half an hour,” John said before hanging up the phone and tearing off the sheet of paper on which he'd been writing. Without looking at the younger man, he headed for the door and commanded, “Let's go.”

Falling into step behind his commanding officer and partner, Ding questioned, “Where are we going?”

“To get the help we need to rescue Rainbow Three,” he said, sliding behind the wheel of his car.

Thirty minutes later, they pulled in front of a large mansion. If there were turrets, then Ding would have thought castle. As it was, he wasn't sure what to think. Knowing the answers to his questions waited inside, not out, he followed his boss up the stairs to the door.

Before they could knock or ring the bell, the door opened to reveal a young girl, maybe fourteen.

“You must be here for Mister Giles,” she said, her voice and eyes serious. “Follow me, I'll bring you to him.

Exchanging a glance, John and Ding entered the house, taking careful note of their surroundings as they followed the girl down several halls.

She stopped in front of a heavy oak door and knocked twice before opening it. “Your guests are here, Mr. Giles.”

“Thank you, Ameilia,” a cultured English voice said from inside.

Amelia entered the room, pushing the door open and waiting for the two men to enter. Neither Rainbow member missed the look that Amelia sent to Giles nor the small nod he gave her in return.

Waiting until the girl left the room, closing the door behind her, Giles stood and came around the desk, offering his hand and a smile to his old friend. “John, it's very good to see you again, though I wish it were under different circumstances.”

John offered a brief smile to his friend as he shook the other man's hand. “Rupert, always a pleasure. May I introduce the leader of Team Two, and my son-in-law, Domingo Chavez.”

“An honor,” Giles said, offering his hand to the younger man. “Pleas sit. We have much to discuss.”

Twenty minutes later, Giles cut John off in his recitation of the situation. “Hold that thought. We will be able to help you, but rather than go over everything twice, why don't we bring in the leader and second of our Alpha Rescue Team into this now.”

Ding looked to John for direction. The senior partner nodded his agreement.

Rising from his desk, Giles headed for the door. “They and their team are in the Danger Room.”

A smirk appeared on Ding's lips. “Danger Room, like in X-Men?”

A disgruntled look appeared on Giles' face, though whether from the reference or the fact he understood the reference would remain unanswered. “Not quite,” he replied, knowing they would understand soon enough.

The three men headed down several more halls, deeper into the bowls of the building. Eventually they came upon a set of double doors which Giles opened.

The three men stepped through the doors, making sure to close them and took in the scene before them, two with shock and awe, one with a critical eye.

About five feet infront of them and slightly off to the side stood a tall, dark-haired man and a short blonde-haired woman. What caught their attention and caused their awe, however, was the exercise going on in the main part of the room.

A group of approximately nine young men and woman were engaged in a battle using hand-to-hand, knives, arrows, swords, staffs and what appeared to be magic. They were moving so fast, the two men from Rainbow struggled to keep up with it.

“Stop!” commanded the blonde. Every single person on the floor stopped what they were doing.

Ding found himself drawing to attention from the authority in the voice, before realizing he shouldn't. He felt a little better, though, when he noticed his father-in-law had done the same.

“Caitlin, come here,” the dark-haired man called. A young woman with a sword in one hand and an arrow she'd caught mid-flight in the other trotted over to the couple. A few whispered words later, the girl nodded and headed back toward the others. A brief nod of her head had the others headed toward the opposite end of the floor.

With their team taken care of, the couple turned, and headed toward the trio by the door, leaving John and Ding both surprised by their youth.

“Gentleman,” Giles began as the young couple arrived. “May I introduce the leader of the Alpha rescue team, Buffy Summers and her second in command, Xander Harris.”

Ding waited his turn to shake their hands, the whole time trying to wrap his mind around the fact that when the best of the best needed back-up they came to Malibu Barbie's tiny sister and a one-eyed man.

Those thoughts were swiftly banished when he met their eyes and saw the confidence and experience in them. He might not understand them and they might not look like your typical cavalry, but in that moment, Ding knew his friends would be coming home.


The End

You have reached the end of "When The Best Need The Calvalry". This story is complete.

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