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Jursidiction 2

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Summary: *August 2011 Twisted Shorts* A murder has happened in New York City. The question is into whose jurisdiction does it fall.

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CSI > CSI New YorkBeriaearwenFR131394011,9188 Sep 118 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc The characters of CSI: New York belong to CBS, etc. Both are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes/Warnings: I'm pretty sure I wrote another ficlet with Xander called "Jurisdiction", maybe for the 2010 Twisted Shorts competition (BtVS/Without A Trace)? That's why this one has the -2 at the end.

Jurisdiction - 2
By Beriaearwen

Slipping out of the car, he scanned his surroundings before taking his first step toward the crime scene. With a nod of his head and a quick hand movement, his driver disappeared into the crowd.

Shifting his shoulders slightly, the weight of his black dress coat settled more comfortably. One hand dipped into an inner pocket in order to retrieve his credentials.

As he approached, he took in the people around the crime scene; not only the spectators, but also the professionals.

The crime scene itself he would see soon enough. He had a fairly clear idea of what he would see there.

While scanning the crowd, his eye caught on one person in particular. His path altered to lead him there.

The man was about his height with similarly short, dark hair. The man was very alert to his surroundings and, if his posture revealed anything, he had spent time in the service.

Coming to a stop a few feet from the other man, their eyes met. "I'm Xander Harris from the International Watcher's Council. I'm here to secure the scene. Please have your people pack up and leave any evidence they've gathered."

"Mac Taylor," he greeted, offering his hand. "I'll need to see some ID and confirm the orders," he said, his voice and posture betraying exactly how much he did not like this situation.

Not wanting to make a bad situation worse, especially since he knew they'd be working together in the future, Xander handed over his credentials. Right around that time, Mac's phone rang. "That would be your confirmation," Xander informed, nodding toward the phone at Mac's hip.

A few minutes later, Mac returned the phone to its holder. Turning to his people, he gave the command to pack up, leave the evidence and vacate the scene.

When Mac returned Xander's credentials, the younger man met the CSI's eyes and held them. With great sincerity, he assured, "We will solve this and they will pay for what happened here."

Mac stared at the younger man as if judging his word and his soul. Finally the detective's shoulders relaxed slightly and he replied, "I know."


The End

You have reached the end of "Jursidiction 2". This story is complete.

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