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Hellsing Hellmouth

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Summary: YAHF Xander and Dawn dress up as two members of the infamous Hellsing Organization. Alucard is amused by all. (Taking a temporary hiatus to work on my writing skills)

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Alexander Tepes

A*N* I do not own BTVS nor Hellsing, they belong to Joss Whedon and Kouta Hirano respectively. I’m just playing in their sandboxes, so to speak. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Semet, who’s One Shot Wonder Series is what gave me the idea for this.

Chapter 1: Alexander Tepes

Xander sighed as he walked into Ethan’s Costume Emporium. Snyder was a real bastard for roping them in like this. Xander had been planning on vegging on the couch watching the Monster Movie Marathon. Now, though, he was stuck herding a pack of ankle biters for the night. He was originally going to get a toy gun and go in his Uncle Rory’s old BDU’s, but his mother had accidentally spilt bleach on them. Luckily it was one of her rare sober moments and she’d been genuinely apologetic and had offered 20 dollars to replace it with a new costume. It had made the night a little bit better.


A pair of arms wrapped around his middle and the body attatched to them slammed into his back. Xander had to grin.

“Ack! Oh no! It’s the attack of the venomous Dawn-limpet. Whatever will I do?”

His lower back giggled and a tiny brunette peeked around him, grinning.

“Hey Dawnster, you stuck trick or treating too?”

“No way! Mom’s making Buffy take me, since she’s going out now anyway.”

Just then, Joyce Summers walked up after giving Buffy money for her costume.

“Hello Xander, I see Dawn’s found you.”

Xander grinned at her.

“Hey Mrs. S, yeah, the evil Dawn-limpet almost had me there, but I appeased it with sugary goodness.”

Joyce shook her head at the two. Xander had always been good around Dawn.

“Detach yourself from Xander, Dawn, and let’s find you a costume.”

“Can I go with Xander’s group Mom? Puh-leeeeease?!”

Dawn brought out the Puppy Dog Eyes TM. Joyce looked at Xander who shrugged at her.

“If it’s allright with you Mrs. S, I don’t mind her coming with me. Probably the only intelligent conversation I’ll get all night.”

“If you’re sure Xander, then it’s fine with me.”

“Sure, Mrs. S.”

Dawn squealed in delight jumping around happily. Xander snickered when Joyce rolled her eyes.

“Come one Dawn, you can see Xander later, we need to find you a costume.”

“Oh! We should match Xan! That would be so cool!”

Joyce gave him an apologetic glance but Xander just grinned.

“That sounds great Dawn-patrol, let’s go find something good.”

Dawn attached herself to his arm and dragged him over to the costumes. Joyce followed behind the two, amused at their antics.
Dawn stopped near the Vampire costumes and started getting all excited.

“We should totally go as classic Vampires! That would be so awesome!”

Xander hid a grimace. Halloween was supposed to be vampire free for the Scooby gang, but he’d do whatever made the youngest Summer’s happy. Dawn was looking through the costumes and pulled out a blood red trench coat that included an entire vampire set.

“Vlad Tepes, Dracula. Xan, you should get this one!”

Xander took the costume and checked the size. It would fit him and it was 19.99, he had enough cash on him to cover the extra cash.

“This one works for me, what will you get Dawn?”

Dawn picked through to the smaller sizes and grinned when she found another costume.

“It’s says it’s a Van Helsing costume, I’ll be a Vampire Hunter to your Vampire!”

The costume consisted of a dark green suit, a blonde wig and fake glasses.

“Awesome choices, kiddo, let’s go buy them.”

Dawn nodded and handed the costume to her mother. Xander followed Joyce up to the register and waited behind her for his turn. The owner gave them
40% off since it was Halloween night, so Xander ended up not having to spend any of his own money. He said goodbye to Dawn, Joyce and the girls and headed home to get ready for later.

Xander rang the doorbell to the Summer’s home and Joyce opened it. Her eyebrows went up and Xander grinned showing off the realistic fangs.

“Wow, that costume looks very good on you Xander.”

She stepped out of the way and Xander stepped in. A green blur tackled into him.

“Oh wow, Xan, you look AWESOME!!!!!”

“Thanks Dawny, your looking very vampire huntery, quite cool yourself there.”

The brunette beamed at him then turned towards the stairs.

“Buffy!!! Hurry up! Xander’s here, we’re waiting!!”

Buffy came down in a fuschia 18th century dress and a dark brown curly wig.

“Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia! I completely renounce spandex!”

The blonde snickered as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and momentarily wondered why Dawn was glaring so fiercely at her.

“Why thankyou kind sir, er…what’re you supposed to be?”

Xander grinned showing the fangs.

“Why, I am Alexander Tepes, otherwise known as Count Dracula! Bwahahahahaha!”

Buffy rolled her eyes, chuckling.

“Wait till you see Willow she’s…..Casper.”

They looked up the stairs to see a sheet ghost standing at the type.

“That’s a mighty fine boo you got there Wills.”

Xander tried not to smirk. Obviously Buffy tried to get Willow to dress up as something else, but Willow always hid under the ghost costume for Halloween. Willow came down the stairs and joined them.

“Let’s get going before Snyder has a hernia.”

“Have a nice time guys, Xander have Dawn home by 10 at least please.”

“Yes ma’am!”

They went out the door, Dawn hugging onto Xander’s arm, grinning smugly.
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