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The Forgotten Woods

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Summary: Sirius Black thought he was the first to arrive at Gordric's Hollow the night of the attack. He was wrong.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Green Lantern
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Chapter Two


“How can she be alive?” The dark haired man asked. “The only person I found at Gordric’s Hollow was Harry. Where did she go?”

Forest was visibly annoyed. “She’s right here.” She said. “Who are you anyway?”

The older man seemed put off a bit. “My apologies, my dear.” He said. “My name is Albus Dumbledore and the man near us is your godfather, Sirius Black.”

“Where have you been?” Sirius asked as he placed a hand on Forest’s shoulder.

Forest moved his hand off of her shoulder. “I don’t see what difference it may make to any of you.” She said. “I merely came her as a courtesy to Mister Moody who at least recognized what I am.”

Dumbledore nodded his head. “And we are greatly appreciative of Alastor’s effort to do so but the mystery remains as to why an infant was kidnaped and taken away from the only family she had left.” He said. “How could an organization so committed to fighting evil do something so dark?”

Her face changed from annoyance to anger and she glared at Dumbledore. “Don’t you dare say anything like that about the Corps.” She exclaimed. “I was found to have extraordinary potential and...”

“And young Mister Potter was left alone in a half destroyed house to be raised by his relatives.” Dumbledore said interrupting her in the process. “Then again, you already know that your brother is alright.”

Her expression shifted again as she tried to figure out who exactly the old man was talking about. She glanced back over to Dumbledore.

“Please tell me he was the skinny one with the scar on his forehead.” She said which caused a chuckle to come from Sirius. “What did I say?”

“Well, at least you recognize your brother.” Sirius said to her.

“How did you know who I was anyway?” She asked Dumbledore.

“In creating the wards necessary to protect your brother, I used the power behind your mother’s sacrifice to create blood wards and placed him with your aunt.” Dumbledore replied. “The instruments in my office recorded that the wards increased in power which could have only meant one thing. That being another member of Harry’s family came into contact with them and it had to be someone related to his mother. Since Petunia was her only remaining relative, that left only one thing.”

“My being Harry’s sister.” She said. “Something else gave you a clue that I was still alive though.”

“Yes, while the Ministry declared you dead; the goblins of Gringotts outright refused to do the same.” Dumbledore replied. “Many believed it was merely a matter of the goblins acting out of character but I have realized that wasn’t the case.”

“So, what happens now?” She asked.

“Now, I must go to the Ministry as your rescue of your brother has stirred heads and he is being charged with using the Patronus Charm to fend off the Dementors that had attacked.” Dumbledore said. “I only ask that you remain here for now. Mrs. Weasley has prepared dinner. You must be hungry.”

Dumbledore walked over to the fireplace and after throwing some powder into it, the flames pulled him in and he was gone. She raised an eyebrow and Sirius laughed again.

“He just flooed to the Ministry.” He said gesturing down the hallway. “Kitchen’s this way.”

Sirius led her down into a basement kitchen where Forest saw several red haired individuals who were helping prepare the table while a woman whom she guessed was this Mrs. Weasley was cooking. She looked over at Sirius.

“Now, I’m almost done.” She said before she noticed the red head who stood behind him. “Who is she, Sirius?”

“My goddaughter, Molly.” Sirius replied.

“Sirius Black, don’t you even joke like that!” Molly scolded him. “She’s been dead for years.”

“I’m not joking.” Sirius said quickly. “I’d like all of you to meet Forest Potter, Harry’s sister.”

This fact made the kitchen’s occupants pause as they all turned to stare at Forest. She scanned them with her eyes as she tried to identify the individual family members. One person didn’t seem to fit. She was a bushy haired girl who began to walk over to her.

“Where were you?” She asked Forest.

“And what kind of name is Forest for a girl?” One of the boys asked only to get an elbow in his side from his sister.

“I was taken to become a Green Lantern.” Forest replied to the bushy haired girl as she used her ring to form her uniform. “As for my name, Abin Sur found it on my blanket.”

“About that, Forest is actually your middle name. It’s what your mother wanted to name you but James wanted to name you after your godmother.” Sirius said. “Your godmother is Amelia Bones.”

“Susan’s aunt?” The bushy haired girl said questioningly.

“Yes, Hermione.” Sirius replied.

“Keep calling me Forest though.” The Green Lantern said. “It’s been my name for as long as I’ve known.”

Sirius shrugged his shoulders. “Fair enough.” He replied. “Moody said you’re some kind of Space Auror. What’s that like?”

“Oh, enough with that bit of nonsense.” Molly said. “We shouldn’t be asking what it was like to be with her kidnappers.”

Forest glared at the woman. “It is one of the greatest honors in the universe to be chosen to serve in the Green Lantern Corps.” She said to her. “Don’t you dare speak like they are criminals.”

“They took you away from your family, my dear.” Molly replied as she tried to reason with the girl.

“That may be true but whatever their reason may be, I am certain the Guardians had their reasons.” Forest said to her. “I came back to this world because of my orders. I still need to complete my assignment.”

“What was your assignment?” Sirius asked. “I don’t think you’d come back after all this time if it wasn’t important.”

“Anomalus energy patterns began increase a few months ago.” Forest explained. “Scans that followed didn’t produce much results so I was asked to come here.”

“That’s around the time Harry fought You-Know-Who, Mum.” One of the identical redheads said.

“Who?” Forest asked a bit confused.

“You-Know-Who.” Both identical redheads said in unison.

“Who in the hell is You-Know-Who?” Forest asked a little angered.

The two redheaded twins and a person Forest could only guess was their younger brother seemed to have found her question amusing until a redheaded girl slapped the younger brother in the back of his head.

“Ron, she hasn’t been here in fourteen years.” The girl said. “She wouldn’t have any clue about Lord Voldemort.”

“Thank you.” Forest said to the girl.

“Not a problem.” The girl replied. “My lunkhead brothers don’t think things through often. My name’s Ginny by the way.”

Forest sat down at the table with the bushy haired girl who introduced herself as Hermione. She stared at the power ring on Forest’s hand.

“Is your ring some kind of wand?” She asked.

“Wand?” Forest said not understanding what she meant.

Everyone in the room pulled out what appeared to the Green Lantern as simply small pieces of wood. She knew that there had to be something more to these ‘wands’ than what she what she actually thought but she didn’t want to ask.

“Well, that was a through explanation.” She said with clear sarcasm.

“Sorry.” Hermione replied as she recognized the sarcasm. “A wand allows a wizard or a witch to focus their magic to do what they command it to do.”

“I charge my ring with power from my power battery.” Forest said as she got up from the table. “I’m going to go see Harry.”

“He’ll be here in a few days.” Ron told her. “Why don’t you just wait for him?”

“Maybe it’s the fact that he deserves to know about me being his sister. If nothing else, I’d like to talk to him some more.” Forest said as she began to walk out of the kitchen. “Abin always told me that knowing your family is important and I use to ignore him. The Corps was the only family I cared about because I never gave any thought to any other family.”

“That must have been hard, my dear.” The mother replied trying to be sympathetic. “Why don’t you sit back down? It’s not like you have anywhere else to go.”

“You presume too much.” Forest said as she reformed her uniform and flew towards the ceiling.

Forest phased through the building and headed into the sky. Relatively speaking for her, Surrey was close by and it didn’t take her long to locate the house that her brother had entered. She dismissed her suit and walked up to the front door. It took her a moment to remember how to signal the occupants and knocked on the front door. A horse faced woman answered the door and the expression on her face when she saw Forest made the Green Lantern think the woman was going to have a stroke.

“He said that you were dead.” The woman said to her.

“I’ve been getting that a lot lately.” Forest replied to the woman. “Forest Potter and I can assume you’re my aunt.”

The woman nodded and a loud man’s voice could be heard.

“Pet, who is at the door?” The large man asked.

To call the man large was an understatement as his apparent size seemed to denote possible health problems, he seemed to be quite angry about something but that might have been normal behavior for the man.

“Harry’s sister...” The woman said to her husband. “They said you were dead.”

“I just found that part out myself a little bit ago.” Forest replied to her aunt. “I would like to talk to my brother because he deserves to know as well.”

“Of course,” she said. “why don’t you come in?”

She entered the house and saw that it seemed like it was too clean. It seemed even cleaner than the infirmary back on Oa which she knew was impossible. She saw the young man whom she had helped Harry bring back to this house. He seemed to be emotionally drained and she was a little bit curious if he was okay.

“BOY!” The man yelled. “GET DOWN HERE!”

That didn’t seem right. She had always believed and was taught that family was important and despite the fact that you might not get along with your family; you’d still be there for one another. For the longest time, the Corps had been the only family she had needed. She had known that she had a brother but that hadn’t mattered to her before. Now that she was in a position to meet him, it mattered to her now.

“What is it, Uncle Vernon?” Harry asked before he noticed Forest. “Hey Forest, what brings you back here?”

“Harry, I met a couple of men a little bit ago,” she said not certain how to word it. “they said that I was your sister. Can we talk?”

Harry sat quietly next to his sister on the roof of Number Four Privet Drive letting her finish talking about what she has gone through. He was split as to what to feel about it. On one hand, she hadn’t been forced to put up with the Dursleys her entire life or nearly killed every year at Hogwarts. On the other hand, he was worried about the dangers she had been through. Sure, she hadn’t ever fought a Dark Lord or a sixty foot long basilisk but she had space pirates, creatures from alternate dimensions, and who knows what else. He had already told her about what has happened in his life and she hadn’t seen happy.

“I should speak at your trial, Harry.” Forest said.

“Won’t that cause a whole lot of questions though?” Harry asked.

“Well, I’ve been declared dead for how long.” Forest replied. “It seems to me that I need to make myself known.”

“I certainly agree.”

Harry and Forest leaned over to look down at the ground to see a middle-aged woman who was looking back up at them. Her brother didn’t seem to recognize her which didn’t sit well with her.

“My apologies,” she said as she put away her wand. “Lantern Potter and Mister Potter, I am Amelia Bones. I am the Director of Magical Law Enforcement and I need to talk to you, Lantern Potter.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Forgotten Woods" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Nov 11.

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