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A meeting (2003 TtH secret Santa for Jazz)

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Summary: So here is my secret Santa assignment ,I am sorry to post this late but I had to leave (family business) again I’m sorry to be late and Jazz: Happy Christmas to you

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Anita Blake > GeneralPixieFR71626021,04622 Dec 0322 Dec 03Yes
I will meet you in some place

Where the light lends itself to soft repose

He went to the club to let himself forget all about Asher, Anita and Jean-Claude; to forget about their sickening love.

Anita didn't want his love nor did she want his body, she just wanted to feed the ardeur.

When he wanted to make her happy: All she was interested in were her two vampires.

Some would think he was bitter and maybe he was; but tonight he would not be the little pomme de sang or the weakling

Leopard everybody wanted to protect from himself. No, tonight he wanted to be Nathaniel: just Nathaniel. He wanted

to let himself have fun maybe Caritas III was the right place.

I will let you undress me

But I warn you, I have thorns like any rose

She was tired of the whispers and conversations that stopped whenever she entered the room.

So what if Kennedy had left her for him: Andrew of all people! She had the right to brood a little. Yes, once again poor little

Willow had been dumped, so what? It was none of their damm business!

Tonight she could become someone else; let her Vamp self come out and play, she would let go of her worries and enjoy herself

Lorne was right she had to face her stage fright one day. And so; the music began.

And you could hurt me with your bare hands

You could hurt me using the sharp end of what you say

But I am lost to you now

There's no amount of reason to save me

She was singing there on the stage and the power was coming from her in waves like silken whispered words spoken

in the intimacy of a bedroom: a lover's voice. Jean-Claude would be jealous!

Her red curly hair came down her waist, she had a pixie-like face and with her leather outfit and creamy skin

She looked like a fallen angel. One word only could describe her: Beautiful.

So, break me

Take me

Just let me fill your arms again

Break me

I'll let you make me

Just let me feel your love again

Hips moving to the sound of the music, she let the words flow as she slowly scanned the crowd.

Someone was watching her intently, making shivers go up her spine. She didn't know who she was looking for:

But all she knew was that when she would find out: this person would be special. Someone with hidden powers and a

capacity of love with no end, someone so sad she wanted to make it better. When their eyes locked, she knew something more:

Someone with purple eyes.

Feels like being underwater

Now that I've let go and lost control

Water kisses fill my mouth

Water fills my soul

She had the greeniest eyes one could find: a deep forest green you could drown in and never grow tired of.

He felt as if they were the only people in the world. Somehow, he didn't think of his Nimir-Rah anymore: she

was the only thing that mattered.

She climbed down the stairs and walked up to him, eyes staring up to his.

And if he had felt broken once; he knew it would never happen again. When his lips touched hers: passion burned

Kiss me once

Well, maybe twice

Oh, it never felt so nice

With a small nibble at his ear, her breath tickling him she whispered these words that would change the course of their life forever:

“Wanna play kitten?»

So, break me

Take me

Just let me fill your arms again

Break me

I'll let you make me

Just let me feel your love again

The End

You have reached the end of "A meeting (2003 TtH secret Santa for Jazz)". This story is complete.

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