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Xander's Character

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Summary: A small one off featuring a possible end of a great character.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventureTTrunksFR131813041,91513 Sep 1113 Sep 11Yes
Just a quickie to get me back into things. Don’t own BVTS

Xander wasn’t sure what it was that had given him the bad feeling. It had been a simple patrol take a team of six newby slayers, four medium skilled ones, and patrol down by the docks. They’d been laughing joking, then he’d heard the sound of claws on concrete and fifteen minutes later three of the newbies were down, one of the older ones was missing half of her face, and they were trying desperately to hide in an ancient ware house.
He was breathing hard, letting one of his hands temporarily rest on one of his four broken ribs. The vampires and demons had seemingly come from no where, more than a hundred. He’d tried calling in for back up, but he’d gotten NOTHING. He should have gotten a message machine, or something, but his call had gone straight to a dead line.

One of the warehouse walls shook. He looked around, but the ware house was bare as day. He knew the place had no chance of standing much longer. He looked at Nicole, one of the newbies left, she’d been at the Cleveland training house less than a month. He could see the fear in her eyes, “Nicole, help Tabitha, we may get lucky and this warehouse may have some kind of sewer access we can use to get out of here.”

The blond nodded and turned to help the other girl. He pulled the quiver off of his back, he had twelve arrows left, four stakes, and finally Old Rusty, a large broad battle axe. He doubted he’d be able to take even a fledgling’s head with his current rib situation, but he knew the axe had probably saved his life more times then he could remember.
“Xander, Xander look,” Xander turned towards Nicole’s voice and felt a grim sense of satisfaction. A small grate was in the floor. This place must have been a car garage at one point, he looked at her, “Good job Nicole, look I need you to try and get that grate up, odds are oil and a bunch of other car chemicals were emptied in their, it will be nasty, but you and the other younger girls will be safe in their if we can distract them well enough, the oil should cover your smells.”

Nicole blinked, “Wait, what do you mean us new girls, what about you and Sarah and Nicole, Tabitha’s wound will get infected if she isn’t careful getting in their.”

Xander looked at the other slayers and saw their eyes hardening. He nodded and said, “Nicole, you Erica, and Emily are the only ones going in their, if we all disappear they’ll look for us, but if we make them fight they’ll assume your bodies were dragged off or destroyed in the fight.”

The girl looked about to argue as he said, “That’s an order, now hurry up and get inside I have a feeling this is about to get dangerous.”


Buffy looked over the report. She silently passed it to Dawn, who after a reading a few lines had tears in her eyes. Looking at Giles she said, “How many, and how was Xander killed, cult attacks aren’t common he is better than that.”

Giles took off his glasses, cleaning them as he said, “He and a group of slayer’s were on patrol when the cult decided to strike, going off of remains we’d guess around three hundred vampires and demons teleported around the group, they were planning to massacre them.”

Buffy nodded as Dawn let out a tight sob. Faith spoke seriously, “Did any of the slayers make it?”

Giles nodded, “Four were mortally wounded in the first few minutes of the conflict, three rookies, and a medium skilled girl, the medium had half of her face burned off with Nivurr demon blood, of the eleven people on patrol three survived.”

Dawn found herself smiling as she said, “He helped them didn’t he?”

Giles nodded, “He had the younger ones hide in an old drainage ditch, it hid their scents very well, he and the remaining four medium leveled slayers fought them tooth and nail, we can confirm over a hundred different vampires ashes, and fifteen demon species corpses.”

Faith nodded, “Hell of a way to go out, even if it wasn’t the best way, at least he took a lot of fuckers with him.”

Giles and Dawn nodded silently. Looking out over the rising sun. Buffy spoke slowly not really talking to anyone, “That’s it, they made it personal, no more, Faith gear up, tonight we’re going hunting.”

Buffy Harris nee Summers turned in an almost military about face and walked towards her room. Her retirement was off. She WOULD remind every creepy crawly in this dimension why her and HER FAMILY were off limits.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander's Character". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking