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Summary: In the universe we know, Adam lost to Buffy and the others. This is my version of what may have happened if the spell was interrupted. If the Scoobies were forced to scatter. Will our heroes survive, and more importantly will they triumph?

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The end...

Here we go folks, a bit of back story and the final chapter.


Xander, Willow, and Giles chuckled. They all tried to swallow their nerves. Looking at each other Willow spoke first, “I talked to Tony; the special package is safe, an Iron Slayer mark 5, loaded down with more weaponry better armor and a custom magical metal, she’d been set up in a private tent.”

Xander nodded as well pulling out a simple silver cross, “I have the spirit, Buffy’s soul I still don’t understand because I left the circle it caused some sort of feedback separating the body from the soul, and the mind from the soul as well?”

Giles nodded, “It’s best to think of it like a cup, we were pouring our strengths into Buffy, when the spell became unbalanced her own strength poured out into us, thus why I went to Charming to find the book with the counter spell.”

Willow nodded, “And after Adam grabbed her body, we needed a new one, I went to New York to try and find a relative of Buffy’s she’d told me about, but they had died a few weeks prior, so I had to build one.”
Xander nodded, “So, I was the guy given the hot potato and told to survive which I’ve done, you two have no idea how badly I wanted to show up and kick some demon ass.”

A voices from behind made them all turn hands going to their weapons, until the recognized the person. Willow nodded her thanks for earlier as he said, “And I was sent to ground droopy trust me, hiding like a coward for the past few years has not been fun.”

Xander nodded as Giles said, “We had no way of knowing how Buffy’s intelligence would last if taken too far away from her body, you did well Spike.”

Spike nodded, “Thanks Rip, but can we get the blond out of my head she’s driving me batty.”

Willow nodded moving towards the Buffy bot she said, “Let’s hope this works.”

Buffy moved with a serious determination. Encountering the barrier she snarled, both her hands lashing out. The pain was minimal to her new body, the magical alloy absorbing the energy with ease. With a yell she threw her arms wide its contact signal broke the barrier dissolved. Buffy rolling her neck, said as she started walking forward without looking back, “Let’s do this.”

The reinforced titanium door would have taken her nearly five minutes to get through before, however old Buffy wasn’t in the building, her new body made the hard metal seem like plastic. She jumped down the elevator shaft landing easily.

Buffy heard a “clink” noise, as the other Iron slayers landed after her. Looking up she saw a swarm of demon human hybrids. A feral smirk on her face she said, “Honey I’m home.”


Three minutes later Xander touched down, Giles right behind him. He felt a sickening or feral smirk slide onto his face. Demons were everywhere; well more like parts of demons were everywhere. A smooth voice spoke behind them, “Groovy.”.

Xander nodded, “Okay, some of us, let’s go, Ash watch over my Willow for me, I’ll be front man.”

The chainsaw handed man nodded walking behind the woman in the fancy suit.

It was the third hall way over that they realized a problem. They came down a hall way, and saw a large amount of twisted and broken metal. The sight they saw made them all pause, a thin, almost frail looking body, with dyed blond hair. All of them paused as they watched Buffy beat on Buffy.

And like a crack of lightning it was on, no one was sure who had reacted first, Xander and Giles had both pulled Phoenix pistols and fired them, the energy streams meeting and nailing the enemy Buffy in the face even as she howled in pain, Willow thrust her hands out, a bolt of lightning flying from her hands and nailing her dead in the chest. Xander and Giles simply corrected their aim, as Guile and Ash moved towards the damaged Iron Slayer.

The Iron slayer looked around, her metal had been dented, but she nodded as she said, “Guys it’s me, Adam is dead, he brought me online, well a vampire me, she ripped out his power core, she’s the one leading those whole thing.”

Xander and Giles both dropped their empty Phoenix pistols, both saying, “Understood.”

Willow looked at her, “Are you okay Buffy?”

Buffy nodded, standing up she said, “I wasn’t expecting her, guys, it was me, this whole time I’ve been behind everything, that THING wearing my face has done all of this, there’s only one thing to do.”

The vampire mechanoid Buffy stood up, the burns on her face already healing as she laughed, “Oh, and what is that?”

Buffy felt her robotic body shift, her right hand becoming a grenade launcher, her left a Gatling gun, as she said, “PUT HER DOWN!”

Willow, Giles, and Xander even Spike nodded their heads, saying at the exact same time, “HARD!”

With that all five opened fire. Giles with an Ak-47, Willow with her Phoenix repulsors, Spike with an automatic shotgun and Xander with two phoenix pistols. The vampire Buffy laughed, a clear energy barrier appearing, “Stupid mortals, I AM GOD!”

Ash stepped forward, as did Guile, Steve Rogers, Jax Teller, Frank Castle, and John Rambo moved up, their weapons spitting a typhoon of hot lead down upon her shield, Ash declaring loudly, “God THIS BITCH!”

The skin on the vampire’s hands stared to burn off, and she was slowly pushed back, the wall against her back supporting her, even as her joints visibly started glowing cherry red, “YOU WILL NOT WIN, I WILL KILL YOU ALL, I AM IMMORTAL!”

The vampire wearing the chosen one's face and eyes was almost comical as six steel claws pierced where her ovaries and ounce were before being slid up to where her heart had once been. A voice said in her ear, “This is going to SUCK for me, bet it’s going to suck lot worse for you though.”

A masculine voice replied, “Nah, I wake up after my nerves have been regrown.”

Buffy the vampire heard the sound of a hammer being pulled back and then nothing.

The vampire’s arms wavered, then shook, before falling down, and without a tiny bit of mercy the projectiles designed to shred demons and other evils tore into her body. She howled as she was literally turned from solid matter to ashes. Logan grunted as his own death claimed him, Captain jack following shortly after.


Days later, in the dark burned out remains of The Initiative a low groan echoed. Slowly Captain Jack harness looked around blinking, slowly he set up, only for a WW2 coat to be thrown at him. Jack Sparrow nodded, “Figured you’d like that, besides you show off your sword, I may just have to join in, and then things would get very messy for poor Logan.”

With a loud and painful groan nearby ruble fell off of a previously shiny skeleton, as Wolverine groaned, “I was right that did suck.”

Jack pulled on the coat nodding, “Yes it did, so very VERY much, but look at us, we saved the day.”

Logan nodded, pulling a cigar out of one of the coat pockets Jack had gotten him. Standing up shakily he headed towards the exit. Jack and Jack nodded as Logan said, “So now what?”

The WW2 wearing Jack chuckled, “I could go for some Rum.”

The former pirate Jack nodded his head, “I’ve found Rum and immortality go very well together.”

Jack nodded as Wolverine groaned “I suppose I could go for a bottle of Jack.”

This made both Jacks laugh, as Logan reached the burned but still somewhat standing door, with a mighty kick it collapsed outwards. Instead of the remains of Sunnydale was a snow covered mountain top, with acres of forest in every direction. What was worse, a loud echoing howl filled the air, and it was too deep for a normal wolf. Jack the pirate looked sheepish suddenly, before a grin came to his face, “Oh sorry mate did I forget to tell you?”

THE END…. At least for now

There we go folks, a 5K word challenge response. I hope you enjoyed it. Please R&R, I want to know what you think. I may come back to this world again. I now some characters suffered from lack of details and from lack of “Badass” moment, but I wanted to keep the chapter size relatively constant. Until next time, TTrunks out.
Disclaimer- I do not own Torchwood, Pirates of the Carribean, Marvel, BVtS, Evil Dead, Street Fighter, Sons of Anarchy, so anything else you recognize.

The End

You have reached the end of "KAATN". This story is complete.

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