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A Whole New World

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Whole New World". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF - Challenge response. Xander starts hearing voices. "Xander is a Tok'ra" fic.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween MemoriesOxnateFR1833115,641165812281,13615 Sep 118 Nov 11No

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Wow. That was an awesome response. I have 15 reviews – all positive – and one recommendation! A recommendation after only one chapter! I am truly humbled and will try to live up to your expectations.

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate SG1. The title is from the Disney movie Aladdin. It seemed appropriate. I don't own that either.

Please review!!! Compliments make me write faster; criticisms make me write better.

Xander could not sleep that night. He doubted it was possible that anyone who had experienced what he had would be able to. Not only was Halloween a rather traumatic experience, but he now had three sets of memories running through his head and completely eliminating any chance for sleep. His own memories, he dealt with just fine. But Captain Samantha Carter and her symbiote Jolinar's memories were something else. Already he had filled two notebooks with ideas and computations dealing with theoretical physics. Worse, Jolinar's memories had shown him some places where Carter's were wrong. If that wasn't enough; he now knew that one of his favorite sci-fi shows, Wormhole X-treme, was real. Not the campy actors from the show. But real, life and death battles. Every episode was so good because it was real.

Next on the creepy scale were the new skills he had. He knew he could fly a plane and several types of alien spacecraft. He could field strip and fire many weapons. Not only that, but he could probably make a few Goa'uld weapons from scratch. And worse, he knew what the Goa'uld, the Tok'ra and several other species of alien were and that they actually existed. As if demons and vampires weren't enough.

The real question was 'what now?'. First things first. He needed to find out if any of this was real. He snuck out of his house and headed for school. It was quite late and probably wasn't safe for him to be walking around Sunnydale alone in the dark. But in his current mood, Xander almost hoped something did try to jump him. He was kinda itching to test out Captain Carter's Level 3-Advanced CQC techniques on a vamp. Fortunately, or unfortunately, no one bothered him on the way to school. Breaking into school was far too easy the Carter memories told him. Could you feel disapproval from a memory? Xander certainly could. Jolinar at least was silent, which Xander was thankful for. He then made his way to the computer lab. Carter's computer skills were top notch. Probably even better than Willow's; a fact that she was never going to find out, he told himself.

Logging on he entered the address for Stargate Command and swallowed. He wasn't sure if he wanted this to be real or not. On one hand, he really had enough to deal with already, he didn't need this. Carter's memories showed him just how close they had come to being blown up very recently. And Jolinar's told him just how dangerous the Goa'uld really were and that they were incredibly lucky this last time. Part of him sincerely wished that these memories were just a spell and would fade. But on the other hand, after living in Sunnydale for so long - he would rather know what was out there than bury his head in the sand. He pressed enter.

“Welcome to StarGate Command. Home of the Air Force's Deep Space Telemetry Program.” There were no other words or links on the page. Accessing Carter's memories, Xander inputted a key-code combination and boxes for username and password popped up. Entering the Captain's info, he logged in. It's real. It's real. It's real. Xander repeated to himself after the page popped up. There really wasn't anything he needed off the system. He just needed to know whether it was real or not before making his next move. The sky outside started brightening. It was almost morning. He shut down the computer and went to scavenge for breakfast.

Xander found an industrial sized can of peaches in the school kitchen and finished the whole thing off, and the juice, before heading to the library to read.

“Xander! Did you sleep?” Giles asked as he entered the library to find the boy there. Giles wasn't surprised to find him here on a Saturday morning, he was more shocked to find him voluntarily reading. He surreptitiously checked to see if it was a comic book as Xander was known to hide them in larger tomes to make it seem like he was reading something more important. But not this time.

Xander smiled and was about to assure the Watcher that everything was fine but the lie died on his lips. “No.” he sighed. “Long night.”

“I see.” Giles replied gently. “If I may ask, Willow was unsure of what you went as for Halloween.”

“Are you familiar with the TV show 'Wormhole X-treme'?” Xander asked.

“No, I'm afraid I am not.”

“I went as an alien from that TV show.” Xander explained. “It was a good alien, an ally of Earth, but...”

“...But there are now thoughts of an entire lifetime lived as an alien?” Giles finished.

“Worse. Have you ever heard of Genetic Memory?” Xander asked. Giles' eyes narrowed, but he made no other move. “Well it turns out I have this alien's memories and his parents, and their parents back a long, long way.”

“Dear god.” Giles managed to whisper. “How far back?”

“The world is older than you know, and it wasn't always a paradise...” Xander began the speech. “A ways.”

“But it's a television show. It's fictional. Right?” Giles finally got a grip on his thoughts.

“That's what we're telling everyone else.” Xander informed him.

“But your friends...”

“Don't need any more on their plates right now.” Xander cut him off, “There's nothing they can do anyway. The US military is handling it right now and they aren't going to be interested in working with a bunch of kids still in high school. And worse, I wouldn't want to trust certain people in the military with knowledge of the Slayer. They are looking for weapons to fight some very bad aliens and I don't want Buffy to end up as one of those weapons.”

“So, what will you do then?” Giles wondered.

“I have knowledge they could use or at least knowledge of people who could help them. I'll see about sending this info to them soon. Otherwise, I think I'll just try to live and let live. They won't want help from a 17 year old kid and I don't want to end up a science experiment myself.” Xander smiled. “So, how did you get this info, kid?” a passable imitation of Colonel O'Neill even if Giles didn't know it. “Magic?” he answered in a falsetto, then he took a deep breath and shook his head. “I don't see that ending well.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Xander looked up at the Watcher and thought for a moment. “Actually, there is one thing I could use some help with.”

“As you were.” Major General George Hammond intoned as he entered the briefing room. He sat down and handed out briefing folders. “At 0500 local time the public severs for the SGC were accessed from outside this complex.”

“Were they hacked?” Daniel asked.

“No, they used a username and password.” the general answered.

“Isn't that what the website is for, Sir?” O'Neill then asked, sarcastically.

“Yes. But it was accessed using Captain Carter's username and password. And the login came from a place called Sunnydale California.” The general explained.

“But Sam is still in the infirmary. I just saw her this morning.” Daniel complained.

“Exactly. Someone in this town accessed our secure database using a username and password. If it were a simple hacking, I'd just let the FBI deal with it. But we have the second breach of someone having Captain Carter's login information. And that's something that we cannot allow.”

“Was anything downloaded, changed, deleted?” Jack asked.

“As far as we can tell, no. But Captain Carter's access to the system is beyond even my own. She helped design the system, the website, and all the security. Theoretically, there should be nothing that someone from outside should be able to do. But they also shouldn't have her ID either.” George stated. “Now there have been some unrelated minor hacking attempts that the FBI has traced back to Sunnydale as well. The high school specifically.”

“The high school, sir? Kid's did this?” Jack was incredulous.

“Unknown at this time. The breach would have occurred at 0400 local time on a Saturday. It could just be someone taking advantage of poor security at the school to cover their tracks, but other hacks have happened from there when school would be in session. So we're not ruling anything out at this point. Due to the differing nature of the hacks, the FBI is sure that there are at least two different hackers in that town using two different MO's. This new one would make a third.” The general paused and slid another folder to each of the three. “The three of you, along with SG-2 are going to Sunnydale to investigate this problem.”

“The three of us, General Hammond?” Teal'c finally spoke.

“I've been pushing the President to authorize you to visit more of our planet for almost a year now, son. This was simply the first earth-side mission we could use as a reason for you leaving the base. Now, your existence and the existence of all alien life-forms is still classified. So, as long as you are away from this base, you will be known as 'Murray'. I hope you're okay with that.”

Teal'c didn't say anything but did give a deep nod.

“Your folder contains all your cover documents. ID card, credit card, some money and other things. It also has a background for you as an immigrant to America. That cover story should help explain away any lack of knowledge you may have about our planet or country.”

“Thank you General Hammond. I will not fail you.” Teal'c intoned. There may have even been emotion edging into his voice.

“Just come back alive and bring your symbiote with you. To be honest, the idea of your symbiote escaping is what worries the President the most. A rogue Goa'uld loose on earth is quite literally his worst nightmare.”

“It will not escape me, General Hammond. You have my word.”

The general gave a small smile. “Good. Go get packed. Your plane leaves at 1620. You'll then take rental cars to Sunnydale. And Colonel?”


“You'll be driving back from Sunnydale once the mission is over. I don't want to hear about any car trouble on the way there, but you know how those rental cars are... Always getting themselves lost... After the mission is over. Understood?” The general met the eye's of his 2IC with a twinkle.

The Colonel returned the twinkle, a smile, and a salute. “Yes Sir!” he barked.

“Captain Carter will be remaining here to assist us with the technical side of the problem once she feels up to it.” he stood. “Dismissed.”
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