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A Whole New World

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Whole New World". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF - Challenge response. Xander starts hearing voices. "Xander is a Tok'ra" fic.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween MemoriesOxnateFR1833115,641165812281,05015 Sep 118 Nov 11No

Chapter One

A Whole New World
By Oxnate

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate SG1. The title is from a song from the Disney movie Aladdin. It seemed appropriate. I don't own that either.

Challenge response from tasuxeda. Xander the symbiote and host.

Xander ends up a goa'uld or a tok'ra for Halloween and afterwards he is left as a symbiote and a host pair but they are both still Xander.
Xander must retain the memories of the host and symbiote however the memories of the host will fade like in canon but not the symbiote's memories and the memories of the symbiote must change the Xander symbiote so if the Xander symbiote was goa'uld he must act more like a goa'uld and same if a tok'ra how much a change is up to you.
The symbiote must end up crossing over with Stargate as a goa'uld, tok'ra, or may favorites an individual party or a member of a SG team or something else if you want but Xander the host doesn't have to be he can stay in Sunnydale if you want.

I've been trying to do a Xander/SG1 Xover for a while now. Just couldn't get it going. Thanks to Tasuxeda for the inspiration. This story takes place starting in Season 2 of each series. Though, the time-lines are going to be off. I've never watched SG1 cover to cover so my idea of when stuff happens is likely off. Thank you to the Stargate Wiki for help.

Please review!!! Compliments make me write faster; criticisms make me write better.

I also really like recommendations. They give me a warm feeling inside.

/ Xander's thoughts /
% Jolinar's thoughts %
#"Tok'ra or Goa'uld voice"#

Something was wrong here. The last thing he remembered, he was attacked by that Ashrak and trying desperately to save his host. That poor woman. Nothing had gone as planned with her. And he was clearly no longer in her body. He had no memory of being transferred to this host. Could he have taken yet another host without its permission? It was becoming a disturbing trend for one who called himself a Tok'ra. For now, there were more immediate considerations. He seemed to be surrounded by hostile aliens of some form or another. Even the small one that attacked him was exceptionally strong for its size. Nothing that Jolinar of Malkshur couldn't handle. But still, it was worrying. A full grown beast of this type would likely be a challenge. Especially in numbers. Jolinar was pulled from his thoughts by someone yelling at him.

“Xander!” a red-headed woman yelled at him as she waved a hand in front of his face and snapped her fingers. “Earth to Xander!”

“Huh?” he replied in a human voice. So, he was still on Earth. But at least he was no longer a prisoner.

“Sheesh.” the girl huffed. “You okay, Xander? You went kinda spacey on me there.”

The host's name was Xander. Best to play along until he knew more. “Yes. Sorry. It's just...” He trailed off, letting his companion fill in her own blanks.

“I know.” she said. “It's freaky. But we have to keep our heads. Besides, for the Hellmouth, this isn't a big deal. First things first though, let's get off the street.” She went to take his hand, but it passed right through.

“Odd. Are you out of phase in some way?” Jolinar asked.

“What? I don't think so. I dressed as a ghost... and now I'm a ghost. You dressed as... what did you dress as?”

Jolinar was stumped. What could he possibly tell her that would satisfy her and not expose him to the SGC. He frantically started searching Samantha Carter's memories for a suitable explanation. Luckily the red-head had already moved on.

“We just have to find... Buffy!” She yelled the last word as she spotted this 'Buffy' and ran over to her. “Buffy. Are you okay?”

The reply was cut off when two monsters approached from the other side of the street.

“Buffy, what do we do?” the ghost asked.

The only answer was a thump when the girl known as Buffy fainted.

Unarmed, Jolinar prepared himself for battle by rotating his shoulders and neck. He stretched them and tested his strength. A little eye-glow allowed him to see every detail, even in the dark; along with adding more of his strength to his host. At least this host felt strong, a warrior; he was certain of it. He placed himself in front of his companions. #“Arik tre'ac te kek.”# (We do not surrender, even in death) He said in his deep voice and allowed his eyes to burn bright. The beasts apparently thought it was a good enough show and decided to retreat.

“Xander! That was great. How did you do that?” the red-head asked. A groan from Buffy distracted her.


“Buffy, are you alright?” the ghost asked.

“Buffy?” Buffy asked.

“She's not Buffy.” the red-head sounded disappointed.

Jolinar took Buffy's hand and helped her up.

“What year is it?” the spirit just wasn't giving up.

“1775, I believe. I-I don't understand. Who are you?”

“We're friends.” the ghost answers. “I'm Willow and this is Xander.”

At last, Jolinar had the red-head's name.

“F-friends of whom? Y-your dress... Everything is strange! How did I come to be here?” The confused woman babbled.

“Breathe, okay, breathe. You're gonna faint again.” Willow said. Then to Xander, “How are we supposed to get through this without the Slayer?”

Jolinar was confused and just shrugged. “I would suggest...” But he was cut off.

A monster came around the tree behind Buffy and roared, fangs bared and claws raised to attack. Buffy screamed and backed off. Jolinar jumped in and punched the monster out.

Jolinar turned back to the girls, “Like I was saying, I suggest we get inside before we come across anything...”

Buffy cut him off, “A DEMON! A DEMON!” she screamed, pointing at him.

A car came driving down the street behind Jolinar with its headlights on.

Willow turned to see the car. “That's not a demon. It's a car.”

“It's eyes were glowing.”

Jolinar froze. Unsure if Buffy was referring to him or the vehicle in the road. He wasn't sure if he had allowed his eyes to glow that time, but there was a good chance he had done it by accident. It happened a lot during stressful situations, and this certainly qualified. He would have to be more careful.

Willow saved him again by jumping in and explaining cars. “It's okay. It's a good demon. It wont hurt you as long as you don't get in its way. The glowy-eye thing is normal. Okay?”

Buffy wasn't looking at the car though. She looked right at Jolinar. “Good demon.” She said.

Jolinar nodded and repeated, “Good demon. I'll protect you.”

“Great. Glad that’s settled. Now let's get inside.” Willow started off and motioned for the others to follow.

They got to the Summer's house and scared away the demon at the door. Willow went out and led Cordelia into the house when she ran by screaming. Jolinar met the hairy beast at the door and used his eye glow to scare if off, but only once he was sure that none of the women could see him. Cordy freaked a little bit when Willow left through the wall to get Giles, but calmed down again once Angel appeared. After all, it wouldn't do to let tall-dark-and-mysterious think that stuff like this freaked her out.

“Oh, good! You guys are alright. It's total chaos out there.”

Buffy looked as confused as Jolinar felt, though he let her say the words, “Who are you?”

“Okay, somebody wanna fill me in?” the new stranger asked.

“I'm not quite sure myself.” Jolinar admitted. The new arrival was giving him the... wiggin's. He wasn't quite sure where that word came from either. Perhaps from his new host. He hadn't had the time to initiate a conversation with his new host yet. If the host was making itself known in spite of Jolinar's suppression, then this man would be a strong host indeed. Samantha Carter had been very strong mentally as well. He wondered if that was chance that he found two such strong hosts on this planet or if this planet created humans who were mentally stronger than the galactic average. He put aside such thoughts as the conversation was continuing without him.

“Buffy... What's up with your hair?” the new guy wondered.

Cordelia came back downstairs after hearing Angel's voice, “She doesn't know who she is, everyone's turned into a monster, it's a whole big thing. How are you?” she flashed a beatific smile at him.

The lights went out. Buffy grabbed Cordelia in fright.

“Well, alright, l-let's, let's, let's review. Um, so everybody became, uh, whatever they were masquerading as.” Giles confirmed.

Willow nodded, “Right. Buffy was an 18th-century girl and Xander was... I'm not quite sure. He seemed okay.”

Giles scratched his nose, “A-and, uh, your, your costume?”

“I'm a ghost!”

Giles began stammering, “Yes. Um... w, uh, uh, uh, the ghost of what, exactly?”

Willow covered her midriff with her arms, “Well, this is nothing. You should see what Cordelia was wearing. A-a, a unitard with cat things, like ears and stuff.”

Giles was shocked, “Good heavens. Uh, sh-sh-she became an actual feline?”

“No! She was the same old Cordelia. Just in a cat costume.”

“She didn't change.” Giles confirmed.

“No. Hold on... Partytown. She told us she got her outfit from Partytown.” Willow deduced.

“A-a-and everyone who changed, they, they, they, they acquired their costumes where?”

“We all got ours at a new place. Ethan's” Willow admitted. “But so did Xander, and he didn’t change.”

“Perhaps. Still, I think it would be wise to check out this ‘Ethan’s’ first.”

That foolish woman. The entire party would likely have been safe back at the domicile if she had not run off. Jolinar thought angrily. He threw another set of blows at the … strange man he was facing. Bad teeth and an eye patch. How odd. Also the Feline Person and the one known as Angel insisted that this was temporary and he couldn't kill his opponent. This would be so much easier with a zat'nik'tel. But he would have to do this the old fashioned way and hope he didn't kill the boy. Still, once he was done, he felt the second stirrings from his host. Feelings of pleasure and pride. Which confirmed that his host was very strong indeed. But that fact was unimportant for now as more monsters decided to attack.

“Hello Ethan.”

“Hello Ripper.”

The fight in the warehouse was tough. Only two fighters against more than a dozen monsters. The warrior Angel made a good account of himself. He also seemed stronger than a normal human, but sheer numbers and the fact that they couldn't kill the smaller monsters eventually led to their capture.

“Honey, I'm home.” Buffy smacked the blonde vampire after she recovered herself. They fought but he eventually escaped. Most of the other monsters changed back when Buffy did as well. “You know what? It's good to be me.”

“Hey, Buff. Welcome back.” Xander said.

“Yeah! You, too.” Buffy replied

“You guys remember what happened? Wait! You didn't change.” Cordelia poked Xander.

“Oh yes I did,” Xander insisted. “It was way creepy. It's like I was there, but I couldn't get out.”

“What did you go as?” Buffy asked. Xander mumbled something that no one else could hear. “What's Wormhole X-treme?” She asked.

A/N: Quick explanation. In my world, Wormhole X-treme was a USAF special project meant to leak classified info in such a way that no one would take it seriously and also test what the public's reaction to knowledge of the Stargate program would be. WHX uniforms have no names and Xander went as the tall, dark haired member of the team without glasses. WHX didn't survive it's first season and was already off the air by Halloween. The spell transferred the personalities and memories of Captain Samantha Carter, the inspiration for the WHX character who no longer existed. The spell happened to coincide with Sam playing host to Jolinar of Malkshur and both were transferred just before Jolinar died.

Oh, and I realize that Jolinar mostly picks female hosts and her mate has a male host, but there will be NO slash in this fic.

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