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The Queen's Frozen Prince

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Summary: A revamped version of 'From a Knight to a Prince'

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Marvel Universe > X-MenArsaotomeFR2111,0310182,57915 Sep 1115 Sep 11No

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The Queen's Frozen Prince
(A.K.A. From a Knight to a Prince)

From the many comments in this story (From a Knight to a Prince) and I am not offended by what you guys said about it, but like 'Peaslums' said 'if you're not proud of what you wrote, then scrap and start over.' So, I'm scrapping it.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story. I knew this would happen.

In 1975, Emma Frost had given birth to a very healthy baby boy, she named him Alexander. But with her involvement with the 'Hellfire Club', she had to give him up for adoption. He was adopted by the Harris' and they raised him as their own, during the time he had met friends but he was always cold. No matter what, his skin was cold, not to the point it was deadly but he was cold to the touch.

Also as he got older, his body would burn fat like paper in a furnace, the dye in his hair wouldn't hold and he had a fondness for white. Everything he wore was white, then one day, as they were having dinner, he started to read his parents minds. It first started as a cooling sensation and then he heard. 'I can't believe she wanted that brat!' It came from his adopted father. 'I wish he was dead!' Then Alexander quickly stood and glared at the man that was his father.

“If You Didn't Want Me Then Why Did You Adopt Me?” He demanded, “Huh?” Tony Harris just stared at him.

“What are you talking about boy?” He said, 'how did he know that?'

“How did I know?” Said Alex, “because you said it.” Tony was now looking at Alex.

“I didn't say anything!” 'The damned punk is a damn freak!' Just then Tony quickly stood up and clocked him sending him flying into the living room. “Take that you FREAK!” Jessica, Alex's adopted mother had went over to them to stop them from fighting.

“TONY NO!” She said and Tony was about to kill him when he suddenly stopped and Alex rose up.

'Sleep and remember me no more.' Sent Alex to him and Tony's body fell as if it was a puppet with its strings cut. “I'm sorry mom,” he said to Jessica. “I need to go,” she stopped him and gave him some information about his real mother and where she was.


So, Alex had left to go to Boston, Jessica had given Alex some money to help him find her. He came up to a building which looked like it belonged in 'Revolution' times and went to it. He read the address and found out that the place was the infamous 'Hellfire Club'. 'Well, I guess I better talk to the doorman.' So he walks up to the door man to speak with him. “Um excuse me?” He said, the doorman looked at him.

“May I help you?”

“I hope so, I'm looking for Emma Frost. Is she here?”

“I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are talking about.” Alex was getting discouraged.

“I guess she was called the 'White Queen'?”

“Oh, if you would wait here, I'll get someone to speak with you.” So he went in to speak to someone. 10 minute later, a big man walked out, he had black hair in a bun in the back and was dressed in 'Revolution'-era clothes.

“I am Sebastian Shaw,” he said. “How can I help you young man?”

“I am looking for Emma Grace Frost,” said Alex. “I was told that this was he last address.”

“I'm sorry, but she doesn't live here anymore.” Shaw said, Alex sighed.

“Do you have her recent address?”

“I'm sorry, she didn't give me he last address.”

“Well, thank you anyway sir.” With that he started to leave, as he was leaving Shaw saw something in the young boy and wanted to get information on him. But known to him, someone was watching Alex as well and was about to drive up to him.


A car came up to him and the driver rolled down his window, he had short red hair and a red goatee. He was in a shirt, jeans and boots. “Ye're looking fer Emma Frost?” He said in a Scottish brogue.

“Uh yeah?”

“Git in, I'll be taken ye.” So Alex got in to the car and belted up. They took off to a huge manor.


Once there, they got out, “wow nice place.” Alex said.

“Tis home,” said the man. “Oh by tha way name's Cassidy, Sean Cassidy, nice ta meet ye.”

“Alex Harris.”

“So why are ye looking for Emma?”

“Well, she is my biological mother.” That shocked Sean.

“Your mum?” He said.

“Yeah, crazy huh? I take it you'd like some proof?”

“Why not?” So Alex had use some of his powers to go in to Sean's and he felt a cool sensation. “Thas something ye don't see evra day.”

“Yeah, but I don't know why when I use my mental power there is always a cooling sensation.

“Well com'on I'll take ye to Emma.” So they go to were she was.


Meanwhile Emma was a little nervous about seeing Alex again, she did give up her son for adoption but somehow she felt his powers activate. But that was impossible, he couldn't have been a mutant but he was, when Sean knocked on the door, she opened it and standing there was Alex, her son. She went right to him and grabbed his in a tight hug, crying on to his shoulder. Apologizing for leaving him and would always be there for him.

“Don't cry Mom,” he said. “I'm here now and we are together.” She chuckled and gave her son a tight hug. “Now that I'm here, will you be able to train me in using my powers?”

“I'll more than that.” She said, “first thing in the morning I'm changing your name back to 'Frost' and I will have you be a 'true' Frost.” She hugged him again and kissed him in the temple.

“Ye mean tha boyos really yer son?” Said Sean.

“Yes Sean,” she said. “This is Alexander Christian Frost.” She held him as if she let him go he'd disappear.


The End?

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You have reached the end of "The Queen's Frozen Prince" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Sep 11.

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