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Home again Home again

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Dawn and Richard's Awesome Adeventure". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jiggity Jig! Dawn and Richard have returned home!

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: RichardDearestDrusillaFR1823,8763153,38616 Sep 113 Dec 11No

Chapter One

“I know this place!” Richard crowed as Dawn set them down in their final destination. The curse had worn away and the Creeper had been escaped, for now.

“You know trees?” Dawn asked as she looked around them. It was daylight, tall pines and oaks towering overheard and a throne of granite and riverock stood at one side of the clearing they landed in. “Did you pee on one of them?”

“Indeed I did,” Richard pointed at one tree as he bounded over to the throne. With a great smile, he eased himself into the seat and let out a sigh of contentment. “That one.” It was the biggest pine in the clearing and Dawn made a note not to touch it.

“Is my lord enjoying himself?” Dawn asked, walking over to him in her slippers.

They'd spent another year in another old fashioned world. This time without toilets and with lots of medieval garb. Dawn was in fact wearing a Tudor style gown of heavy white and silver brocade with white fur around her arms; she was often called the Ghost of Summer by King Robb's court. She also seemed to have created a trend amongst the northern women, something far removed from the south and the kingdoms of Lannister. Who would ever believe that she'd be a trendsetter?

And of course, because it just wouldn't' have been right otherwise, Richard had to get into the war because they side they landed on was represented by a dire wolf. The House Stark could boast four werewolves when they'd left. The first created because it would heal the disabled boy, the second because King Robb demanded he take on the symbol of his house. Then the little girl and the teen girl until finally Richard demanded that no one but a Stark become a lycan, bastards included.

“His grace is indeed enjoying himself,” Richard mocked before he started to brood. He was wearing black leather breeches and a heavy black cloak of bear fur. He wore a doublet of black brocade, silver stitching running in designs across his breast in the pattern of the direwolf and a gray shirt beneath. “I wonder how long I've been gone.” His broody face was getting very good after a year with the king of the north. “I have to call Sylvie.”

Dawn sat on the stone arm of his throne and began scratching his scalp. “She's you're...Geri?”

“Yeah. Let me borrow your phone?” The magical device came from her bodice and Richard dialed the number after only a few pauses; it had been a long time since he called her. It rang only once before it was answered by a wary voice. “Sylvie? It's me...I'm at the lupanar...Sylvie! How long have I been gone?” Dawn continued to run her fingers through his hair as he listened to his second in command. “Bring my car and I'll explain as much as I can.”


“The whole city felt you come back,” Sylvie told them as she stood in front of the throne. “It's been five weeks and no one knew what happened, only that Anita and Jean Claude weren't bound anymore, no more triumvirate.”

“There was an accidental summoning,” Richard told her in his leader voice. It was strong and confident without being cocky. Dawn could remember Richard using it when he was pharaoh, emperor, marshal, general... “Anyone outside the pack, tell them I was away getting stronger so I could better keep the pack safe. In fact, tell everyone that, then gather the people who aren't torn in their loyalties.”

Dawn didn't know what that meant, but she had a feeling that something big was happening. She sat quietly as Richard told Sylvie to gather the loyal tonight and bring them here, listening and learning how things worked between an ulfric and a geri. But she was surprised when it was her turn to speak, sharp eyes turning on her and assessing her very being. She could feel the woman's gaze move up her body and back down, feel her energy pressing against her own.

“Is this our new Lupa?” Sylvie sounded a bit tired of the idea.

“She is my true mate and consort,” Richard nodded. He lifted his hand and a trickle of energy linked him to Dawn, catching silver in the spotty sunlight. “We are bound eternal, and if she desires the position of Lupa, it is hers.”

“No pressure,” Dawn rolled her eyes. “It's nice to meet you Sylvie, I'm Dawn.”

“We felt you too,” Sylvie admitted, taking the offered hand. “Are you willing to become a shifter?”

“We've tried,” Dawn admitted. “It doesn't take. But, if you're concerned with myself becoming craven at the sight of Richard eating someone? You should see our bedplay.”

“Kinky,” Sylvie grinned. “I think I like her.”

“Good, we can't have torn loyalties,” Richard stood from his throne. “There's something dark coming Sylvie. Something so much worse than any master vampire.” Something that had followed them through time and space, growing darker as it went. Something so much worse than the creeper. “The pack must unite if we seek to survive the winter.”

Dawn could see it in the She-wolf's face. She doesn't know what he was talking about, but she trusted him, and she would do what needed to be done. She left them, leaving to get those most loyal and giving Richard and Dawn time to adjust to the world around them.


“We should have gone home first,” Dawn breathed as she rest on the ground in her shift.

“You never complained about it before,” Richard looked at her in concern.

“That's because before I could go clean up, or order someone to draw a bath for me.” He'd always found some sort of creek or lake and they usually had some kind of servant somewhere. “But now I'm just going to think about it and then I'm going to get distracted and everyone is going to know it.” She rolled atop him and smiled as she pushed the hair from his face. “You know I'm not ashamed of you. It just gets itchy as it dries.”

“Well,” Richard shrugged with a grin. “I could always keep going.”

“Or I could reach into my magical bag and pull out the baby wipes,” Dawn kissed him.

He liked his solution more, but Dawn wasn't having it. She was cleaning herself, only pausing when the others could be heard coming through the woods. But she finished quickly and threw the wipe back into the bag before slipping her shift back on. And Richard had been talked into it cleaning up and dressing as well. Breeches only, it was too hot for fur in St Louis right now.

They were seated back on the throne when the wolves came into the clearing. Richard looking across the thirty or so people while Dawn stood behind him, one hand resting on the back of the seat. They'd learned quite a few things in their travels. Sylvie came closer tot he throne, taking her rightful place as Geri and glancing at Dawn for a moment. Sheng Da and Jamil came as well, appraising her before one grinned.

Richard looked all of them over before explaining what had happened. And through his explanation, there was obvious disbelief, grudging respect, and no small amount of awe as Richard proved to them that he had become more. He told them the same thing he'd told Sylvie earlier. Those who were not present were never to be told of what had transpired. Including the former lupa, Anita Blake. She would learn on Richard's terms, not because she'd bullied someone into telling her.

“Worse comes to worse, I can talk my sister into bringing you back,” Dawn answered as someone asked about being killed. “Well, try to, you might like it.”

The wolves focused their attention on her then. Obviously not entirely happy that another human had become their boss. But she was walking down from her sanctuary and directly into the mass of lycans, fearless. In fact, she seemed rather bothered that she had to show her power to them at all. Richard only smiled when she sent several to a place unknown before porting them back into the clearing. He didn't quite approve of that method, but she'd cemented her place by sending them to stop 17. They seemed equally terrified and one was one fire slightly.

“Fire breathing unicorns?” Richard asked with a knowing smile. Paris nodded and patted herself out before bearing her neck to Dawn.


“Shouldn't we like, go to the carnival or something?” Dawn asked as she rode in the car with Richard. They were going to his house to sleep, shower, and eat. Possibly not in that order.

“You mean the circus?” Richard asked, turning onto a street. “Nah, they know I'm back and I'll be damned if I go slinking around like Jason.”

Dawn hadn't met Jason, but again, stories were told and she had a slightly biased view of him. “You have a washer right? Or do we have to make a laundry trip?”

“I got a laundry room,” Richard laughed, picking her hand up and kissing her knuckles. “You can go be domestic...”

“What can I say? I'm tired of servants beating my stuff with a rock in the river.” Dawn was also itching to do something for herself for once. In Winterfell she had someone to dress her, two maids for her chambers and a page to carry her messages wherever they needed to go. Plus the stablehand, the master at arms and god knows...

“Fabric softener,” Richard nodded.

As they pulled up to his house however, they saw someone standing on the porch and a jeep parked in the driveway. Richard cursed about someone taking his spot before parking in front of the house and killing the engine.

“I can fake sleep,” Dawn whispered.

“No, just get in the house and I shall meet with our guest.”

Dawn did just that, wrapping Richard's cloak about herself as she exited the car. The neighbors did not need to see her small clothes. Richard too left the car, the soft suede pants absorbing the light around him as he found the front door key. Dawn could feel the woman's eyes on her, appraising her and judging, glaring at Richard as she waited with crossed arms.

'You're not dating her, right?'

'No, I am not Dating her anymore.' Richard nodded at the woman before handing the door key to Dawn. “Get the shower started?”

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed, stepping inside and dropping the fur. As she disappeared down the hall, she heard only one thing:

“Who's she?”


I know right? How many other fics have been updated/posted/edited? I'm almost ready to kill myself thanks to my school load. One of which is called "Color & Slow Death" by most of the student body. Anyways, enough ranting, Richard and dawn somehow managed to win the war for the Starks (GoT, and why doesn't tth have a game of thrones section?) but they didn't take over...they just created werewolves...^_^ As always, reviews make me very merry happy.
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