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All Things Considered, It Wasn't That Bad

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Summary: I'm in the ship. I am the ship. Challenge response for ElvenBookwyrm. Set Pre-Movie.

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All Things Considered, It Wasn't That Bad

Title: All Things Considered, It Wasn't That Bad

Author: ABeliever

Rated: G

Genre: Firefly/BtVS Crossover

Challenge Response for ElvenBookwyrm
It's my first time trying a challenge response, so I hope it lives up to your expectations. Grad school is killing my creativity.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except a large stack of bills. Any similarities to any other story are purely coincidental.

Takes place before the movie.

He had known better.

They had gone over the rule. Multiple times, in fact.

But he had still used the "w-word".

"Guys, I'm an adult. I know better than to say it. Do you think a vengeance demon is just hanging around Slayer Central waiting for one of us to slip up and say something stupid?"

He jumped as the voices of multiple Scoobies screamed in the affirmative.

"Paranoid. You're all so freaking paranoid!"

Two weeks later, the Scoobies gave up the search.

They declared him dead. Not even Willow, after searching all heaven, hell and alternate dimensions could find a trace of him.

They set a crystal to alert them in case he was to ever return.

He never would.

Five hundred years in the future, the Firefly-class ship known as Serenity purred as Kaylee Frye ran her hands over the engine.

"You're a beautiful ship, Serenity. Don't know why Simon's always sayin' otherwise. You just don't listen to him, ya' hear? Just because you had a few more shakes than usual coming out of that last docking ain't no reason to call my beautiful girl a piece of garbage."

"Boys don't like to be called beautiful."

Kaylee jumped at River's voice.

"But Serenity's a girl!"

"Is she?"

River stepped up next to Kaylee and stroked the engine.

"I always thought his name was Andrew."

She smiled enigmatically at Kaylee and skipped away. Kaylee shook her head, stroked the engine once more and went back to work.

Serenity, formerly known as Andrew Wells, purred in contentment.

Yes, he had used the w-word while having a Firefly marathon. It had been an accident.

"I wish I were in Serenity!"

It wasn't quite what he'd asked for, but he'd take it.

All things considered, it wasn't that bad.

After all, he got to hang out with some of his favorite people and be stroked all day long by pretty girls.

And maybe, just maybe, since he was in the time before the movie happened, he could change events a little so that nice pilot wouldn't have to die.

The End!

The End

You have reached the end of "All Things Considered, It Wasn't That Bad". This story is complete.

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