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This story is No. 3 in the series "Summers Land". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: There was something familiar about the blonde. Then Niall spotted the younger one, the brunette, and he knew. *Part of my Summers Land series*

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Literature > Southern Vampire Mysteries(Past Donor)akatFR1319012162,44817 Sep 1117 Sep 11Yes
Spoilers: BtVS through Season 7, all of SVM, just to be safe, though it’s AU from Dead to Worse on.
Timeline: Set during Summers Law, the preceding story in this series.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, and HBO own “Southern Vampire Mysteries” and “True Blood”.

A/N: Umm... this was supposed to be for the August Fic-A-Day, but I wasn’t able to finish it in time...
A/N2: So sorry for the double update!!! Apparently I'm an idiot and deleted the first post. Yep, it's one of those days. :/


When the spirit of Fintan appeared before his father, as was custom when a fairy passed into the Summerland, Niall sighed, his heart heavy. He knew this day would come; his son was only half-fairy, after all, but 700 years seemed so fleeting. His only consolation was that he was now free to see his great-granddaughter, Sookie.

Although he understood why Fintan had forbidden him to see the Stackhouses, he did not like it. They were family and he wished to know them, to look after them and protect them – especially since there were those of his kind looking to cause trouble for humans with fairy blood.

Unfortunately, to his pique, he quickly discovered that there was considerable turmoil surrounding Sookie already. Approaching her outright seemed unwise, as she was new to the supernatural realm and might rebuff him out of fear.

After careful consideration, Niall decided that it would be best to go through Eric Northman. The vampire seemed to have some sway over her, and although he and Northman were far from allies, they had a mutual respect for one another – and for each other’s power.

That was how he found himself hidden in shadows across the street from Fangtasia, watching as a red Corvette pulled into the parking lot.

Normally, he would not set foot near a place such as Fangtasia, for although he was among the few that possessed the ability to mask his fairy scent, it was far from foolproof. The sun had just set, however, and the bar would not open for quite some time, so he deemed it an acceptable risk.

The door to the vehicle opened, and Niall began to step out into view. Before he did, however, he saw the most extraordinary thing.

There was a human girl with the vampire, one that bore a striking likeness to himself.

Niall came to an abrupt halt, a slight frown marring his otherwise perfect features. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Or maybe it was simply a trick of the light. Yes, that could very well be it.

He had half-convinced himself of this when another girl came into view, one even younger with long, chestnut hair. At that moment, he knew – for she was mirror image of his long dead human lover, Einin, mother of Fintan and Dermot.

Somehow, these two girls were of his line.

He left that night without revealing his presence, postponing his plans to meet with Sookie. He did not forget about her, however; on the contrary, he began looking into her – and the entire Stackhouse clan’s – past for answers.

It was the only possibility. It had brought Fintan great pain to create a family he could only stay with but for a brief time before his glamour would wear thin and threaten to reveal his true nature, forcing him to leave behind children who fit in neither Faery nor the human world. And Dermot... well, it was suffice to say he would not mingle with humans, at least not in ways that would produce offspring.

Therefore, the girls had to be Stackhouses. Perhaps Corbin or Linda, Fintan’s children, had children of their own that even Fintan was not aware of.

Niall researched tirelessly. That proved fruitless, however, so he began to look into the girls’ past as he began to observe them at every opportunity.

He learned quite a bit about them. For instance, they were sisters, as different as night and day and yet uncannily similar at the same time. They both were extremely bright, but they employed their wits in vastly different ways. Though they bickered often, Niall could plainly see the devotion they had to one another.

He was shocked to discover that the blonde, Buffy, was the Slayer, and he felt a mix of emotions at that revelation. Though it was a joy to watch her fight, it was extremely galling that she would be used as a mere instrument by those unwilling to fight their own battles. But oh, she was a sight to see in the heat of battle.

Not that the younger one, Dawn, lacked in ferocity.

No, they were both fairy, of that he had no doubt. Niall’s heart swelled with pride with each and every little thing he learned. He also became increasingly impatient to find the proof he was looking for.

It was in Dawn’s room that he finally found it – for although Niall tried to observe human rules of etiquette when he was among them, there were certain times when it served him best to ignore them, as was the case now. The picture in his hands could attest to that.

It was a family portrait. There were the two girls, some years younger, with a handsome woman Niall assumed was their mother. Standing next to her was their father.

Niall gave a sad smile. Perhaps the allure was too great, the desire for family, however brief, too tempting. Whatever the reason, Fintan had obviously taken another human woman as a lover, and from this, he apparently had two children.

‘Hank Summers’, indeed.


A/N: I don't usually do Real Family fics, but this one seemed to fall right into place. :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Birthright". This story is complete.

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