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Ascended Plans

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Summary: Xander thinks that the Powers are pervy crackheads. #2 of a theme. slash, unbeta'd

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Title: Ascended Plans

Author: Caliadragon

Fandom: BtVS/Stargate/Stargate: Atlantis


Disclaimer: None of the known characters belong to me.  The situation is based on my own idea and is a recurring one in some cases.

Archiving:  Any list I post to and those with prior permission.

AN: I had two ways to write this theme and this is the second.  I hope you enjoy it.  The other is the last one on Xander Snippets:

Summary: Xander’s pretty sure the powers are pervy crackheads.

Warnings:  Slash, angst, het, humor, language, multipairing, , unbeta’d.

Part: 1/1


The day that Xander Harris learned about the Stargate Program and the truth of aliens, he was to busy getting ready for a demonic invasion of the earth to geek out over the truth. 


He was packing weapons and watching as Andrew Wells helped their adopted little sister Dawn Summers pack a gear bag.


Unfortunately, it was the three of them against a demon horde as everyone within the Council that had battle experience had been captured or was too injured from an earlier battle.  For reasons that none of the Council could find a second apocalypse had happened only a week after the first.


Willow was in a coma from using too much magick.  Buffy and Faith had been captured along with and the majority of the slayers.  Giles had a broken leg and four broken ribs from the battle just three days earlier.  The magick support and Xander’s older kids had also been captured.


Xander had no time to call for reinforcements only to send out warnings so that if they fell the rest of the world would know what was coming for them.  The trio finished preparations for the coming battle and then Xander nodded to Dawn that he was ready for her to open the portal.


“Xander.”  Giles called, Xander turned to look at him.  “I have Marcella out of bed, she is calling the President and the Prime Ministers of England and Canada to warn them what is coming.  Be safe and come home with our family.”


Xander nodded and then with one last look at Giles, nodded to Dawn to open the portal.  When the trio stepped through the portal, it was into the remains of Sunnydale.  The demons were using the site as their starting point to the domination of earth.  The demons wanted to show that they could defeat the Council on the site of their greatest win. 


As the portal closed, Xander pulled out the ordinance that he had brought with him, while Andrew pulled out his potions and magickally modified weapons.  Dawn began to glow a soft jade green as she gathered the power of the Key to her. 


The trio braced themselves as the demons portal opened.  As the first wave of demons poured out of the portal Dawn let loose her magick, Andrew began to throw potions and spells in equal measure.  Xander began to throw blessed hand grenades.


Hours passed as the three fought to contain the horde.  Xander fought back the feeling of helplessness, knowing that unless they could get the portal closed the demons could just keep sending more of their warriors through.  Eventually Dawn and Andrew would run out of strength to keep using their powers and he would run out of weapons.


Then a miracle happened beams of light appeared all around him.  Xander was shocked and then elated when the beams left people in military garb behind.  The men and women began to fire on the demons; some had regular guns, while others had energy weapons. 


Xander grabbed his axe and started to wade through the demons now that they had backup he needed to get to the portal.  Several of the military people joined him and Xander shouted over the noise to one of the men.  “Don’t kill the red demon, I need him alive!” The man with the green eyes nodded and spoke into the mic on his throat, sending the order to the men and women who had come with him.


Soon Xander and the people at his side made their way to the portal.  Xander pulled a potion out of his pocket and leaned over to the green-eyed man again.  “I’m going to throw this on the red demon, my friends and family will be coming out of the portal next, tell your people not to shoot them.”  The man nodded again and passed on the information to his people.  Xander killed another demon and then got close to the red one, throwing the potion onto him and watching in satisfaction as the portal changed and his friends and family came running out of the portal.


“I’m the last!” Faith roared as she ran past him and into the battle.  Xander nodded and beheaded the red demon, causing the portal to snap shut and the demons to all roar as one.  Xander and the military that had aided him turned and waded back into the fight.  An hour later, the battle was over; Xander bent forward to catch his breath and looked to his left to see that the green-eyed man was doing the same.  All around him, the fighters were trying to catch their breath.  Xander could see that some were injured, covered in blood and ickor and that all of them were as tired as he was.


“Thanks for the help.”  Xander said tiredly to the man, who nodded and straightened up.  Buffy and Faith came to his side with Dawn, Andrew, and a brown-eyed soldier with grey hair.  Xander figured the man was someone important since the military people around him were tiredly saluting the man as he passed them. 


“Hey Buffster, Faith, you guys okay?”  Xander asked softly, worried about the senior slayers.


Buffy hugged him tightly, “We’re fine.  They were showing us the battle in the side realm where they were holding us prisoner.  The bad news is that they took over all of the earth bound airwaves, and were transmitting the battle all over the world.  The good news is that was why General O’Neill here and his guys were able to join you three in the battle and help get us free.”


Xander blinked at the man and then nodded, “I saw you before the battle with the President just before we headed out to deal with these guys.  So is fighting aliens as freaky as fighting demons?”


“That depends, have you ever fought something that looked like Marilyn Manson on steroids?” A blue-eyed man asked snippily.


“Yes.”  Andrew, Dawn, Buffy, Faith, and Xander answered as one.


“They are Thor’tino demons and think that Manson is making fun of them.”  Spike answered as he came to stand beside them with Angel and Connor.


The military people shuddered as one.  “Damn I thought the Wraith were bad.”  The green-eyed man said with a sigh.


Xander and the others looked at him sharply.  “How do you know about the Ancient demons known as the Ascended’s blight?”  Dawn asked him.


John Sheppard, the green-eyed man gapped.  “Uh, their not demons, they are aliens created by the Ancients.  Who are actually aliens.”


“Ha! I knew it.  I knew that the people who made the gate thingie were aliens.”  Xander crowed.  “Dawn you owe me a thousand bucks.”


“They sounded like demons since the ascended fought them before they gave up on life, besides who would think someone would be stupid enough to create something like that?”  Dawn said with a pout.


“You could have asked me.”  Cordelia Chase said as she appeared.


Xander grinned at her.  “Hi Cordy, we stopped an apocalypse with the military and this time they didn’t cause it!”


Cordy rolled her eyes, “I know that dork! The Powers have decreed that you John Sheppard have been chosen to marry into the Council.”


John just stared at her in shock.  Xander shook his head in sympathy, while wondering who he was going to end up with.  “I’m already involved with someone, but thanks.”  John finally answered bemused, looking over at Ronon Dex and Rodney McKay, his two best friends and the men he happened to be involved with.


Cordelia smirked and John felt dread fill him.  “I know, but the Powers are going to provide you with ZPMs as long as you are married to the Powers favored.  You also have to take his kids and Atlantis back to the Pegasus Galaxy.”


“What the hell?” The Powers want me to marry him?”  Xander asked in a hiss of rage, glaring at her.


“But he can’t leave and neither can his kids!” Buffy exclaimed latching onto Xander’s hand and glaring at Cordy with the rest of the members of the Council.


“You two seem certain it’s him.”  A blond woman said wide-eyed, she was standing by Rodney McKay.


“The Powers love Xander, plus he’s taken in a lot of kids and made them part of his family.”  Dawn said sadly, she didn’t want to loose Xander and her friends.


“Don’t worry Dawnie; the Powers consider you and Connor as Xander’s kids.”  Cordy told her gently.  Dawn shared a look of relief with Connor.


“So their taken Dawn from me too? Am I going to loose Giles and Willow too?”  Buffy asked, hurt badly by the Powers decision.


“No because you need them with you.  This is the Powers decree Buffy; you know I can’t stop this.”  Cordy told her sadly, knowing what a blow this was for the senior slayer.


“Why? It’s not even legal?” Jack O’Neill said shocked by an ascended ordering his Colonel to marry a man.


“It is now, the Powers made sure of it.  Look all I know is that the Dark, the Grey, and the Light Powers have all agreed to this.  They had to, to make the changes they have made and are going to make.”  Cordy told them beginning to get frustrated.


“Why would those three sides agree to anything?” Faith asked worried and stunned.


“You know they all want Xander for the stuff he has done with and without all of you.  The dark wants Xander because by getting him they would get all of you.  The Light considers him theirs because he has worked in their favor on more than one occasion, plus helping to stop the major apocalypses over the years.  The Grey considers him his because even when he does what’s necessary he doesn’t always do what the Light considers right.  Before you say you wouldn’t follow him we all know that is bullshit, for as much as he follows you, you all follow him.  If he turned his back on the Light and the Grey you would think there was a reason for it and follow him and with you would come the rest of the council, the allies of the council and all of the slayers.”  Cordy argued irritated.


The members of the Council looked away knowing that Cordy was speaking the truth, for as much as Xander would and had follow them into hell, they would do the same for him.  Especially those that knew first had what it meant to be loved and befriended by Xander.


“So we have no say in this?” Xander demanded, bringing the discussion back on track.


Cordy shook her head.  “No, this is what the powers want.  The Wraith are the greatest danger facing the earth at this point in time.  Atlantis needs to go back to Pegasus as soon as possible.”  She said calmly.


“What does that have to do with me? I mean I fight demons and barely graduated from high school, how can I help fighting Ancient alien enemies?”  Xander demanded still angry and trying to fight the newest plan by the Powers.


“You also ascended while you were in Africa.  You have as strong a gene as John Sheppard.”  Cordelia argued.


“I only ascended to beat the shit out of Janus for continuing to fuck with me for the fun of it! Ascension is boring, but I can do it again to go kick their asses, I remember how.”  Xander snapped back, while everyone was looking at him is shocked silence.


“Xander think of the gifts you were given by the Powers when they descended you! You can literally create food and clothing that would be a huge help for Atlantis and the problems they have with food and other supplies.”  Cordelia protested gently.


“You ascended and kicked Janus’s ass?” Buffy asked staring at him in horror.


“Sweet.”  Jack O’Neill said and looked over to John Sheppard.  “Your husband is cool Sheppard.”  John stared at his superior in baffled shock; Jack just gave him a smart-ass grin.


“Oh he’s not just Sheppard’s husband, he’s also Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, and Evan Lorne’s husband.”  Cordelia said with a smirk.


“What?” Evan asked with a wide-eyed look of shock for Anne Tedly, who was standing at his side.


“It’ll take all three of you to keep up with him.”  Cordelia answered with a leer, Evan flushed in response.


“That’s it! I’m killing someone.”  Xander snapped and began to remove the remainder of his weapons.


“Stop it!”  Cordelia snapped, “It’s a done deal as far as the rest of the world knows you stayed on earth to fight demons while your husbands went to Pegasus to fight the Wraith and they brought Ronon back with them.  Once you leave this battlefield the Powers won’t let you remember anything else.  It was the only way to keep wars and fighting to the minimum since it came out that the Supernatural and aliens were real.”  Cordelia said irritated.


“Really? How long has gay marriage, let alone polygamous gay marriage been legal and accepted?”  Xander asked sarcastically.


“Since before Roman times.”  Cordelia said with a shrug.


“Did the Powers bother to realize that I am in a relationship with Graham Miller?”  Xander asked furiously through clenched teeth, his eyes going to Graham who was staring at Cordelia in anguish.


“Oh yeah, I forgot about husband number five, sorry about that.  At least they’re all pretty and they can ascend when you do next.”  Cordelia said with a smirk.


“This is insane! Did I get hit on the head? Am I dreaming?”  Xander asked baffled.


Buffy and Dawn both pinched him on the arm, causing him to yelp in pain.  “Damn it’s not a dream the Powers are pervy crackheads.”  Xander whimpered.


Daniel Jackson started laughing and then apologized when everyone turned to look at him.  “I wouldn’t laugh if I were you cutie, the Powers have decreed that you are to be married to Jack O’Neill, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Vala Mal Doran, Master Teal’c, and Colonel Cameron Mitchell.”  Daniel gapped at her in shock and so did the others.


Vala smirked, “At least I’ll have a pretty harem.”  She chirped out.  Daniel moaned and Jack choked back a hysterical laugh, while Cam shook his head and Sam blinked in confusion.


Ronon nodded, “Me too.”  He just raised an eyebrow when everyone turned to look at them.


Xander sat on the ground and laughed himself into hiccups.  Buffy and Faith shared a worried look.  “Right so Willow will be killing all of the Ascended.” 


Cordy flinched and swallowed nervously.  “No she won’t that’s why she’s in a coma.  By the time they let her come out of it; it will be a done deal.”


Xander lifted his head from where he was resting it on his palm, slowly stood, rage pouring off him in waves.  The people that knew him and his devotion to Willow backed away, pulling the newcomers with them.  “How fucking dare they touch my Willow.”  Xander snarled out viciously.


“Xander please, she’s just sleeping they’re not hurting her.  I swear!”  Cordy begged.


Xander glared at her, “No.” He spat angrily.  The members of the Stargate program recognized the light of ascension and stared in shock as the young man disappeared.


“Oh crap!” Cordy yelped and disappeared to go get Willow and save her bosses from being killed by Xander.


“Well I guess there will be a lot less Powers by the end of the day.”  Spike said in a gleeful voice.  He may work for the Light, but too many of them had harmed the people he considered family.


“You think he’ll attack a Power?” Sam Winchester asked as he made his way over, he had only seen Xander and Cordy disappear, not what prompted it.


“Yes, the idiots are keeping Red in a coma to manipulate things for the Powers benefit.”  Spike told him with a smirk.


“Oh damn.”  Dean moaned knowing how much Willow meant to Xander.


Castiel put a hand on Dean’s shoulder in support.  “Willow will make him see reason.”  Castiel soothed.


“Who’s going to make Willow see reason?” Jordy Osbourne asked from his place at Connor’s side.  “You know she’s still pissed at them for using her to set about the final defeat of the First and how they nearly killed Faith and Kennedy last month.”


“Shit.”  Castiel groaned, causing those that knew him to blink and contemplate just how bad things were.


Before anyone else could say anything Gabriel appeared and grabbed Sam shaking him slightly.  “Where were you? Are you injured?”


“Got captured by demons out to defeat the Council, I’m tired, but I’m fine.”  Sam told him calmly.  Castiel had been captured with the rest of the Council, but Gabriel had been off dealing with an issue with the Elders over the Charmed Ones.


“Xander’s off killing the Powers.”  Dean told Gabriel who blinked at him in confusion.


“How would he get there?” Gabriel asked incredulous.


“It seems he ascended in Africa to kick Janus’s ass for messing with him.”  Buffy told the Angel still shocked by the fact that her best friend could do that.


“How could we not know he ascended?” Gabriel asked looking at Castiel who shrugged.


“How does he sneak up on people who have heightened senses, he has even managed to sneak past us on more than one occasion.”  Castiel answered in return.  “I don’t even think the creator knows what to make of Xander.”  That got a snort of humor from the people who knew Xander and his ability to create chaos and mischief.


Willow and Xander suddenly reappeared with a shell shocked Cordy.  “So we’re still married, but on the plus side there are a lot less pushy assholes around.”  Xander said cheerfully.  Willow nodded wide-eyed by what she had seen her childhood friend do to the Powers.  Willow hugged Kennedy when she moved over to her. 


John Sheppard sighed, “What is it about my life that shit like this constantly happens?”


Xander cackled and so did his friends.  “I ask that question a lot.”  Xander told John patting him on the shoulder, but moving to pull Graham into his arms and kiss his lover gently, reassuring Graham that he would never leave him willingly.


Cordy cleared her throat.  “So um… Xander couldn’t get them to rescind their plans, but he did get them to give up the ZPM’s in this galaxy.  He also forced the Ancients to give up the instructions on how to make more, plus the location of more in the Pegasus Galaxy.  They also gave  up the location of several of their manufacturing facilities and the addresses to three planets that will offer a place to put refuges.  These planets are unknown by the Wraith and will be a safe place if Atlantis is attacked again.”


They all looked towards Xander, but his attention was on Graham.  Xander was hugging Graham and speaking softly to his lover.  Graham nodded after a few minutes and Xander gave him a tender kiss.  Xander looked straight at John who gave Xander a slight nod, he then looked to Ronon and then back at Xander again. 


The wordless conversation helped the men to understand that both Graham and Ronon, for all their power and experience in battle, needed to be treated with kindness and gentleness.  Something that was missing for both of the men for too long.  Ronon went for years alone and running from creatures straight from nightmares.  Until Ronon came to Atlantis no one had touched him in kindness because everyone he loved who would have done so was murdered by the Wraith.  John and Rodney seduced Ronon and treated him like he was the most precious thing in their life.  Rodney was an incredible lover and he treated John and Ronon better than any lover they had had in the past.  He had attacked the Genii head on because they had taken Ronon and John prisoner again.  The Genii were no more because of that attack.


Graham was an orphan who had run from his Uncle as soon as he was old enough.  He ran straight to the military and spent years battling humans and then monsters.  Xander and Graham had come together the night after the battle for Los Angeles.  Both men were exhausted, but hyped from the battle.  Xander was leaning against Graham from where they sat on the roof of the Hyperion.  Graham had kissed Xander and then before he panicked Xander kissed him back.  It started their relationship.


Rodney was holding tightly to his temper and because of that he missed the silent conversation going on between John and Xander.  Rodney was glaring at Cordelia.  “So the Ancients decide now that they need us to have a power sources? Where the fuck where they when we were fighting and losing good people in Pegasus?” Rodney’s question was so vicious that even Cordelia flinched.


“The Ancients are cowards Rodney McKay, the Powers are punishing them for creating this threat and not making sure they wouldn’t destroy our dimension! It’s not the Ancients that are providing these things it is the Powers.  The Powers could not step in until the hive nearly made it to earth.”  Cordy told him calmly. 


“On another note the Powers have cured Carson Beckett and brought him out of stasis.  They cannot return Elizabeth Weir because that would unbalance things, but they have found and saved Aiden Ford.  He is currently with Teyla Emmagan on New Athos.  The Powers grieve for all you have suffered fighting for earth.  They know that words do not make up for all you have lost, but this is all we can offer.”  Whistler told Rodney from where he had appeared beside Cordelia.


“So where does that leave us?” Evan Lorne asked quietly, he like all of the Atlantis personnel felt bitterness towards the Ancients for all the trouble they had created and left for others to clean up.  Each of them thought of the dead left behind in Atlantis and those that were sent home for burial.  It was only now that the dead and wounded would be acknowledged what they did to protect the people of earth.


“Fighting the Wraith.  From this day forward Atlantis is a colony.  Families and more personnel have already been installed on Atlantis.  This includes Dr. McKay’s sister and her family as well as Colonel Sheppard’s father and brother.”  Whistler told them, John looked at him in shock.


“There are already member of the Council’s family on Atlantis as support personnel and support.  When you leave here all of the changes will seem as though they were always there.  None of you will remember.”  Whistler informed them. 


Xander raised an eyebrow.  “Alright everyone but Daniel Jackson, Rodney McKay, and Xander Harris will not remember.   As they have ascended the Powers cannot change their memories.”  Whistler admitted.


“I can live with that.”  Daniel said looking over at Jack, who winked at him.  These changes meant that Jack could have Daniel without getting court marshaled.  The rest was just icing on a really decedent cake.  Rodney was also all right with it.  He had worried that being on John to the regulations of the military.


Xander wasn’t as okay with it as the other two, but as long as he wouldn’t lose Graham he could go with it, for now.  IF it was too dangerous or became a threat to Graham and his family he would put a stop to the Powers plans.


Cordelia and Whistler shared a look, knowing that Xander was a threat to the Powers if they didn’t follow through with the promises.  They also knew that Rodney and Daniel would help him.  The pair of messengers would make sure that the promises were kept.


“The wounded are on Atlantis.”  Cordy told them.  “Giles is on Atlantis with the members of the Council that were left behind before the Apocalypse.   The President thought it be safer until the wards are rebuilt on the Castle.”


“Though the Powers think that the SGC and Council should exist together at a location that would be safely out of any government’s control.”  Whistler said softly.


Xander raised an eyebrow.  “What are they going to get someone to move us onto an island or something? Because unless they are going to do that there is no way that they can separate them.  Beyond that the SGC is made up of US, British, and Canadian armed forces.  There are also international scientists working for them.  You would have to make them the SGC force only instead of working for those countries.” 


Cordy glowed a silvery white color and closed her eyes.  When she stopped glowing and opened her eyes, she looked at Xander in irritation.  Xander just looked back at her making her sigh.  “Done Atlantis is off the coast of Hawaii.  One of their islands is now SGC and Council property.  The Council and the Stargate Command, along with the Ancient Outpost, and Area 51 are autonomous from any governing body.  You are funded by the projects you have sold to allied countries.”  Cordy said tiredly.  Xander had a way of changing things even when he was being sarcastic. The new SGC and the Council are under the control of Jack O’Neill and Giles.”


“Oh goody.”  Jack said thinking of all the paper work he would have to do.


“Time to go.”  Castiel said suddenly and Cordelia nodded.


Xander blinked and looked around he was standing in the gate room on Atlantis.  He sighed and looked around tiredly down at himself.  He was still covered in demon goo, so at least the battle still happened and the public now knew the existence of demons and the SGC.  Xander swayed tiredly as the new memories hit.  Xander saw his marriage to Graham first, then to John and Rodney, followed by Lorne.  They were going to make their commitment to Ronon legal before they left to go to Pegasus.


“Xander?” Buffy asked worriedly.  She knew that Xander, Dawn, and Andrew had been fighting for hours before John and the others come help free the Council and SGC personnel.


Xander waved a hand at her and then sat down on the floor to exhausted to stand any longer, Dawn and Andrew in the same condition.  Andrew was being held up by his husband Radek, while Dawn was being carried by Ronon.  Anne Teldy and her wife Allison were standing beside the pair looking worried.  “Tired.”  Xander slurred before slumping to the side and following Andrew and Dawn into unconsciousness.


When Xander came to he was laying on a soft surface and was being, held in a strong, protective embrace.  He turned around and smiled at John.  “Hey, is everyone okay? Did we lose anyone?”


John sighed, “Everyone is fine.  We didn’t lose anyone; there were a few with minor injuries and a lot with exhaustion, but nothing major or worrying.”


“That’s good, so tell me how badly we’re fucked, because I can tell you are upset.”  Xander said calmly.


“We destroyed the hive and the demons.  Right now everything is quiet.  Cordy and Whistler kept their word and delivered the ZPM’s and all of the other things they promised.  Rodney’s pissed because the Powers played with things and made it that Rodney, me, Evan, and Ronon made it back to earth to cement our marriage to Ronon.


The kids calmed him down with chocolate.  The Powers also repaired the damage to Atlantis and we’re restocked and ready to return to Pegasus in a few days.”  John told him calmly.


“You’re still upset about something though.”  Xander pointed out gently.


“When did you ascend and why didn’t you tell anyone?” John asked, remembering the pain that he and the others had suffered when they thought they were going to lose Rodney permanently to ascension.


“Six months into my trip through Africa.  I never had any intention of telling anyone that I ascended.  I never intended to stay ascended; I just got really pissed off, as to why I didn’t say anything… I don’t talk about Africa to anyone.  The way that Rodney doesn’t talk about Siberia, you don’t talk about Aphganistan, Graham doesn’t talk about South America, and Ronon doesn’t talk about Setada.”   Xander said gently, Xander didn’t want to admit how much he had suffered in Africa or the things he still had nightmares about.


“I understand,” John said, remembering his time in Aphganistan and things he would never talk about to anyone.


“Good you’re awake.”  Carson Beckett said as he came into the room.


“Hi Carson, it’s good to see you.”  Xander said as he rolled over onto his back and letting John help him to sit up.


“Good to see you to lad.  You are no worse the wear, but you do have several stitches in your back and your side.  I want you to take it easy.”  Carson told him with a gentle smiled, he knew from past experiences to get his prognosis out as quickly as possible as Xander would be trying to leave now that he was awake.  All of the Core Council were like that though, so Carson wasn’t offended.


“Gotcha, so I can leave now?” Xander asked hopefully as he tried to get off the bed without making his stitches pull.


Carson and John sighed in unison.  “Yes, but only if you promise to not go to any battles before you have your stitches out.”  Carson said to him, while looking at John who nodded he would try to keep Xander out of any battles.  They both realized it was probably a lost cause as Xander attracted trouble and he would not sit back and rest if one of his girls needed him.


Rodney came into the room with Carlos and Caridad following him.  They grinned at Xander when they saw he was awake and trying to get off the gurney.  “Good now that you are awake you can tell the kids to stop stalking me, Evan, John, Ronon, and Graham.”


“As if I would.”  Xander said with a cackle.  Rodney huffed with John and Carson snickered.  Rodney sighed and Xander pulled him close to kiss him.  When they pulled away, Rodney was grinning at Xander.


“I can leave now so let’s go spend some time with the family before we go back to Pegasus.  Xander said with a grin of his own.


“Speaking of family, Willow and Sam Winchester have decided that he, Gabriel, Dean, and Castiel will be going back with us to Pegasus.” Rodney told him.


“I figured they would, Dean is pretty possessive of me since I’m one of the few that accepted Castiel and Gabriel from the beginning.”  Xander said shrugging.


Many of the Council had not reacted favorably to the fact that Angels had tried to bring on the apocalypse when they had all fought so hard to stop it from coming about.  Surprisingly Dean and Sam had been accepted immediately.  Xander thought it was because everyone working with the Core Council knew what it was to make major mistakes and to be used by powerful beings out to do the wrong thing.  However, Xander accepted the four from the very beginning and it was his trusting the Angels with his kids that won over the rest of the Council.  


Dean and Xander had become very good friends and Sam had someone who could geek out with him, but still knew the darkness that came with hunting.  Xander had teamed up with Dean to show Castiel the good in humans and everyday life, while Gabriel had someone he could play pranks on the Slayers.  Buffy and Gabriel got along as well and it came out that Castiel was the one who brought Buffy back to her body after she was brought back from Heaven.  Castiel admitted that he had tried to fight the Powers over that, but was overruled.


Xander’s kids loved the four, all of his kids, from toddlers to teens they could be found hanging around one of the four if they weren’t following Xander and Graham around.  Xander’s son Ryan, who had come from another realm as a rebirth, was most usually found with Dean, who was usually showing the little boy how to tear things apart and put them back together again.  Tim, Ryan’s twin, was usually found with Sam going through books and learning how to color. 


Rodney brought Xander’s attention back to him by touching a tattoo on Xander’s chest.  “Where did you get the tattoo?” Carlos asked before Rodney could.  Xander grimaced and looked down at the tattoo.  The others became uncomfortable as Xander’s face went blank. 


Xander shook himself and shrugged.  “I don’t remember, I got it before I ascended.”  He grinned at the group, making them relax.  “I’m sprung so let’s go.”  Xander said cheerfully.  The group sighed, but nodded and left the infirmary.  Ten minutes later Xander was surrounded by a group of teens, his kids, his husbands, and several of his friends.  All of whom were wanting to make sure he was okay.  Xander learned then that his husbands had taken turns sitting with him in the infirmary for the 14 hours he slept.  The ones not with him were being followed around by the older kids.  Xander found that amusing as usually all the kids had to follow around were Graham and him.


Graham was holding Ryan who was babbling at Dean.  Dean was holding Tim, who was drowsing on Dean’s shoulder.  Castiel was holding baby Tara, who was placing tender kisses all over Castiel’s face.   Gabriel was laughing at Sam who was being mobbed by Xander’s triplets Jesse, Jono, and Kendra.  Jesse was holding a book and giggling at Sam, who was tickling the trio of four year olds.  Xander’s older kids were staring around having reassured themselves and were discussing the party that was planned for later. 


Buffy came bouncing up the stairs and grinned at Xander’s group.  Xander noticed she didn’t look happy despite the smile on her face.  “What’s the what Buff?” Xander asked drawing the others attention to her.


Samantha Finn is here.”  Buffy answered grimly.  Xander, Graham, and the older kids glared at this.


Sam Finn had turned her back on Graham when he left the rangers to come work for the Council.  It had driven such a wedge between her and Riley that Riley ended up divorcing her.  Riley had then left the rangers also and came to work with the Council and his friends.  Within a year Riley and Faith had started dating.  Robin Woods and Faith had decided that they were better off as friends than they were as lovers.  Robin had been killed six months earlier by a demon who hunted the blood of people of unique parentage.  Being the only child of a called slayer had made Robin just unique enough, Dawn, Robin, and Connor had all been kidnapped by the demon.


As he was dying Robin killed the demon to protect Connor and Dawn.  Xander had carved a plaque for Robin and Faith had placed it by his mother on the wall of remembrance that Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles had decided needed made to show all those that came before Sunnydale, during Sunnydale, and who had died since the fall of Sunnydale to battling the dark forces.


“What the hell does she want?” Xander snapped angrily, he hadn’t forgiven her for what she put Graham and Riley through.  There was also the fact that Willow, Buffy, Giles, and Xander suspected that she was the one who set the demon on the Council. 


“Riley and Graham.  She said that she has orders to bring them in to talk about the Initiative to some higher ups.”  Buffy said in a clipped tone, her eyes flat and angry.


“No fucking way.  That has been closed for years and if anyone wanted to talk to them about the Initiative they would have contacted Jack and Giles first.”  Xander said angrily. 


Buffy nodded her agreement.  “I sent Kennedy to get Jack and Giles to deal with it.”  Buffy told him, making Xander relax slightly.


“Let’s go deal with the bitch.”  Xander said turning to ask Sam, Castiel, Dean, and Gabriel to keep an eye on the kids when Cordy appeared.


“No going near Sam Finn.” 


“Why not?” John asked with narrowed eyes.


“She’s got something on her that kill Rodney and Xander.  Whistler is keeping Daniel away from her to keep him safe.  This is a play by the Ancients, they blame the three for the Power stepping and punishing them.  I sent Rona to keep Methos, Cassandra, Duncan, Richie, Nick, and Amanda away from the area and on the other side of the base.”  Cordy told them.  Xander growled in anger.  They had found out that Immortals were actually deaged Ancients from another universe.  Methos and the original Horsemen were the only ones sent as adults to this realm and it drove them insane.  Methos and Duncan had ended up killing the other three.


“By the way Buffy, Xander what the two and Willow suspected about her? You were right.”  Cordy said.  Xander went still in rage while Buffy began to growl.


“What is she talking about?” Evan asked, wondering at their reactions.


“We suspected that she set the Alduna demon on us.  Willow was able to detect human magicks on the demon.  That’s why it attacked instead of asking for the blood as it would have in the past.”  Xander said coldly.


“We began to suspect Sam after she arrived within seconds of us coming to get Connor and Dawn.  That and she seemed angry that it was Robin and the demon dead instead of Dawn and Connor.   She was especially angry that the demon was dead.”  Buffy added sadly, thinking of the man that had saved her sanity.  Robin set her up with a therapist to help her deal with the PTSD.  Robin then turned around and helped Xander provide a sense of stability to the kids in their care. 


“She killed Robin?” Connor asked painfully.  The older kids became agitated.  They all mourned for Robin and learning that it wasn’t random but an act against the Council by someone they trusted hurt badly. 


“Yes.”  Cordy said simply.


“To hell with that! The bitch is not getting away with it.”  Xander snapped.


“Xander you are missing something important.”  Cordy said gently.


“What?” he growled.


“She’s being controlled by the Ancients.  They can move through time, just like the Powers.”  Cordy told him sadly.


Xander stared at her in shock.  “Are you saying that they broke up her marriage to Riley and her friendship with Graham because the Powers gave them a spanking?”


“Yes that’s what I’m saying.  Whistler is going to save her from their control.”  Cordy told him simply, but there was something in her tone that had him looking at her in question.


*Cordy can you hear me?* Xander sent.


*Yes.* Cordy answered.


*Are the powers going to do what they did to me and the guys to Sam, Riley, and Faith?* he asked calmly.


*Yes, but they are going a step further.  Out of all the deaths that we have suffered through, Robin’s was not weaved by the Fates.  Robin was not meant to die, so the Powers are bring him back from the limbo they had him in until they could get to this moment and save Sam from the Ancients.  Only the Council will know that Robin Woods really died, while everyone else will think it never happened.* Cordy answered happily.


“Their bringing Robin back?” Xander asked aloud in shock.


“What?” Jordy asked excited.


“Robin was not supposed to die His death is the only one not weaved by the Fates.  So the Powers are giving him back.”  Cordy answered watching as the group began to cheer in excitement and happiness.


Whistler appeared beside Cordy with Robin, who was quickly mobbed the group.  They were taking turns hugging him and telling him how much they missed him when Faith, Rona, and Kennedy came rushing out to greet Robin.  Giles followed behind them with Gunn and Wesley, who were followed by Angel, Fred, Spike, Riley, and Sam Finn.


Sam was pulled into a hug by Graham.  “I’m so sorry.”  She sobbed out.


“You have nothing to be sorry for.”  Graham said.  “The Ancients took control away from you.”


Xander made his way over to Sam and hugged her as well.  It wasn’t just Graham and Riley who felt betrayed by Sam.  She was well liked by the Council and everyone had felt betrayed by her turning on them.


Robin made his way through the crowd and came to a stop in front of Sam, Graham, and Xander.  She let out a soft sob when Robin pulled her into a hug.  “I’m glad you are okay Sam.”  He told her making her hug him tightly.  Faith and Riley shared a look.


“Share?”  Faith asked Riley, who nodded his agreement.


“Share.”  He echoed.


“Share what?” Willow asked in confusion as she hugged Sam and Robin. 


“Robin and Sam.”  Faith said before looking at Robin, who was staring at her in longing.  “I know we said that we were better friends than lovers, but the last six months have showed both Ri and I that we missed you both desperately."  Robin pulled her into his arms even as Riley was doing the same with Sam.


“Thank the Powers.” Robin said as he hugged her and buried his face in her hair.


“Marry us.”  Riley said softly.  “Marry Faith and I, I don’t want us to go to Pegasus without the four of us being married.”


Cordy and Xander shared a look as all four agreed to be married.  Xander could only wonder new changes were awaiting this new change in their realm.



Later the family group was on the largest pier on Atlantis having a party that was one part celebration that they were alive and one part going away party.  Xander, Dawn, and Andrew were being catered to by everyone else as they were still tired from the battle the day before.  At the moment Xander was sitting alone watching his friends and family party. 


Jack O’Neill had married Robin, Faith, Sam, and Riley half way through the party and the foursome was being gently teased about shotgun weddings.


Xander smiled as Daniel and Rodney came to sit beside him.  “This is a bit weird, but in a good way.”  Daniel said as he sat down.


“Agreed.”  Rodney said with a nod.


“Yeah, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.”  I think the three of us are pretty lucky.”  Xander said before leaning over and kissing Rodney.


Daniel laughed softly at the smug, happy look on Rodney’s face as the pair pulled apart.   Daniel looked over at Jack and smiled back at his older husband.


Jack was talking to Rupert, who had his arm around Buffy, who was happily talking to Tyre.  The Sedatan was one of John, Ronon, Evan, and Rodney’s friends.  The Sedatan looked happy and relaxed.


Daniel knew that Tyre had already asked John if he could stay behind with the Senior Slayer.  As both Spike and Angel were going to the Pegasus Galaxy with Xander and the others.  Daniel was certain that Buffy and Tyre would be married within the year.


“I’m glad that the Powers returned Tyre for Buffy.”  Xander said as he noticed where Daniel was looking.


“Me too, Ronon really mourned Tyre’s loss.”  Rodney said softly.


“They’ve both experienced great loss and fought an unending war.”  Daniel added sadly.  “They deserve any happiness they can find.”


The other two men nodded.  “I’m also glad that they sent Ethan back to Giles.  G-man had gotten to the point where he was to somber.  He had forgotten to do more than fight or plan another battle.”  Xander said smiling when little Tara cam over and climbed into Rodney’s lap.  Rodney hugged the two year old gently and looked up to see his sister standing in front of him with an approving smile on her face. 


“Hey Jeanie, how are you enjoying the party?”  Xander asked.  When the Powers changed the universe they had it that Jeanie, her husband Kyle and their daughter Madison were transferred to the island as a way to protect the family from those that wanted her to work on scientific projects.  The people after them didn’t care if Jeanie wanted to work for them or not.  Now the family was safe and they would be going to the Pegasus Galaxy with the rest of the family.


“I am, but I was hoping to talk to Rodney for a few minutes.”  Jeanie said with a smile.


“No problem.”  Xander said with a grin, he reached over and kissed Rodney once more, grinning when Rodney blushed so prettily.  Of all of Rodney’s new husbands Xander was the one more openly affectionate.  Jeanie smirked at him, while Daniel reached out and took Tara from Rodney.


Besides his lovers and the family he had always wished to be a part of, the one thing that made him happiest was the fact that there were so many children in his life now.  Vala and the rest of his lovers had fallen in love with two children.  The first was a five year old slayer named Angelica.  The second was a little boy named Anu.  Angelica had been saved by Xander from a slavery ring while in Africa.  He had her sent to the Council to protect her from the harm Africa could represent for her.  Anu had been in the same situation with a slight difference, the six year old boy was half Kiner demon and half fae.  Xander found him being abused in the village and bought him from his relatives.  Anu was brought back by Xander personally as he was in the last village that Xander had visited.


When the Powers changed things they had it that Jack had picked the pair up at the airstrip had on the island.  Jack and Anu became fast friends and it seemed to heal something in Jack that had broken with the death of Charlie.  Xander had talked them all into fostering Anu as he had with Angelica, though he had talked Daniel and Vala into going to Africa to pick the little girl up.


Daniel turned his attention back to Xander only to see him be hit with a vision.  Xander let out a bellow of rage and pain and jumped out of his chair and take of running.  Daniel surged to his feet and handed Tara to Andrew who stayed to run herd on the youngest of the children.


Xander was almost too late to save Rodney from the Ancient currently attacking him.  Xander could smell citrus in the air and heard Jeanie screaming at the Ancient to stop even as she tried to shield Rodney with her body.


Xander snarled like a wounded animal and again the gathered group watched as he ascended and went after the female Ancient.  Both of them disappeared before the group could do or say anything.  Cordelia appeared and yelled at Daniel.  “Daniel you can heal get over here before Rodney dies!”


Daniel didn’t stop to question here; he quickly knelt beside Rodney and touched his friend on the shoulder.  Relief filled him as a soft, silvery blue light flowed from his hand and into Rodney.  Once Rodney was able to breath on his own he sat up.  “Thanks Daniel.”  Rodney said as he patted the other man on the shoulder.


“Who the hell was that?” Danny Doyle demanded.


“Chaya, she’s obsessed with John.”  Evan said as he, Ronon, John, and Graham knelt beside Rodney.


“She’s a crazy bitch!” Rodney snapped as he allowed the other four men to help him to his feet.  Jeanie was staying as far from him as she could since she was still covered in citrus, while her husband Kyle hugged her close.


A few minutes later Xander returned, his clothes were torn and bloody and so was he.   He looked tired and emotionally wrecked.  “The only two Ancients left are working with the Powers to protect the Charmed Ones.  Merlin and Morrgain will be personally protecting the family.”  Xander rasped out.


“You killed them all?” Cordelia asked, knowing the stance Xander had on protecting his loved ones.  He was a lot more aggressive now than he had been in Sunnydale.  Africa had taught him to be even more ruthless.


“Yes, they turned on all of us and sided with the Ori.  I had to eliminate the threat to my family.  They would have kept coming after us.  Cordy… I can’t lose anyone else the way that I lost you and Anya.  The Powers and the Ancients have taken to many people from me.”  Xander said closing his eye in grief. 


Cordelia pulled him into a hug, “I understand, but you haven’t lost me dork, I’ll always be here for you.  You’re still my friend and you always will be.”  She said gently before kissing him on the check and releasing him.


“How was Danny able to heal?”  Jack asked in the silence that followed their conversation.


“The same way that Xander can create things and Rodney will have an instant grasp of the Ancients technology and language.  The three ascended into a higher realm.  The Ancients put blocks on Rodney and Daniel’s power, but the Powers removed those blocks.  They never had a chance to get to Xander as he dealt with the Powers every time he’s ascended.”  Cordy told them.  “The only Ancients he’s dealt with are the ones he’s killing or kicking the ass of.”


“So it’s over? We don’t have to worry about anymore psychotic Ancients or Powers?” Ronon asked looking over his lovers.


“Yes, it’s over.  No more Ancients.  Also Hephaestus dealt with the Replicators, that’s where most of the ZPM’s came from.  Teyla and the rest of the Athosians, the others that have asked for sanctuary and Aiden are on the Replicators homeworld.   By the main city where the group has established the government is a large body of water that you can set Atlantis down in.”  Cordy told them. 


The group was stunned.  “So all we have left are the Wraith and the remaining Genii led by Cowan?”  Evan asked.


“No you only have the Wraith, the Wraith and the Replicators killed off the other leaders of the Genii.  The Genii that were left alive joined Teyla on the new homeworld and have sworn alliance with her and with you.  I sent Strife to make sure that they all knew you were coming back with Atlantis and your mates.  Teyla is waiting for her family to return to her.”  A stunningly attractive, tall dark haired man said as he appeared at Cordy’s side.


“Ares, thank you, for everything.” Xander said respectfully to the elder god.  Most of the group gaped at the god in awe and shock.


Ares smiled at Xander in good humor.  “You don’t have to thank me; if anything we owe you our thanks for stopping the Angels stupidity, the Ancients betrayal and the Powers that turned their backs on their duty.  Remember, we will always stand at your side Xander.”  He nodded to the others and left, knowing that Xander understood what he had meant.


“You are going to need to train some of the people on New Athos to be militia and police as the size of the population grows.”  Cordy told them after Ares had gone.


John nodded, “We can do that, I think it would do us good to have a few Slayers trained as well and to pair them with civilians.”  John looked over at Rodney and Xander, who agreed.  Rodney, John, and Xander had sat down after the after the upheaval of Robin’s return and hashed out the duties and who was in charge of each part of the city.  John handled the Military side.  Rodney ran the sciences, and Xander handled the civilians, slayers, and administrative side of the city. 


They had decided that Robin Woods would head up the school that would be run on Atlantis since he had the most experience and the Powers had chosen several teachers to go with them to Pegasus.


There were several different doctors coming to Pegasus with them and they would answer to Carson Beckett, Caroline Lam, and Jennifer Keller.  Caroline was coming because she was married to Patrick Sheppard and Jennifer was married to David Sheppard. 


“Hey we have a party going, let’s get back to it now that the emergencies have been dealt with.”  Xander said as he seemed to bounce back from what he had to do.


“First one of us has to examine you.”  Jennifer pointed out gently.


“Nah, Cordy healed me when we were hugging.”  Xander lied easily.  “I am however going to get a shower and change my clothes.”  Jennifer sighed softly as Xander kissed each of his men and left to get his shower.


“I wonder if that means that the Ori and the Proctors are gone?” Vala asked suddenly, startling everyone.


“Yes, that is exactly what that means.”  Cordy told her serious.


“Brilliant!” Cameron said as the group cheered.


“One less enemy for Earth and Stargate Command!” Anne cheered.  The group laughed and with a feeling of joy and relief went back to their party as Cordy waved and disappeared.



Xander let the hot water rush over him, trying not to remember what he had seen as he chased down and killed the last Ancient.  Tears mingled with the hot water as a choked sob ripped from his chest.  The Ancients and the Rogue Powers that aided them had killed more than just Robin.  He had watched in helpless horror as they led to the deaths of people Xander knew and people he didn’t.  He watched as they led to the corruption of a young man and a young witch.


The Powers and the Ancients betrayed everyone and in the process they had led to the deaths of Joyce Summers, Jenny Calendar, Jesse McNally, Tara McClay, Anya Jenkins, Kendra Young, Francis Doyle, and Jonathon Levinson.  The Powers and the Ancients had corrupted Warren Meers, which led to his brutal death at Willow’s hands.  Amy Madison was consumed by her powers, literally, in a battle with Willow and the rest of the Council.  One of the deaths that the two corrupt entities had caused was the death of Charlie O’Neill, it was bad enough knowing they had killed teenagers and adults, but they had also killed a little boy so that his father would come into the sphere of the Ancients control.  They killed Janet Fraiser to escalate the battle with the Goa’uld and in doing so took her from her friends and her daughter.  Elizabeth Weir’s death was used to control Rodney and John, to push them to fight harder to destroy the mistakes made by the Ancients.


Xander didn’t, wouldn’t regret the deaths of such evil beings.  Even as he killed them and raged at what they had done, he knew he would have no chance at bringing his  family, his friends and the family of the people he now claimed as his own.  Xander knew that the truth was a weight he would have to bare alone, especially the death of Joyce Summers and Charlie O’Neill.  The truth would only destroy Dawn, Buffy, and Jack.


After a while Xander got out of the shower, dried off and dressed.  He made his way into his room and sat on the end of the bed.  Cordy materialized in front of him and for a moment they simply stared at one another.  “I’m not going to tell you there was a reason for their deaths, because we both know that would be a lie.  I can tell you that they are all happy and waiting for us in heaven.”


“Even Warren and Amy?” Xander asked in a soft tone.


“Yes, the Powers are aware of what they suffered and how they were used to harm the Council Family.  Even Warren’s girlfriend Katrina is safe and happy, but that is because she has been reborn to a wonderful and loving father.”  Cordy told him gently.


“But you and I won’t be joining them will we?” Xander asked shrewdly.


Cordy looked at him in sadness and surprise.  “How did you know?”


“I ascended Cordy; I knew what would happen if I killed the Rogue Powers and Ares just confirmed what I knew when he arrived.”  Xander answered as Cordelia moved to sit beside him.  Xander rested his head on her shoulder and the pair contemplated what they both would ultimately face when their friends and loved ones passed away.  “I will be pressed into their service once I have died.”


Cordy wrapped an arm around Xander and the two sat trying to deal with the enormity of what protecting their loved ones had cost both of them.  They looked at Whistler when the elder demon arrived and stared at the pair for a few minutes before finally beginning to speak.  “You two have set the Higher Realms into a tale spin.  The Pantheons, primarily the Greek, Egyptian, Roman, American, Gaelic, and Norse Pantheons, have set up a cry against the plans that the other Powers, primarily the Elders and the Angels, made against the two of you, Rodney, and Daniel.  Those pantheons never agree on anything, but they forced the other Powers to their way of thinking and the Big Guy agreed to what the Six Pantheons wanted.”  He was somber as he agreed that the plans made for the four were beyond cruel.  Whistler had paternal feelings for both Cordelia and Xander.  Whistler had let Cordelia closer to him than anyone in many years.  He had even let the girl bring him into the current fashion trends.


“So what was the deal they decided?” Cordy asked quietly.


“They are going to give you four a choice.”  Whistler said as Daniel and Rodney came into the room.


“What kind of choice?” Rodney asked as he sat by Xander and Daniel sat beside Cordy.


“The Powers cannot undo this new reality or the relationships that have been created because of it.  However, they can return the dead taken by the actions of the Ancients and the Rogue Powers.”  Whistler said gently.


“What’s the catch?” Xander asked.


“Cordelia and I descend, once we have lived the full measure of a human life we once again take up our positions, but this time we take our orders from the House of Aggression, Death, Intellect, Love, Medicine, and Creativity.  These are with the Pantheons though by size and Power Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hades, Athena, and Hephaestus will be our main contacts.  This also goes for the rest of the Greek Pantheon.  Xena is in charge of the Amazons and by extension the Slayers.  Sineya was actually weak demigod which was why the Power of the Demon took in her instead of just killing her.  It was the human magick that made sure the gift was passed on to those who had the blood of the Powers somewhere in their history.”  Whistler explained. 


“Your mates will also ascend with you, and before you ask they were given a choice and they all chose to follow you into your work with the Pantheons.  You will not be blocked from visiting you family both on the mortal plane and those who have passed on.  By a deal made with the Big Guy, John and Mary Winchester, Bill, Ellen, and Jo Harvelle, along with Bobby Singer and Ash Lindberg will be returned to their sons as their deaths were brought on through plans made by the Angels and the Fallen Ones.  Jessica Moore will not be brought back as she has already gone to her next life.  While on the mortal plane we will use our unique gifts to help the battle with the enemies of Pegasus and any other Galaxy we visit.”  Whistler added watching the group brace themselves for what was to come next, as they could tell he wasn’t finished yet.  They also noticed that Whistler seemed relieved that they were waiting for him to finish before they questioned him further.


“What about Doyle?” Cordy asked suddenly, “Will he take my place as Messenger?”


“No Francis Doyle is being returned to the mortal realm as his death was due to the interference of the Rogue powers known as the Oracles.  In this new world Doyle will be with Spike, Angel, and Wes.”  Cordy beamed at this bit of news as she had a relationship for each of the men and had fun coming back to have Angel baiting parties with Spike, Xander, and Connor.


“Why did it take so long to see that the Rogue powers were killing where they weren’t supposed to be?” Daniel asked suddenly.


“Because we had no idea the changes until Xander killed them and the threads of this world that they held were taken into trust by the Pantheons to decide if the actions of the Rogues were just or selfish.  I can tell you that very few of their actions were deemed anything but a selfish needs to retain their powers.”  Whistler answered sadly. 


“Who all is being returned and how will it change pairings?” Rodney asked hoping that at least Elizabeth Weir would be one of those returned.  In his heart of hearts he wished for Janet and Charlie as well for Jack and Sarah.  Daniel was thinking the same thing.


“Elizabeth Weir, she will be paired with Simon Wallace, Anne Teldy, and Allison Porter-Teldy.”  Whistler began.


“Warren Meers and Jonathon Levinson will be returned they will be paired with Andrew Wells and Radek Zelenka.


Followed by Kendra Young, who was to have been Xander’s first true girlfriend and the mother of his son, the Powers had her killed to bring Faith into play.”  This had Cordy punching Xander lightly on the arm.


“I knew you were in love with her!”  She growled, which made Xander blush deepen he kissed her cheek gently.  “Never as much as I loved you.”  He promised in a husky voice.  She gave him a bright happy smile.


“That brings up the next person Anya Jenkins, she will also be added to your relationship Xander, but then so will Cordy.  So your pairing Xander will be Rodney, John, Ronon, Evan, Graham, Ampata, Kendra, Anya, and Cordy.”  Xander just stared at him in shocked silence. 


“How do they fell about the fact that I have kids?” Xander suddenly asked looking down at his hands.  Cordelia and Rodney took his hand in theirs. 


“I always wanted a kid dufus; maybe before we go on one of you can knock me up for real.”  Cordy snarked. 


“It’ll have to be Rodney, Evan, Ronon, or Graham.  John and I have pea soup DNA, very of the unbaby making mixiness.”  Xander told her seriously, seeing the yearning in her heart.


“I think it should be Rodney first.  Ronon can knock up Kendra, and Graham can get me pregnant and Evan can get Ama pregnant.”  Anya said as she appeared and climbed onto Xander’s lap to kiss him.


“She didn’t want to wait anymore.”  Kendra said shyly, smiling at the group.  Anya climbed off of Xander’s lap and he pulled Kendra forward to give her the gentlest of kisses.  When she pulled away Ampata took her place and was show the same gentleness.  The three women settled on the bed behind the three men and Cordy, each resting a chin on their lover’s shoulders.


“Next to return is for Daniel and Jack O’Neill, Charlie O’Neill, Sarah O’Neill, and Janet Frasier.  Sarah knows fully what is happening in this new world and has embraced it as it returns Jack and her son to her.  Charlie has been returned just minutes from before he died in the old universe.  Sarah and Janet are being paired with you Daniel, Jack, Teal’c, Sam, Vala, and Cameron.”  Daniel nodded dazedly as Whistler finished. 


“Joyce Summers and Jenny Calendar are being returned and will be paired with Ethan Rayne and Rupert Giles.”  Xander and the girls beamed at him for this.


“Jesse McNally is being returned and will be paired with Tyre and Buffy.”  Whistler told them.


“That’s not surprising.”  Cordy and Xander said in unison.  Despite his on going obsession with Cordy both of them could remember how Jesse seemed to glow from within when he met Buffy.  It was one of the things that made Cordy hate Buffy.  The two boys she saw as hers and Willow’s property looked at Buffy like she was a beacon in the dark.  Xander still did, but Cordy had grown up fighting in LA and she saw that Buffy was as much in love with Xander and the other Scoobies as they were in love with her.  The original Core Scoobies had a shine to them when they were together and forgot others were around.  Rupert, Willow, Xander, and Buffy often talked in a shorthand and teased each other about things in their past. 


“One other change I should tell you about is that you will have a more direct connection with earth, while there are no more alien dangers in the Milky Way Galaxy, their remains demonic dangers here and in space.  The Gould didn’t just take humans they took demons as well.  That and the Ancients took demons with them when they seeded the galaxy. 
Why I have no clue.”  Whistler said with a shrug.  “Plus the girls look up to Xander, Graham, and Robin they will take orders easier from the three of you than they will anyone else, so we need to be able to get you back for apocalypses.  The final return is Cassie Newton, the Seer; she will be with Kit, Carlos, Jordy, and Wednesday.”


“When do we get the others back?” Cordy asked her hand still in Xander’s.  She noticed that Rodney was also still holding Xander’s hand.  This was going to take a while to get used to.


“As soon as all four of you agree verbally.”  Whistler said calmly.


“We agree.”  The four said as one.

As they did the room filled with people.  Noise came from every direction as the group hugged and greeted their fallen friends and loved ones. 

Daniel was holding tightly to Sarah and Charlie who was smiling at all of the happy people in the room.  Xander realized that Charlie was like him, a medium and an empath.  He made a mental note to tell Jack and the others.


“We need to go see everyone.”  Cordy said as Xander hugged a shocked Warren and a shy Amy.  Cordy had hugged Jonathon and made him blush.


The group left the room and everyone decided that Xander would tell everyone what was going on as he was the one to catch it all in progress and to punish those that had caused the loss of so many good people.


Xander climbed onto a table and let out a shrill whistle, catching everyone’s attention.  “I have to tell you all something very important.”  Xander told them catching his attention with the sobriety they rarely saw from Xander.  When Cordelia, Daniel, and Rodney joined him with Whistler all looking just as solemn, the group began to worry.


“When I went after the Ancients and the Rogues I witnessed the deaths of people I considered family and the corruption of two innocents that corruption led to their very gruesome deaths.  The two innocent people were used like Sam Finn.  I couldn’t stop the events from happening; I could only kill those responsible for the acts of mindless death and destruction.  After I returned and got cleaned up I learned that they were responsible for more than these deaths I witnessed.  I learned that the Ancients and the Rogue Powers, including a faction of the Angels and the Fallen Ones. 


I learned that they were responsible for the deaths of Jesse McNally, Kendra Young, Jenny Calendar, Tara MaClay, Joyce Summers, Janet Fraiser, Charlie O’Neill, Jessica Moore, Katrina Silber, Anya Jenkins, Ampata, Warren Meers, Amy Madison, Jonathon Levinson, John and Mary Winchester, Elizabeth Weir, Frances Doyle, Cassie Newton, Bill, Ellen, and Jo Harvelle, Bobby Singer, and Ash Lindberg.”  Xander’s words brought shock, rage, and horror to those around them.  Dawn and Buffy had immediately started crying and so had Willow, while Rupert was trying not to do so.  Spike was swearing a blue streak and muttering the pain he wanted to inflict in vivid detail.  Jack had gone perfectly still, his face grey and his eyes haunted Sam and Vala took his hands in theirs while Cameron and Teal’c grabbed a shoulder to show they were there for him.


Sam and Dean were joined by Castiel, Gabriel, Methos, and Duncan.  Sam was shaking at all they had lost due to power plays.


“But the pantheons forced their will on the others and the Big Guy agreed with the pantheons and because of that we were granted a huge blessing.”  Xander looked behind him as one by one the returned came to stand in front of him, Daniel, Rodney, Whistler, and Cordy.


“Mommy!” Dawn screamed, while a sob tore from Buffy’s throat and she rushed forward to hug her mother.  This caused the others to rush forward to claim their returned and to support those that had lost them to being with.


Warren, Jonathon, and Amy held back from the group, unlike the others the two had tried to murder the group on more than one occasion and Jonathon had worked with Warren as his mind declined.  However, this was not going to be allowed by Willow or Andrew who rushed forward to hug the pair and beg forgiveness.  “I’m so sorry from killing you Warren.”  Willow said as she pulled him into her arms weeping.  Warren did the same with her, he was horrified at how far he had fallen.  At least he knew that Katrina was onto her next life and that she was to be happy.


Warren and Jonathon were pulled back to be at Andrew’s side with Radek, who was already eyeing the two young men.  It was a given idea that he would be adding them to his small, but growing harem of husbands.  The only one he had left to entice was David Parrish, who was also being courted by Peter Grodin.  Radek gave a wicked grin and though he would do as Rodney had and get him self many husbands.  Thankfully all of his were hot and smart.


Willow pulled Amy into her arms and cried for the horrors that Amy’s powers were corrupted with.  Amy had been Willow’s first girl crush and her death had haunted Willow and the rest of the Council.  Tara was the next to be pulled into a hug, though Willow kept a hold of Amy and pulled Kennedy out to her as well.  Her past, her present, and her future lied with these three women. 


Xander hopped off the table and took his husbands and wives with him to a side of the room.  Just talking a breath and trying to realign his mind to the fact that he, geek warrior boy, had five smoking hot husbands and four sizzling wives.  It was a little much to take in, but he wouldn’t change a thing though.


Anya grabbed onto John, who was the closest and looked over to Xander.  “What did this cost you?” Anya asked in the strange lull of silence that came just as her words were spoken everyone spun to face Xander in horror, each wondering if they had their loved one and Xander was going to pay the ultimate price for it, not knowing yet that Cordelia, Daniel, and Rodney would have paid the same price.


“Cost? What do you mean cost?”  Giles asked sharply.


“It’s not bad.”  Xander was quick to assure him and the mates of Xander, Cordelia, Rodney, and Daniel suddenly remembered the conversation that they had had with Whistler and what they had agreed too.  They agreed with Whistlers terms.


“But there was a cost?” Buffy asked, not releasing her mother or her sister.  Tyre and Jesse were standing between the women and Willow’s group as Willow wanted to touch Jesse as well.  The group also noticed when they focused on Cordelia that she was truly corporeal. 


“Yes, but it was far kinder than what was originally planned.”  Rodney told her while keeping a hold on John, Evan, and Ronon, who were reeling from seeing Elizabeth alive and so beautiful in the arms of Simon, Anne, and Allison.


“What was first planned by the Dickheads in the Great beyond?” Jack demanded his voice tight with strain.  Charlie was eight years old, still wearing his little league uniform.  It nearly cut his heart out.  Sarah wasn’t doing much better, but they had a miracle with them and a life made better for it.


“When we died Rodney, Daniel, and I would join Whistler and Cordelia as workers for the Pantheons, the Angels, the Elders, and the Others who are various Pantheons not aligned with what we do through the Council and the SGC.  We would have been denied the heavenly realms, the mortal plane, or to even keep our fallen from going to hell.  We would have never seen our families and friends again.”  Xander said quietly.  The group was getting dizzy with all of the horrifying revelations that the day had brought.


“And Now?” Ethan asked worried about his adopted son and the stress this was putting on him.


“Now we still ascend and take the place of the dead powers, but our husbands and wives are allowed to join us.  We can go to the heavenly dimensions, to the mortal plane and if necessary into hell to rescue a hunter or slayer.  Though that should be rare since Whistler told my GOD is pissed that hunters and slayers were being sent to hell.”  Xander said calmly.


“It was Christ and Buddha that brought it to GOD’s attention.  It was then that GOD also learned that abused children or children that were killed before being baptized were also in the torment of hell, though Lucifer kept them segregated from the rest of hell.  It was ironically these hunters and teachers that Lucifer pressed into taking care of the weary souls.  He also used law enforcement officers and soldiers who had ended up in hell for taking a life.  This also upset GOD and that is now another set of people that won’t go to hell when they die.”  Whistler added with a shrug.


“Cordy and Whistler descended to be with us, Cordy, Kendra, and Ama are joining me, Xander, John, Ronon, Evan, and me in marriage.  By the way those of you who planned or even thought about marriage recently, Aphrodite fixed it up and you’re all married.”  Rodney said in his oh so gentle style.  Methos snickered at Xander’s affectionate exasperation for his mate.


Whistler was shocked with Miko Kusanagi put an arm around him.  “Miko?” He asked in a husky tone.  He was stunned to see the wife taken from him when he was forced into the service of the Powers.


“I have been working for the Powers since they took you from me.  I was promised that a day would come when I would be reunited with you and we would spend the rest of our lives and beyond together.”  Miko told the balance demon, who was once her husband.  Whistler hugged his wife tightly and thanked the Powers mentally for returning her to him after so long apart.


Everyone was staring at Miko in shock.  “What was your job here for the Powers?” Rodney demanded.


“I was sent to help those chosen by the Powers to keep believing that hope would come.  To help us become a force so that those in Pegasus relearned hope.  It was hard to keep hope and belief in everyone’s heart and I did at one time have to come home and mix things up a bit to get up to speed and get to us faster.  This included making sure that Jack O’Neill remained in control of Stargate Command and that Patrick Sheppard became the Liaison to Atlantis and the Council.”  Miko explained serenely, her shy, frightened personality disappearing now that she did not have to hide behind a shield.


“Exactly how old are you two?” Dawn asked curious.

“I am just shy of 900 years old.”  Miko answered.


“I’m 1100 years old.”  Whistler said with a shrug.  “We would have died centuries ago, but we were made immortal when we were pressed into the service of the Powers.”


Xander growled.  “Those bastards died too easy.”


“Agreed.”  Methos said as he came to stand beside Xander.  Xander grinned at the older immortal.


“You do realize that I am coming with you to Pegasus.”  Methos stated as he put an arm around Graham, who grinned at him.


“I figured.”  Xander said with a grin.  Methos was very enmeshed in the family and their lives.  Methos had adopted Graham as his child, this had the advantage of ending Cassandra’s centuries old hatred of Methos as she too thought of Graham as her son.  Graham just grinned and enjoyed it as he loved both of them and they gave him a stability he had lost when his parents died just after he left for boot camp.


Duncan made his way through to the group and winked at Methos.  “Did you tell them we’re going to Pegasus with them, even Joe?”


“I only got to my going.”  Methos said with an amused glance at the man he considered his brother and best friend.


“Ah well now they know.”  Duncan said with a chuckle.


“Hey that reminds me, Daniel, Joe come here a minute.”  Xander called out to the pair, who made their way over to him curious as to what he had in mind.


“Daniel, you can heal him.”  Xander said bluntly, not beating around the bush.


Joe looked at him in shock.  “You didn’t die, but I saw them playing with your life.  You were never supposed to loose your legs.”  Xander said gently this time.


“He’s right, you can’t get your legs back, that’s not something anyone of us can do for you.  However, it is obvious that you have begun to suffer from severe pain and from health conditions related to your time in Vietnam.  Daniel can heal that.”  Whistler said calmly.


“What do I have to do?” Joe asked unable to believe he could be healthy again.


“Thanks kid.”  Joe said as Daniel healed his ailments. 


“You’re welcome Joe.”  Daniel said smiling gently.  “So we were having a party.”  Everyone cheered and got back to the celebration of life and the return of those they had lost.


Two hours later found Xander once again sitting alone watching as his friends and family celebrated the return of their lost.  Jack had yet to let go of Charlie or Sarah.  Xander could see the rest of Jack’s mates sticking as close as they could to celebrate the return of Charlie and the addition of Sarah.  To the rest of the world Charlie was kidnapped by Loki and a bad clone was placed in Jack and Sarah’s home to make them think that Charlie was dead.  To the rest of the world, Sarah and Jack never divorced instead Daniel returned through the stargate with Jack and met Sarah, Daniel helped them both to heal from the loss of Charlie and married them both within a year.  The others followed one by one.  The eight year old and Xander’s triplets were being read Bob the Builder and were giggling at the voices that Sarah was doing.


Willow was holding Amy’s hand, while Tara was holding Kennedy’s hand as Willow and Tara held hands in the middle of the four women.  Xander was happy to see that their lives merged together smoothly.   It also helped that not one of the four women was uneasy at the change.


Buffy was sitting on Jesse’s lap, talking to Joyce, Kendra, and Faith.  Janet was laughing at something both Cassie and Rodney were telling her.  Meanwhile nearby Warren and Jon were talking excitedly to Andrew, Radek, David Parrish, and Peter Grodin.


Cordy had a firm had on Doyle while he was plastered against Angel and Elizabeth Weir was talking to Simon, Anne, Allison, Whistler. And Miko. 


Ama and Anya had Graham, Evan, Ronon, and John as captive audiences as the two women spoke of the times they lived in before they were cursed or became a demoness.


All around him people were happy and settled among family and friends.  Richard Woolsey was joined by John as he left the others and sat beside the man.  Xander could tell the conversation wasn’t serious as both men started laughing.


Xander looked over as Merlin arrived.  “Enjoying the party?” Merlin asked with a genial smile.


Xander laughed softly and nodded, “I am.  So do you hate me for wiping out the Ancients?”  Xander asked abruptly.


“No they brought it on themselves.  Morrgain was constantly telling them that they were going to bring about their own destruction.  She was right.”  Merlin told the young man gently.


Xander nodded his understanding and then turned back to looking at his family and his friends.  He smiled again as he saw the fey child the O’Neill clan wanted to adopt with Sarah, with them was Vala and little Angelica and other they wanted to adopt.  Jack had told him earlier and Xander agreed whole heartedly with the idea and Giles had called someone to get the paperwork rolling.


“So how are you enjoying working with the Powers?” Xander asked.


“I am remarkably happy.  The Halliwell’s are remarkable women and we have already stopped one plan by a rogue Elder and the Avatars.  Destiny is of course throwing a fit for kicking her prediction to the curb.  Not that I care, destiny is what you make and break it to be.  You prove that my boy.”  Merlin told him cheerfully.  “Paige and Prue have decided to teach Morrgain and I about this modern world.”  Xander laughed at Merlin’s cheerful excitement.


“That should keep you busy for a while.” 


“Indeed.  Prue’s calling me, I have to go, but I will be around to visit.”


“Thanks have fun.”  Xander said as the Immortal being left.


John walked over to Xander and sat beside him.  “This is much better that the old reality.”  John said before kissing a surprised Xander.  “I was trapped in a time dilation field and ascended and descended twice before they could get me out.”  John told him with a wicked smirk.


Xander cracked up laughing and kissed John one more time.  “This is definitely better that the other reality.”  Xander said before kissing his tricky mate one more time.


The End

The End

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