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Another Bloody Christmas

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Summary: The season of reconciliation and hope finds the Winchesters -- Riley Finn and his wife Samantha.

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Supernatural > Riley-CenteredRaeBearFR1353,402061,44817 Sep 1117 Sep 11No

Chapter Five

Here ends my little 5 chapter series of stories. I hope I uploaded everything okay and that the story is okay... I would love reviews!

Disclaimer! I own nothing!

Chapter 5

Sam Winchester was good in a battle, decided Riley soon after it started. It was the three of them and a dozen or so vamps. It wasn’t over quickly – there was the usual ebb and flow of battle – but eventually the humans were dusting their hands off.

Riley pulled the first aid kit out of the trunk and they wiped blood off here and there. Samantha put a bandage on Sam’s face, above his left eyebrow, and then wrapped one around Riley’s left wrist. And they leaned against the truck for a few moments. “You guys could have handled this,” said Sam.

“It was easier with your help.”

Sam shrugged a bit. “What’s the deal? I thought you hated me. And I don’t blame you for that,” he added quickly.

“It wasn’t fair of me – of us,” said Samantha. “Since my grandmother died, my parents have been thinking of you and thinking it was time to reconnect. Heal.” She grabbed a bag from the back of the truck and put her bloody stake in it and held it out. They all put stakes in, moving around the trampled snow to pick up stuff other—normal—people shouldn’t find.

“See a good fight with vampires, that’s how we like to heal things,” said Riley.

They all laughed a bit.

“Glad Dean’s not here for the mushy stuff.”

More laughter.

“Samantha wife dear,” said Riley, his voice a little sarcastic. “Why didn’t your folks clue me in?”

“Why didn’t they clue us both in? They arrived while you were at the mall, and my parents just said that it was hard to reach them,” Samantha said. “And would they come or what shape would they be in?” Samantha shook her head. “When I saw Sam, I suddenly realized it wasn’t his fault, Jessica’s death. That anger was just gone. I can’t explain it.”

“Grace,” said Riley.


“Okay,” he said. But he looked at her sharply and clearly. “But that doesn’t mean we can trust them.”

“Standing right here, you know,” said Sam.

“I know,” said Samantha to both of them.

“You guys have been fighting evil for all these years alone,” said Samantha turning back to Sam.

“Yep. Hunting things. Helping people. It’s what we do.”

“Why don’t you join us? Maybe as civilian consultants? We can start slow and build up the trust and see how it goes. The sub-terrestrial forces could use the expertise. And you won’t be alone anymore. Part of a team.”

“With salaries and benefits and vacation days,” said Riley.

Sam Winchester looked at them, completely stunned.

“Just think it over. Talk to Dean. I’ll get you some documents and my number. It’s an open offer.”

And they all moved then, back into the truck and drove down though the silent night streets to the house, talking of music and weather. Sam had felt calm during the fight, but now his heart was pounding. To have a team. To have a place in the world. To be able to retire someday and have a pension. To have real medical care. Dean never worried about any of this stuff. He figured they would just die for good in a battle, and probably together, and with any luck go to heaven. Sam had worried about it, in the odd hours.

Well, whatever they decided, right here and now it was Christmas Eve and beautiful. He took a deep breath and fancied he smelled pine trees and maybe even frankincense.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Another Bloody Christmas" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Sep 11.

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