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The Zeppo Effect: A BTVS/ Mass Effect Tale

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Zeppo Effect". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A series of oneshots and vignettes about our favorite White Knight's quest to show the galaxy's newest hero how battling extinction level apocalypse is done with style ... well style and a little help from a few very, very powerful friends.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR153293,77130193117,58718 Sep 119 Jan 12Yes

Paramour Achievement Unlocked

AN- Thanks to Reikson for the help and support

Achievement Unlocked -- Asari Ally


Shepard looked up as the door to her quarters hissed open. She brightened up once she noticed that Liara was standing in the doorway. "Hey, Doc," she received the young Asari archaeologist cheerfully. "I was just thinking about you."

"I have also been thinking, Shepard," Liara replied quietly. "About you...about us."

"Us?" Shepard quirked an eyebrow in spite of herself. "That's bold."

"I've come to realize that a person has to BE bold," Liara mused aloud as she sidled up to the brunette commander. "It's the only way to get what you want."

A smile slowly made its way across Shepard's face. Standing up from her chair, she inclined her head just enough to meet Liara's gaze. "...and just what is it that you want, Doctor T'soni?"

"A few months ago, I thought I knew. Data disks and ancient ruins... that was my life, and it was a good one. But now, with this crew, and with you..." she now looked fascinated by an idea or image that only she could see. "I want to know so much more... I want to be so much more."

"What you are, is pretty damn amazing as it is." Shepard said quietly.

"I wasn't lying, back on the Presidium," Liara whispered. "Shepard, I owe you so much that love seems a petty return for all the good that you've brought to me."

"Liara, until I met you, all there was to me was a scary nickname and a nasty reputation that I hated." Shepard sighed, slumping down on her bed. "With you, I suddenly want be so much more than the Butcher of Torfan. I see how you look
at me, the way you talk about me, and... I want to be THAT person."

"You ARE a hero, Shepard," Liara insisted gently, sitting down next to Shepard. "Maybe you're not the hero that the galaxy wants, but you are the hero that we need, and you are all the hero that I could ever want and need."

Shepard sighed as Liara leaned into her arm. Turning to each other, they kissed for only the second time, holding each other close.

When they parted, unwilling to let each other go, the two of them simply stared at each other. Finally, Shepard managed, "H- how do we-"

Liara interrupted her, saying, "We do what comes naturally. As I told you, I will handle the... freaky, black-eyed thing, as you like to call it."

"I trust you, Liara." Shepard sighed, leaning in close to kiss her again

The Asari's eyes suddenly became deepest black as she replied in a whisper. "And as you trust me, Commander... embrace eternity."

And those two fateful words saw the blossoming beauty of Liara T'soni and Joan Shepard bonding their souls in the furnace of love.

And whatever else that either of them may become, whatever else the future might hold for them...

At least, for that night... there would only ever be Liara and Shepard.


Achievement Unlocked -– Soldier Ally

Xander sighed as he huddled under the sheet. He and Ashley had pooled their sheets and bedding to create a little nest, of sorts. Hookups were happening all across the ship, in every out-of-the-way nook and cranny on a ship the size of the Normandy.

"Well…" Ashley panted, from where she lay beside him. "…that's a new twist on 'on the floor and give me twenty,' don't you think?"

Xander peeked under the sheet and shuddered. "Don't you listen to her; you totally made it to forty."

Ashley sighed as she worked her shoulders. "I think I’ve got a few new battle scars, soldier," she grinned wickedly at him.

"What about me?" the immortal Scooby drawled. "I know you said that you could be a hellcat, but… wow." Then he grew pensive. "I think you may have bitten me, at the end there."

Ashley punched him in the arm, scowling. Then, once she saw a familiar stirring under the sheet, raised it to take a glance at what lay below.

"How the Hell are you still-" she sputtered, only to have Xander lean in and kiss her, hard.

When they parted for breath, he replied, "It's magic."

"You're kidding?" she groaned, slumping back onto her pillow.

"Actually, I am, and yet I'm not…" Xander shrugged.

"Okay, now I'm lost," the Gunnery Chief sighed.

"I'm not surprised," the Tech Sergeant deadpanned. When she punched him in the arm again for his little crack, he raised his hands in surrender, saying, "Okay, okay, let me explain."

Turning to lean on his side and face her, he said, "It's like this; you're a pretty strong girl. But you also have powered battle armor, which makes you even stronger, right?"

"Yeah, what's your point?" she frowned.

"But if powered armor makes you strong, why would you need to keep in shape and work out all the time?"

Ashley snorted. "Simple; you maintain physical strength, power, and endurance, so that you can wear the armor more comfortably. Plus, the better trained and physically adept you are, you can do more in it."

Then his answer hit her, as comprehension lit her eyes. "The better the shape that you're in, physically, the easier it is for your abilities to… do whatever it is they do to keep you alive and healthy, right?"

"As an explanation of a complex metaphysical concept goes?" Xander shrugged. "It's not too shabby."

"So… how did it happen exactly?" Ashley asked.

"Are you sure you want to hear the whole sordid story?" Xander asked. "It's not a tale for the faint of heart… there was tragedy, deceit, loves lost and friendships betrayed, singing and dancing."

"I'm fairly sure that I can handle the occasional showtune, now give."

"All right, all right,” he shrugged. Looking back up at the ceiling, he began his story. “It all started with Buffy and the day I first met her."

"Why her?"

"Unto every generation she is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampire, demons and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer. "

"You're kidding me."

"Nope. Get comfy, Ash, ‘cuz this story… you won’t believe a word of it, but I swear to you that everything is true and actually happened. I should know, ‘cuz I was there for almost all of it…"
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