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Withering Tigerlilies

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Summary: Being brought back from the dead is easy, going back to where it all began isn't. Inspired by the artwork and plot bunny of cloudleonsgurl.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredLadyofScottsFR1822,6675383,48618 Sep 1122 Jul 12No

Lion-Hearted Lily

Withering Tigerlilies

Disclaimer: I am making no money from the use of these characters and they belong to their creators. I'm only borrowing them for my personal entertainment.

Part two: Lion-Hearted Lily

Severus Snape was not a man prone to sentimentality but on this one day he would give himself a brief respite from the role he played. On this one day he allowed himself to be the man that Lily would have
wanted. Dressed in a casual wool jumper of forest green, black jeans, and a dark navy sailor's coat he transversed the crowed fair grounds just outside of Spinner's End. He walked amongst the muggles and remembered the twelve year old girl who had first introduced him to happiness and laughter.Later he would mourn as he always did but for now he smiled and pretended he was just a muggle and could go home to a peaceful life and a loving family. Severus pretended that his love was waiting for him somewhere on the grounds as she did when they were children.

Lily loved the autumn more than any other season. She would often remark that it had more character than any of the others. Spring and Summer were too bright, the colors too washed out by the glaringsun to really appreciate them but autumn had a subdued tone to it that brought all the colors out.

" The autumn is calm Severus, there's no rush to it like spring or summer, no frenzy to begin and end. It simply is. It knows it's place in the grand scheme of things and just accepts. It's like a wise old man that patiently watches all of his grandchildren playing and running just still and happy to bask in all thelife around him. Someday we'll be like that Severus old and watching our grandchildren play together we'll be wise and sure."

Lily had no idea how her words effected him. How he wished that she was talking about the children they'd have together someday. How he wished she saw him in the same light he saw her. To him she was his heart and salvation from the drudgery that was his home life. She was his light, his candle guiding him home.

Severus let the years of memories guide his feet as he navigated the fair watching the happy families. Fathers and mothers with indulgent smiles and laughter on their tongues and then he heard a soundthat he thought was forever silenced by his own jealousy and greedy ambition, her laugh, Lily's laugh.

Buffy now known as Elisabeth Lillian Giles and Dawn Summers-Giles were enjoying a rare night outtogether since their arrival in late June of the year. After coming to England Elisabeth seemed to drawinward even more for awhile. It got to the point that Giles called in a few of the witches from the Devon coven to examine her. Their findings were not good. Apparently Elisabeth's soul was fractured and in the process of what could be a rather long recovery both mentally and spiritually. Her past life was merging with present and according to the witches this tended to be painful depending on the past life. The more traumatic the more painful. Three nights of screaming and crying, massive body heavingsobs that had Giles and Dawn in tears themselves. After that months of flashbacks and pauses where Elisabeth was like soldier suffering PTSD and in a way she was. Lily Potter's life was not all flowers and happy times especially near the end. She and Giles had witnessed one sided arguments with a man named James and one with a man named Severus. Seen her rocking and singing to a child that wasn't there. It got to the point that Giles was considering sending her to a sanitarium. Then one morning she was was whole. She came traipsing down the stairs as if the past months hadn't happened or at least she pretended.
Right now it was a late October evening and they were enjoying some much needed sister time.

" Buffy why are we here?" Elisabeth raised a sculpted red eyebrow at Dawn.

Dawn rolled her eyes, "Elisabeth why are we here?"

"Please use my new name Dawn, after all Buffy Summers is dead to the Watchers Council andElisabeth Giles is Lord Rupert Giles' adopted daughter. We wouldn't want Travers to put two and two together. Having a slayer witch under his thumb would be too much of a temptation. I'm lucky he doesn't recognize me now."

Dawn nodded in agreement some days she didn't even recognize her own sister. Gone where the
blonde locks and the california princess accent. Now she rocked dark red hair and an upperclass
accent not to mention a more fiery disposition and a wicked wand arm worthy of any witch. The Devon witches explained that with the healing of her soul the powers from her former life would return with thememories of how to use them.

" And to answer your question I remember this festival. It feels good to be here, like coming home. I feel like I'm waiting for someone."

" Oooh waiting on your dream lover to show up or maybe that Severus guy.". Dawn teased. It felt
good to play again and even better to hear Buffy laugh again.


Severus ran in the direction of that blessed sound. Could it be? Could his prayers and dreams havecome true? Would she be waiting for him around the corner like in his fantasies? Logic told him that itwas impossible. The dead couldn't come back. He ran like a madman through the crowd hoping against hope to hear that joyous sound again to prove the fates wrong, to turn back time if only for a few fleeting moments. To see a familiar flash of red hair and green eyes.

"Lily!", he cried "Lily where are you?"


"Lily, Lily where are you?"

Elisabeth turned around to face the familiar voice and the whole world paused for just a second and the fates smiled. Destiny was rewritten with a single word.


Author note:
Okay I'm back and I hope everyone likes this installment. Severus wanted his part earlier than
expected so I said have at it. There's going to be plenty of flash backs so if you think I'm skimping on the details they are coming soon. As always read and review I look forward to hearing from you but flames will only be used to roast marshmallows.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Withering Tigerlilies" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jul 12.

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