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Semper Fidelis.

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Heartbreak Ridge xover; A major screw up sends Faith and her friend Mrs B to the Marines! Posted to ‘Recon Platoon’, the two women must help knock the young marines into shape in the weeks before the invasion of Nunca-Aterriza.

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Chapter One

Semper Fidelis.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the film ‘Heartbreak Ridge’. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with the movie ‘Heartbreak Ridge’.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar; Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Sequel to ‘To Fight For Uncle Sam’, set in August 2006.

Words: Eleven chapters of around 3000+ words.

Warnings: Some strong language and violence.

Summary; Heartbreak Ridge xover; A major screw up sends Faith and her friend Mrs B to the Marines! Posted to ‘Recon Platoon’, the two women must help knock the young marines into shape in the weeks before the invasion of Nunca-Aterriza.


A vacation in a foreign land
Uncle Sam does the best he can
You're in the army now
Oh, oh, you're in the army now

Status Quo; In the army.

A Bus, somewhere between Fort Leonard Wood and Camp Lejeune, August 2006.

Fighting against the soporific swaying of the bus and the drone of its engine, Faith pulled the envelope containing her orders from the bag lying between her feet. Easing the printed pages from the envelope she read them through once again just to make sure that they did in fact say what she thought they said; that she hadn’t somehow misread them and she wasn’t going to spend the next few months on a marine base. Shaking her head after she’d read the last line yet again, she replaced the documents into their envelope and put them back into her bag. Someone, somewhere, had screwed up big time, she’d seen some snafus in her time but this had to be the mother of all screw-ups.


No more ‘Direct Action’ (a more cosy euphemism for infantry combat, Faith had never heard) the army had told her after she’d been wounded for the third time. Okay, she’d been shot in the butt while she’d been taking a leak out in the desert, but it still counted as a combat injury. ‘The Brass’ had told her that it would be bad for the army’s ‘image’ if she got herself killed. As Iraq was a dangerous place and Faith appeared to attract ‘Direct Action’ like a bee to honey (Faith had actually used a different simile but we won’t go there) they offered her a choice. They told her that she could be invalided out of the service (on a very small pension) or she could transfer out to some posting that didn’t involve said ‘Direct Action’.

After taking several days to think this over, Faith had gone to her company commander, Captain Baron, and requested a transfer to the Military Police Corps. Captain Baron had expedited her transfer (honestly he’d not had to work too hard because the army top brass really wanted Faith out of Iraq soonest) and a couple of days later she was on a flight out of Iraq and on the first leg of her journey to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri where the MP’s had their training school. As she’d been getting herself comfortable for the long flight, Faith had sensed someone sit down in the seat next to hers. Looking up to see who she’d be sitting next to for the next several hours, Faith found herself looking into the face of a grinning and newly promoted Corporal Brenda Mitchell.

“Hi Staff Sergeant Lehane,” the little blonde drawled in her West Virgina accent, “sure is a surprise to see yuh here.”

“What the…!” Faith had whispered in surprise; Mrs B as Brenda was know, or just ‘B’ as Faith called her, had been Faith’s driver and squad-mate back in Iraq. “What the hell are ya doin’ here?” Faith demanded, “Not that I ain’t glad to see a friendly face an’all.”

“Oh, y’know,” Brenda made herself as comfortable as you could in the back of a military transport, “felt like a change of scenery so I asked The Duke (as Captain Baron was known to his troops) if I could go along with yuh. He seemed ta think it was a great idea,” the younger woman grinned, “said I could keep an eye on yuh an’ keep yuh outta trouble.”

“Bastard!” Faith cursed, before adding quickly, “Not you B, him, sneaky bastard.”

“That’s why he’s a Captain,” Brenda pointed out, “an' we all ain’t.”

Oh-yes, Captain ‘The Duke’ Baron was one sneaky son of a bitch, he’d obviously seen through Faith’s plan of transferring to the MP’s. Once she’d finished training she’d get herself sent back to Iraq where she’d no doubt get herself involved in more direct action. The thing was she enjoyed combat, she’d worried that there might be something wrong with her after the first time she’d got mixed up in a fire fight. But her love of fighting didn’t seem to cross over into her non-combat time. When she wasn’t in combat she liked messing around with her buddies, drinking a few beers and maybe screwing around with some hot guy (or girl if there wasn’t a guy available) just like everyone else.

It was only when the bullets started to fly that whatever it was inside her that made her like she was rose up and she became a single-minded killing machine. Of course her ‘superstrength’ and her other weird ‘superpowers’ that she’d never actually got ‘round to mentioning to the army, helped. Having no past much before she’d enlisted, Faith often speculated on what she was; was she some freak of nature? Or was she the result of some super secret government experiment? Whatever the truth she rarely gave it much thought and never let it worry her for long. The Army gave her all the family and purpose in life that she craved.


The bus jerked to a stop and Faith looked up and around, it was starting to get dark and it was only mid-afternoon, there were big dark clouds gathering on the horizon. There’d be a storm before the day was out. The bus was supposed to reach Jacksonville at about ten-thirty that night; Faith hoped they wouldn’t be delayed.

Hearing the door open, Faith looked down the aisle towards the front of the bus to see who was getting on, all the while praying that it wouldn’t be anyone with a pack of screaming kids. Instead of screaming children, Faith watched as a tall marine climbed aboard and showed the driver his ticket. Making his way down the length of the bus, the marine caught sight of Faith looking at him, he nodded to her as he sat down in a spare seat on the opposite side of the aisle from her.

Now he was close, Faith could get a good look at the man, he was old, way old. His short, buzz cut hair was almost completely grey; he had a long scar on his forehead and another on the left side of his neck. The front of his uniform shirt was covered in medal ribbons and combat badges all topped off by the light blue ribbon and tiny stars of a Congressional Medal of Honour. The ‘Gunnery Sergeant’ and long service strips on the sleeve of his shirt told Faith that this guy was a real old fashioned ‘ass in the grass’ marine.

Normally Faith didn’t like marines, a little incident in Kuwait, back when she’d been a corporal, had kind of soured her opinion of the entire USMC. This guy, however, she felt naturally comfortable with, he’d seen more combat than she ever would and… Faith found herself smiling, he sorta felt…fatherly. What Faith really craved above everything else and sometimes she even admitted it to herself, was the love and approval of a father figure.

“Tom Highway.”

Faith snapped back to the here and now to see the marine had turned in his seat to face her and was holding out his hand to her.

“Erm,” Faith hesitated while she desperately tried to remember what her name was, “Faith, Faith Lehane,” Faith eventually replied.

“Pleased to meet you Sergeant Lehane,” Highways voice was like gravel, more of a loud whisper than a normal voice, “Who’s your friend?”

Turning, Faith looked down at where Brenda’s head rested against her shoulder as she snored quietly with her mouth open.

“This sorry excuse for a soldier,” Faith gently moved Brenda’s head until it was resting against the window, “is Corporal Brenda Mitchell.”

“You both MP’s?” Highway nodded to the badge on the shoulder of Faith’s shirt.

“Sure are,” Faith shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she was starting to get that tingly, feeling between her legs that told her she wanted to screw the old guy. “Newly minted just left Fort Leonard Wood yesterday,” she shrugged her shoulders as she tried to control her lustful urges, screwing this guy would be like screwing her father…another thought struck her as she nervously smoothed down her skirt; he could actually be her father or even her grandfather!

“You’ve seen some action,” Highway nodded to the medal ribbons on Faith’s blouse, “that the Silver and Bronze Stars there?”

“Hey,” Faith smiled and felt like a twelve year old who’d been praised by her teacher for doing some good work or something, “not as much as you, Gunney.”

Oh-god! Faith thought, now we’re playing, ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’, she told herself to change the subject.

“So where’re you heading, Gunney?” Faith felt she was on safe ground here.

“Camp Lejeune, North Carolina,” Highway explained, “I’m joining the new Marine Regiment that’s forming there.”

“Shit!” Faith gasped quietly, “No way! That’s where B an’ m’self are headin’.”

“Say what?” Highway frowned, “What are two female, army MP’s doing heading for a Marine base?”

“Damned if I know?” Faith shrugged her shoulder, “Best I can work out is someone made a big mistake at the Pentagon, but that’s what our orders say. Maybe there’s another Staff Sergeant F Lehane somewhere that should have gone instead of me, but…” Faith glanced at Brenda who was just starting to wake up, “One mistake I could believe, but two…?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Highway nodded his head in sympathy.

“Well hi there, Mr Marine, sir!” Brenda laid on the ‘Southern Belle’ act as soon as she caught sight of who Faith was talking to.

“Easy soldier,” Faith warned quietly; she could see that Highway was just about to say something which was probably uncomplimentary to the army and short blonde corporals in particular until he spotted the ribbon for the Bronze Star on Brenda’s blouse.

“Corporal,” Highway nodded in her direction before returning his gaze back to Faith, “Which unit are you reporting to?”

“First Battalion, Twelfth Marine Regiment,” Faith replied without having to check her documents.

“That’s where I’m headed,” Highway replied slowly, “look, I know the Sergeant-Major of First Battalion, he’s a good man, report to him and he’ll get this all squared away and have you heading to where you’re supposed to be by the end of the day. When do you report?”

“Zero-nine-hundred, tomorrow,” Faith informed Highway.

“I’ll probably see you there,” with that Gunney Highway excused himself, settled into his seat, closed his eyes and went to sleep.


The bus sped on as the rain lashed down from a blacked sky, Faith checked her watch it was only about seven o’clock but it felt more like midnight. B and herself had been talking in a desultory fashion about why the army were sending them to the marines. A nasty thought had crossed Faith’s mind. What if it wasn’t a screw up? What if it was all official and the army really did want them to spend the next few months with the marines?

“Maybe,” Brenda suggested slowly, “maybe it’s some sorta idea some asshole’s come up with to improve relations between us army girls an’ these here marine grunts.”

Faith raised a sceptical eyebrow.

“Yuh got a better idea?” Brenda wanted to know.

“No,” Faith finally admitted; what Brenda had said might well be true, but in that case why hadn’t anyone bothered to brief them on what they were supposed to do?

Sitting back in her seat, Faith sighed, you could go insane trying to work out what the army wanted you to do. Like, they’d trained her to fight and then got cold feet when she was too good at it.


Waking up with a start, Faith opened her eyes and looked around, she’d been dreaming; she’d been lying wounded in a ditch next to a road in Iraq. There were burning trucks and firing all around. Looking up she’d seen the Iraqi insurgent standing over her pointing his rifle at her head and grinning down at her. When this had happened in real life, she’d shot the bastard’s balls off (literally) with her sidearm. In her dream she’d been paralysed and couldn’t lift her pistol to fire, the Iraqi had pulled his trigger just as she’d woken up.

“You okay, Slay?” Brenda asked using Faith’s nickname.

“Yeah,” Faith shook her head trying to clear it of the visions of smoke, flame and Iraqi insurgents, “just a bad dream, what’s goin’ on?”

“Just picked up another passenger,” Brenda told her, “you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, don’t fuss,” Faith wasn’t quite awake yet so she snapped at her friend, “I swear you’re like a mother hen sometimes…” Faith paused and took a deep breath and let it our slowly, “Sorry, I snapped.”

“That’s okay, Staff Sergeant,” from the tone of Brenda’s voice Faith could tell that it wasn’t ‘okay’.

“Look I’m sorry, B,” Faith whispered urgently, “don’t get mad at me, please.”

“Okay,” Brenda’s voice became lighter as she turned to look at Faith, “you’re forgiven…this time.”

Relieved, Faith looked up to see a young guy with a guitar case make his way down the bus. He wore jeans and a black, leather, biker jacket decorated with studs and the word ‘Stitch’ painted on the left breast, the red bandana around his head informed Faith that he was a complete asshole as well as being soaking wet.

Watching him out of the corner of her eye Faith saw him put his guitar case on the rack above the seats. Next he reached across Gunney Highway’s sleeping body and Faith thought he was going to try and steal something from the marine. Just as she was reaching so she could rip the asshole’s balls off, Highway woke up and grabbed guitar-guy by the throat. Smiling her approval, Faith relaxed and settled back into her seat and closed her eyes; she started to feel the yearning low in her belly as she imagined Highway’s hands on her body and…

“Stick y’tongue back in y’mouth an’ stop drooling,” Brenda advised her quietly, “that’s not the sort of example yuh senior non-coms should be setting to us lowly troops.”


Eventually the bus arrived in Jacksonville, it was even early. After collecting their gear from the cargo compartment, Faith and Brenda stood around in the bus station and wondered where they should go.

“What do we do now Sergeant?” Brenda looked just a little forlorn standing there in her uniform with her suitcase and kit bag lying at her feet.

“Well,” Faith realised it was time for her to make a command decision, “we’d don’t have to be at Lejeune until tomorrow morning. What say we find a motel or somethin’?”

“Sounds good to me,” Brenda agreed, “but where’s the nearest motel?”

“Don’t know,” Faith looked around and realised that now the bus had gone, apart from a tramp on the other side of the station they were the only people around; she immediately started to feel uncomfortable, the dull ache in her stomach that was so like period cramps but wasn’t was telling her there was trouble close by, “Stay loose,” Faith warned Brenda quietly. Stepping away from Brenda and their gear, Faith looked around just in time to see one of the blood sucking things that seemed to plague her life since that first time in Iraq, come up behind Brenda.

“Hold it right there, asshole,” Faith stepped forward and pushed Brenda to one side, “No one ever told you you’re supposed to support the troops? Biting ‘em on the neck is unpatriotic!”

Snarling, the man with the animalistic face forgot about Brenda and jumped at Faith who parried the attack and was about to kick the thing’s legs out from under it when she realised she couldn’t get her leg up high enough.

“Vanity, vanity your name is Lehane!” Faith changed her attack to one that involved slashing her attacker across the throat with the edge of her hand; these things didn’t need to breathe so it wouldn’t stop it for long, but it would slow the monster down.

The thing was, Faith loved wearing her class ‘B’ skirt almost as much as she loved wearing her camouflage combat uniform. The skirt made her feel both smart and feminine, but unfortunately it stopped her kicking things that attacked her like just now. The monster recovered quickly as Faith had assumed it would and came at her again. Quickly and efficiently, she parried its attack and managed to get a hold of its head. Twisting the creature’s head violently to the right, Faith was gratified to hear the monster’s neck snap, she stood back so as not to get the ash-like stuff that these bloodsuckers turned into once they were dead on her uniform.

“Shit, Slay,” Brenda stood next to Faith looking down at the pile of ash on the floor, “these creeps are everywhere.”

Brenda had seen more than her fair share of weirdness since Faith had joined the unit she was in back in Iraq. There’d been the zombie guys she’d run over with her Hummer who’d then come back to life and tried to eat everyone’s brains. Next there’d been the time they’d found that Captain Finn guy out in the desert and been attacked by those weird Hellhound things, since then odd stuff always seemed to happen around Faith and Brenda sort of got caught up in the fallout. But, she was Faith’s friend so she’d take the rough with the smooth and try not to get killed.

“Looks like,” Faith agreed as she glanced around the bus station; the cramps were gone now and she felt relaxed and slightly horny, “Ya know, B,” Faith looked at her buddy, “we’re really gonna have to find away of warning other army girls about these things.”

“Can we do that tomorrow?” Brenda asked, “I need a good hot shower and a nice big, soft bed would be good too.”

“Yeah,” Faith agreed, “lets find a taxi the driver’ll probably know somewhere good.”

Picking up their gear the two women headed out of the bus station in search of a cab and somewhere to rest their heads for the night. As they walked out of the station onto the street, Faith got a feeling like there was someone watching her, she glanced over her shoulder but she saw nothing. Shrugging she ran a couple of steps and caught up with Brenda and thought no more about it.

About thirty yards away, a teenage girl stood in the shadows and watched as Faith walked out onto the street. Taking the cellphone from the pocket of her tight jeans she opened it up, touched a button and put the instrument to her ear, she waited a few moments before she spoke.

“Hello? Weasely?” The girl pursed her lips as someone replied, “Sorry, Wesley, of course it’s Rona! Who else is it gonna be?” again the girl paused, “Look will you stop flapping your lips an’ let me speak?” Another short pause followed as Rona listened and rolled her eyes heavenward, “Look never mind about that, listen…looks like there’s a new slayer in town!”

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