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At The End

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Summary: Both dying before their time, two heroes meet each other on the threshold of Valhalla.

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Marvel Universe > Ultimate UniverseLetsRandomFR711,0201122,47119 Sep 1119 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or anything Marvel. The introduction is borrowed from Ultimate Fallout.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for Ultimate Universe up until now (to be fair Marvel spoils more with their arc titles) and Buffy up until season 5.

If they are noble. If they have courage...Then there is a place where they can find favour in Asgard and with Odin himself. But be warned, of men, not many are able to complete this journey. The path is plagued with deceit... ... And the inevitable death that comes to those that stray. But some make it. The Valiant. The Bold. For those few... there is a great hall. For those faithful, there is providence. For the heroes... there is Valhalla. And there—in that place—legends never die.

The pain was gone. Opening her eyes, Buffy took in the great entrance hall before her. Standing in front of her stood a ridiculously dressed teen clad in a blue and red spandex suit.

“Welcome to Valhalla” the youth spoke.

“Val-huh?” Buffy asked. Her mind was still trying to piece together where she was and what exactly was going on. The last thing she remembered was excruciating pain after her swan dive...

“DAWN!” Buffy screamed, looking around wildly.

The youth raised his hand in a soothing gesture, “Relax, everything is fine. You're safe. Everyone you care for is safe.”

Feeling the truth in his words, Buffy still had to ask, “How do you know?”

“I just do,” spandex-kid replied with a simple shrug. Giving Buffy a pointed look he continued, “And so do you.”

“They can't just be, but the portal, and Glory, and...” Buffy felt the past year come back to overwhelm her. Tears left warm tracks down her face as she broke down in front of a complete stranger. After a brief moment, Buffy felt warm arms wrap her in a fierce hug.

“It's OK now, you've done your part. Now you can rest.”

“But what about Dawn? And Xander? Willow? Giles? Why can't I just go see them.”

Lifting Buffy's eyes so that eye contact was established, the young man replied, “You died, you can't ever go back. But know this, the death of a true hero protects their loved ones and everyone you loved is safe.”

Feeling her tears slow, Buffy asked, “How can you be so sure?”

“I've asked the question before too,” the youth explained, “Apparently heroic sacrifices can imbue mystical protection.”

“Mystical - Huh?”

“'A power he knows not'... ring any bells?” the youth asked and then sighed, “No J.K. Rowling where you're from?”

“Again with the huh?”

“The point is your loved ones are safe,” the youth intoned.

Closing her eyes, Buffy took a moment to gather herself and examine her situation. What he was saying made sense. Everyone was safe; there was no evidence of how or why, she just knew. Taking a deep breath, Buffy smiled her first genuine smile in what felt like ages and offered her hand.

“Hi my name is Buffy Summers, nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure's all mine, “ he replied shaking her hand, “Peter Parker.”

“Aren't you kinda young to be drinking beer?” Buffy asked.

“Who me?” Peter gestured to himself, “There's no drinking age in Valhalla. Besides beer does to you what you want it to do. One of those perks of dying I suppose.”

Buffy's eye's widened momentarily, “Can it make you taller?”

Peter laughed, “No it can't. My beer just tastes like root beer with a lot more zing in it.”

Filling a tankard, spider-man offered Buffy the drink. Buffy stared at the drink contemplating her options.

In the end Buffy found herself shaking her head, “Beer bad.”

“I sense a story along with that comment....”

Buffy found tankards thrust strongly towards her by more than one set of hands.

“So... you swung around New York, known as Spider-man...” Buffy began.

Peter grimaced, knowing Buffy much too well these days, “Yes.”

“The whole time being spidey-like?”


“Fought other people dressed up like animals.”

A brief pause, “Yes.”

“Pretty much let the whole world know the source of your powers?”

After a pained and pregnant pause, “Yes.”

Buffy smiled innocently, “Any villain try using Raid?”

“So Buffy,” Peter began.

“Yes Peter?” Buff replied.

“You were The Vampire Slayer.”


“So your role was to slay all the things that go bump in the night, like vampires?”

Buffy warily replied, “Yes.”

“You went out on a regular basis to slay vampires?”

A brief pause, “Yes.”

“And you got intimately involved with this... Angel?”

After a pained and pregnant pause, “Yes.”

Peter smirked, “Anyone ever call you the Vampire-Layer afterwards?”

Peter instantly regretted the jibe when a fist connected with his shoulder. Hard.

“You're too punny for your own good,” Buffy explained, “I feel bad for every villain you fought.”


“So you and wolvie swapped bodies?...”

“Yeah... about that...”

“Did he smell? I bet his body smelled like something terrible.”

“I was more concerned with the metal claws sticking into my body.”

“Those would have made the slayage so easy back in Sunnyhell.”

“The vamps would smell you coming from a mile away.”


“I can hear you kiddies!” a gruff voiced yelled.

Widening her eyes in mock terror Buffy intoned, “Wolvie's mad.”

“... and that's how it ended. MJ, Aunt May, everyone safe.”

“And you died.”

“Yeah I died.”

“I don't know if leaving Dawn behind was the best-”

“Buffy you saved the world, leave it at that.”

“I'm glad I met you Buffy.”

“Same here Petey.”

“It's a shame I'm a one girl man at heart.”

“MJ would be glad to hear that.”

“But we have something else.”

“Oh, like what?”

“How does 'comrades from alternate dimensions' sound?”

“You're a dweeb.”

“Shut up.”

“I suggest friends.”



And then suddenly, Buffy was gone.

AN: I may be turning this into the beginning of a new series, but it all depends on feedback. How about teen Peter Parker at Sunnydale High? Also I know I have another main WIP and I'll get back to it once my inspiration returns. With the beginning of new tv season I hope it happens soon!.

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The End

You have reached the end of "At The End". This story is complete.

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