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Dark Secrets

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Summary: The return of Harry’s twin sister causes shock and anger, as does her refusal to say where she has been for the last year. Now together once more they must fight to survive the darkness to come. Based on an idea from Cloudleonsgurl

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Chapter One

Dark Secrets

Authors: Razial and Hawklan

 Dark Secrets

Beta: None this time, just ourselves so feel free to point out errors we missed, so that we can fix them.

Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters connected to the books or films as they belong to J.K. Rowling, we also don't own Doctor Who or Torchwood as it and everything connected to it belongs to whoever currently owns the rights to it. Finally we don't own the character of Forest Potter as she belongs to the person who created it our friend and fanart creator cloudleonsgurl.

Notes: This entire story is based on the wonderful ideas of Cloudleonsgurl, however we're only using some of the full plot behind this idea and keeping it in the HP universe with only some small bits of Doctor Who. We hope she will enjoy what we've come up with. We're using the Tenth Doctor for this story as we're not keen on the new one. His personal timeline for this will be after the end of the forth season and before the one off specials they did. We've also added a middle name for Forest and thus her full name is Forest Selene Potter.

Note2: This fic picks up on Cloud's idea as did the one of RubyPaladin's story. To get confusion out of the way: This is stand alone story and has nothing to do with Ruby's Forrest story. Go out and read her fic as well and enjoy a great story.

Summary: The return of Harry's twin sister causes shock and anger, as does her refusal to say where she has been for the last year. Now together once more they must fight to survive the darkness to come.



A big thank you to cloudleonsgurl for her fanart. You can find this one and other great ones here:

Chapter 1

(Privet Drive)

The silence of the night was broken by the sound of something arriving. No one paid it any heed, just as no one ever does. A few moments later the Tardis finished materializing and the door swung open to allow a young woman to step out of it. She had beautiful red hair and green eyes that quickly turned to meet those of the man who had been her companion and teacher for the last year. He stood taller than her and had brown hair which was slightly spiked and brown eyes that seemed to pull you in. You could almost see the many wonderful and terrible things he had seen in his long life if you looked close enough.

"Are you sure you want to do this Forest?" the Doctor inquired. "What you plan is dangerous. Messing with time is not a good idea," he warned, knowing it was pointless to argue with her but figuring he had to try it one more time.

"I know Doctor," Forest said, nodding her head knowing he was right but seeing no other way she said, "But he is my brother, my twin and I have to save him," she stated. "I have to try or everything I saw will come true and he will die in agony," she all but whispered.

The Doctor let out a sigh knowing it had been a bad idea to show Forest her brother's future, but he had not been able to resist her request. It seemed as he got older he had begun to take more risks. He had done the same with Rose when he had allowed her to see her father before he had died. That adventure had almost caused all life on Earth to be wiped out as Rose had not been able to stop herself interfering. Thankfully this time her brother's fate was not set in stone and thus could be changed. Still it was a big risk and he was worried how far Forest would go to save her brother and what the consequences of her actions would be.

"You realise you could make things worse and not just for Harry, but for your world as well?" he reminded her.

"I know that as well Doctor, but you have to understand Harry is all I have left," Forest responded heatedly. "He is all the family I have and more than that he is my twin and if you have ever known any twins before you would know there is a special bond between them which runs deeper than most normal siblings," she told him. "I will save him," she swore.

The Doctor gave her an understanding smile even if he did not fully believe she understood what kind of undertaking she had started. He pulled her into a small hug hating that this was goodbye. Another companion was leaving him and he would be alone again, still at least this time he could still visit. Letting go he pulled away and reached into his coat pocket, he pulled a couple of things out and handed them to Forest.

"Take these," he said. "The necklace will ensure no one can read your mind and thus steal the information of where you have been and what you know from you," he explained. "The ring will give you a small layer of protection against magic, but don't rely on it too much and I've given you another for Harry as well," he continued gaining a grateful smile from Forest. "The key will allow you to summon me back if you really need me. All you have to do is hold it and whisper my name and the Tardis will bring me to you. It is an old way of summoning me but I figure no one will pay attention to a key," he told her with a smile of his own. "I also gave you a piece of paper with the number for Torchwood and a friend of mine called Captain Jack Harkness. Use it if you need help as he is based in Cardiff and can get here quickly to aide you," he added. "I'll let him know to expect a call and to help if you do," he finished.

"Thank you Doctor," Forest finally told him after a few seconds. "I know you don't exactly approve of what I'm about to attempt, but I am grateful for your help," she added.

"Family is family Forest and if I could, believe me I would try and save my own people, but I can't," the Doctor told her with a sad smile as his eyes took on a haunted look. "The events of the time war are forever locked to me. They're gone and they are never coming back," he told her while doing his best not to think of the real reason why it was impossible to save his people. Of the horror of seeing them corrupted by the war, willing to destroy all life to save their own existence. No, best not to dwell on that, he liked to remember them as they were before the war.

"Never say never, Doctor," Forest said gently, placing a hand on his arm and drawing him out of his memories. "If it is one thing that I've learned with you is, that nothing is impossible," she reminded him. She glanced at her watch and noted it was almost time to leave. She noted the Doctor looked sadder and she guessed he knew it was time to part ways as well. "This isn't goodbye Doctor, I am sure we will see each other again," she said with as much conviction as she could.

"I agree, I wish you luck Forest," the Doctor finally responded. "Just be careful and if you need me then call and I will come," he reminded her before giving her one last hug and then he stepped back into the Tardis.

He leaned against the door and did his best to fight the sadness he felt at parting with yet another friend. For some reason they never seem to stay long anymore. He grew to care about them and then they leave. It was getting more and more painful. Outside Forest placed her hand on the Tardis door and whispered another goodbye before she turned and ran. She had little time to reach her brother and save him from his possible death. She paused and spun as she heard the Tardis began to fade. She felt like she had been hit with a hammer at seeing it leave without her, but she knew in her heart this had to be. Once the Tardis was gone she turned and continued to run, hoping she would be in time to save Harry.


(Park, near Privet Drive)

Harry Potter looked up as the clouds suddenly darkened and it went cold, far colder than should be normal. Infact he suddenly realised where he had felt this particular feeling before. He backed away from Dudley and his gang as he concluded they were in terrible danger. Dudley's gang broke first and ran, while Dudley was almost frozen in fear, but he managed to get him moving. They both ran as hard as they could as the coldness increased. It was like a chill moving up their spines Dudley was panicking and kept shouting at him to stop it. Like he had the power to do something like this, his muggle relatives had some stupid ideas about his powers and what he could do with them.

They finally came to an underpass and both tripped over each other. Harry attempted to pull his wand, but as he pointed it forward a Dementor smashed into him and slammed him into the wall. His wand dropped to the ground as another Dementor came for Dudley. Both struggled against the grips of the creatures holding them. Just as it leaned in to deliver its deadly kiss a voice, he recognised but hadn't heard in a year, shouted the Patronus curse and drove the Dementors off.

He dropped to the ground and grabbed his own wand and shouted his own Patronus. His stag raced to join the lynx that belonged to only one person he knew, his twin sister. He could barely believe she was standing just behind him, but for now he focused on driving the horrid creatures away. Finally they retreated and vanished. Harry quickly moved to check on their cousin and was relieved to find he was alive and that was more than he had hoped.

"Are you okay Harry?" Forest inquired as she knelt next to him and did her best not to flinch at the sudden angry look her twin shot her. His green eyes were so very like her own and their mother and yet they were almost flashing like the killing curse.

"Where the hell have you been Selene?" Harry all but demanded to know, unable to hold back the tide of anger he felt at his twin at leaving him alone for a whole year. He had almost given her up for dead. Her missing presence had almost been like a physical wound in his chest.

Forest looked away unsure how to really answer that question right now, she could not tell him the whole truth, not yet. He wasn't ready and his first response would be to tell Dumbledore and one thing she knew for sure was that the old headmaster couldn't be told the truth. He had plans of his own for her and Harry, plans that were not fully in their best interest. She had seen that in the future with the Doctor, while he wasn't evil like Voldemort the old man was not fully good either.

His one defining interest was keeping the Wizarding World as it was. He talked of change and other such things, but he was just as much steeped in pure blood traditions as the major dark families were. He believed purebloods were necessary to keep the Wizarding World strong, thus he would do all he could to keep as many of the old families alive in some fashion.

"Selene?" Harry's angry voice snapped her out of her thoughts and made her meet his gaze again.

No one called her by her middle name, but Harry. He was the only one she would allow to call her Selene. It was something he had always done. Noting he was still waiting for her answer she let out a sigh knowing her answer was not going to go down to well.

"I can't tell you that Harry, at least not yet," she finally responded noting his gaze grow more angry. "I swear to you Harry I will tell you, but in the fullness of time. You are not ready for the answers, but I have come back to help you," she told him.

"Do you have any idea what I went through last year? What I witnessed?" Harry said with a glare that almost made Forest feel as if he was trying to burn a hole through her head. "Do you have any idea of the horrors I saw? How close I came to dying and the nightmares it caused afterwards?" He continued to rant both unaware of someone walking towards them.

Forest felt tears sting her eyes as she heard the agony in her twin's voice. She did the only thing she could think of and pulled him into an embrace. He fought her at first, but she persisted and finally he collapsed against her and held onto her tightly. She had known Harry would be angry with her for leaving, but she'd had no real idea what she had left him to face alone. She could feel his pain as if it was her own. ‘What had she done?' she asked herself.

"I'm sorry Harry," she whispered. "I didn't know, I swear I didn't know," she told him and that was the truth. She had seen his future, but not his past, in hindsight that was an error.

Considering the dangers of the first three years of their Hogwarts education, she guessed she should have expected their forth to be more of the same. Only from the sounds of what he had said, it had been much worse than before. She held him tighter as he struggled to regain control of himself, the sounds of someone behind them finally registered and they both spun with their wands out until they noted it was Arabella Figg. A crazy old woman who lived across from them on Privet Drive, they quickly tried to hide their wands.

"Don't put them away you silly children," her response to their actions shocked them both. "The Dementors could come back," she warned them as she moved closer. "Now get that great lump up and follow me, keep your eyes open," she added.

She waited until they had Dudley up and leaned against them both and then she led them back to Privet Drive. Forest noted she kept glancing at her with worry and confusion and she guessed she was wondering where she had been and why she had come back now.

"How do you know about Dementors, Mrs. Figg?" Harry inquired as they walked his tone one of confusion.

"I'm a squib and was sent here to keep an eye on you both," Arabella answered as she did her best not to let her fear of the creatures show. "Dumbledore asked me to watch over you," she added not noticing the angry scowl this answer caused in Harry.

"And you never said anything, neither did he," Harry spat. "That means he knew how the Dursleys treated us and he did nothing," he raged.

But Mrs. Figg ignored his outrage and continued to lead them down the street only to pause as she noted the Order member on guard duty was missing. She cursed Mundungus Fletcher for abandoning his post and swore to inform Dumbledore.

"Now get inside and stay there and you girl better have a good reason for running away for a year," Arabella said, turning to face them. "Dumbledore will want to know what you've been up too, so you better have a good explanation," she added with a frown.

Forest ignored the old woman's words even though she knew what she said was true. The old man would want to know where she had been, but if things went as planned then he would never know. Turing away she and Harry helped Dudley inside, this was a reunion Forest was not looking forward too as she did not like her relatives anymore than Harry did. She was certain they would not be pleased by her return, not that she cared too much about their reactions.

Of course as expected the Dursleys reactions were one of anger, accusation and stupidity. They threatened to throw them both onto the street until a howler arrived, and seemed to give some kind of warning that made their aunt reconsider. As they were ordered upstairs another letter arrived. This time from the Ministry of Magic basically stating they would be attending a hearing about their supposed misuse of magic and that they were been suspended from attending Hogwarts until the matter was settled. Finally a third letter arrived much to their uncles displeasure, this time it was from Remus ordering them to stay at the house and that Dumbledore was trying to sort out everything.

"Bloody Owls," Vernon Dursley spat as he shooed them out of the house. "I have had enough of you both, now get upstairs and stay there and do not let me see either of you again until I call for you," he ordered, as he glared at them both. "We are going to take Dudley to the hospital. I don't want any trouble from you while we are gone. Is that understood, you brats?" he demanded his face almost purple in rage.

"Yes uncle Vernon," Harry and Forest responded at the same time before they turned to head upstairs.

"And when we get back we will be discussing your little disappearing act, is that understood?" Petunia added, as she watched them leave with an annoyed look on her face. Forest just paused and nodded her head in agreement before following Harry up to what had been their room.

They waited until their relatives were gone before sitting down on the bed and trying to work out how to discuss what had happened. Harry still felt anger at what he saw as been abandoned by his twin. Forest could see this in his eyes, she should have realised he would not take her vanishing for a year well. But the idea of traveling with the Doctor, of seeing the wonders of the universe and even going backwards and forwards in time had blinded her to that. Still because she had gone with the Doctor, she had the chance of saving her brother's life and ensuring he lived to destroy Voldemort.

"Why?" Harry finally asked. "Why did you leave me, Selene?" he added his tone still angry, but this time far more subdued than before.

Forest let out a sigh as she stared at her twin wondering what to say. "I need you to trust me Harry. I will answer your questions in time, but for now all I can say is that it was important," she finally told him. "I swear to you Harry I'm here to help you survive and I will never turn my back on you again," she promised.

Harry stared at her for a few minutes before he nodded his head in agreement, he could never see his sister harming him. He believed what she had said, hopefully when she did give him the answers he sought they would show that what she was saying was the truth. Suddenly they both heard noises from downstairs and they both pulled their wands and faced the door. A few seconds later the door opened to reveal a group of Witches and Wizards standing outside who were all pointing their wands at them.

"Hello Harry," Remus Lupin's voice surprised them as he stepped forward. "Forest, I must say I am surprised to see you. Many of us thought you dead," he added as he gazed at the young woman which stood by Harry's side.

"I'm sure somehow the headmaster was not one of them," Forest responded. "It is good to see you again, professor," she added with a small smile.

"Wait a minute, how do we know you're really Remus Lupin?" Harry asked, moving slightly infront of his sister and aiming his wand at the man. "For all we know you could be a polijuiced impostor like Crouch Jr.," he stated with a glare as one of the wizards who he recognised as Mad Eye Moody chuckled to himself.

"He's got a good head on his shoulders at least," Moody said with approval.

"I agree," Remus responded with a smile of his own. "To answer your question Harry I am Remus Lupin. I know the code to access the Marauder's Map which is ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good and also that my nickname is Moony and I helped create the map," he added.

Harry nodded his head and lowered his wand relieved to see the person in front of him was really his friend.

Forest on the other hand still held her wand pointed at him. "All good Professor and it even looks like it was enough for my brother, but frankly every Death Eater could have told us that as well. Wormtail works for Tom and so every Death Eater probably knows what you have told us as well. So try again," she said.

Moody grinned and looked at Remus. "She got you there, bright girl," he said.

Remus shrugged and said, "Good point. While I was teaching you in DADA I showed the class a Bogart. Everyone had a go at it expect you two. We tried that later in private. Your Bogart turned into Dracula, as he was played by like Christopher Lee."

Now satisfied Forest lowered her wand as well.

"We are here to take you both to headquarters. Tonks here will help you pack your things," Remus informed them before turning to Forest. "I'm afraid I have to ask for your wand Forest. Dumbledore's orders until we can settle the matter on where you've been for the past year," he told her.

"No," Forest responded, instantly on alert and relieved she had put the necklace the Doctor had given her on so no one would be able to read her mind.

"Hand it over girl," Moody growled as he reached for his own wand, but Harry was faster and quickly had his own wand trained on the group as Forest brought her own up.

"Harry, please understand, your sister has been missing all year and suddenly shows up just after Voldemort has returned," Remus explained. "The headmaster is worried that your sister may have sold you out," he reluctantly added. "We need to know where she has been and what she has been up to," he stated.

"I would rather die than betray my twin and the idea I would aide the bastard who killed our parents is even more outrageous," Forest all but spat. "The headmaster must be losing his marbles if he truly believes this," she continued. "I will not turn my wand over to any of you, nor can you force me," she added, although she knew that was not exactly true but she was betting none of the people in front of her would try force to relieve her of her wand.

"The first one of you to attempt to force it from her will be put down by me," Harry warned them, stepping in before this could degenerate into a pointless fight. "My sister would never betray me. She saved mine and Dudley's life from the Dementors. So you can tell the Headmaster to forget that idea and then ask him where his prison guard of his precious Order of the Roasted Chicken was while we were attacked," he spat. "Now are we leaving or not?" he demanded with a glare.

"Very well Harry," Remus said after letting out a sigh and running a hand through his graying hair. "But I assure you the headmaster will not be pleased by your defiance or yours Forest," he warned.

The twins glanced at each other and just shrugged in response, not really caring, both for their own reasons. They watched as the pink haired witch used a few charms to packs their things into their trunks, thankfully Harry had managed to stop the Dursleys from throwing Forest's things out with a little application of threat of force. Harry picked up the cage which held Hedwig, while Forest found the one that held her own owl Tara. Once they were ready they followed the group out of the house.


(Grimwauld Place)

After they had left the house they walked until they crossed wards and then quickly apparated to Headquarters. The moment they entered Harry was rushed by an overeager Molly and with a loud "HARRY" he was pulled into a suffocating hug.

A few moments later she let him go and then she saw Forest. For a moment Molly froze, but then she rushed over to her and hugged her even quicker than she had Harry. "Forest my girl, by Merlin you are alive," she said with tears in her eyes and then quickly hugged the young woman again. "It is good to see you, but you look so thin, you must be starved. I will prepare something to eat for you and then the others should be here as well." With those words Molly disappeared into the kitchen before anyone could even utter a word.

Forest looked after the woman who had always been like a mother to Harry and her and grinned. If she missed something in the ‘year' she was away besides Harry it was that woman, the love she had for them and her fabulous cooking.

Harry looked at her sister, smiled and said, "Looks like at least one of the supposed adults is happy to see you again, sis. Be prepared to be stuffed like a turkey quite soon."

Forrest laughed and replied, "I look forward to it. Aunt Molly's cooking is the best."

To this statement Harry could only nod. "Ok, let's get our stuff upstairs and then we can go to Molly, so that she can fatten you up," he said with a grin. ‘Damn, even if he was still a bit angry at her, it was good to have her back', he thought.

Ignoring the other adults the two rushed to their rooms. Both had to smile as they remembered the last time they were here and the chaos Sirius had caused as he gave them each their own room, which were password protected and connected with each other. Ron had thrown quite a tantrum at that and just proved again what a jealous git he could be. Forest never could understand how her brother could befriend him, but that was for later to sort out. They quickly put their things into the rooms and let their owls out of their cages, gave them fresh water and a bit to eat. Just as they wanted to go downstairs again they heard a loud bark and saw a huge shape rush at them. Before he reached them the dog turned back into Sirius in mid run and before they could react Sirius had pulled them both into a hug.

"Forest, you are back. I can't believe it. How was the journey? Did you enjoy it how is my old friend? And..." Sirius fired off and quickly went silent as he saw the enraged face of this godson.

"YOU KNEW??????" Harry bellowed so loud everyone in the house could hear him.

"Upps," was Sirius only reply.


(London, England, Somewhen else)

With its usual sound the Tardis appeared right in the street and as always no one seemed to notice it. It stood there for a few minutes and then the door opened and the Doctor stepped out of it. He looked around and smiled a sad smile.

It was something over a year now for him since he parted ways with Forest and since then his travels just weren't the same anymore. He hoped all went well for her and her brother as she had hoped, but he couldn't go check for it just yet. Because of the temporal disturbances Forest was causing he couldn't just drop in on her, except when she would summon him, which hasn't happened yet.

Not having anything planned for the moment he strolled a bit through the streets of London until he stopped in front of a bookstore which dealt with old and rare books. He smiled and entered the shop and looked around curios. Suddenly he stopped, smiled and picked up a book called ‘The Potter Twins and the Chamber of Secrets'.
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