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Jade Chan & heading to Santa Carla

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This story is No. 2 in the series "JCA Crossovers, Oneshots, Prompts". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Drabbles about Jade Chan in the Lost Boys’ world.

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BuffyKaibaHuntFR753,3170565022 Sep 1115 Apr 13No

Question Existing

Hey there! Here’s a new chapter of my JCA/Lost Boys crossover saga. :) I hope you’re liking this story as much as I am writing it. After all, a crossover story such as this one is pretty cool, in my view.

Now, in this one, Jade is at the Boardwalk. To both the outsiders and the locals, she seems to be all by herself, but only she knows the Frog brothers are in the shadows watching her protectively. What happens when she catches the eyes of one of the Boys?

Question Existing

Take off my shirt,
Loosen the buttons and undo my skirt
Stare at myself in the mirror
Take me apart piece by piece
Sorrow decrease,
Pressure release

I put in work
Did more than called upon,
More than deserved
When it was over
Did I wind up hurt (Yes)
But it taught me before a decision ask this question first

Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are given
Question existing
Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are given,
Question existing

--Rihanna, Question Existing

It was night now. In Santa Carla, California, things were different at night. However, they were also deadly. Every night, some people would go missing, never to be seen again. And there were some mysterious deaths as well.

Another thing about Santa Carla was the enigmatic biker gang. They were these four guys. However, they were not just any group of guys. They were never seen in the daytime; they only came out at night. And of course the shocking thing was that if one ever crossed them, one would wind up missing.

Anyway, on the Boardwalk, there was something for everyone. And it was summer too!

Putting on a confident front and throwing her shoulders back, Jade stepped onto the Boardwalk, hopeful that nobody would notice her. The reason why was that she wanted to content herself with just getting some exercise, while at the same time just taking everything in – the sights, the delicious and tempting smells of food that looked so good to eat, and the rides and the games.

Unfortunately, that was when it happened.

Jade was very focused on taking in the sights and smells of the Boardwalk, and trying to remember everything she could so that later she could write it all down.

However, she was so focused that she walked past a couple of guys who were hanging out by a car (which was between the Ferris Wheel and the Merry-Go-Round) without even seeing them. They saw her as she passed by them, and checked her out – in a very perverted way, of course. Then they turned to each other and the second man asked the first one a question Jade didn’t hear.

“Let’s find out,” the man said to the other – probably his friend or something.

Then he turned back to Jade and called out, “Hey there, you sweet, cute little girl!”

Jade stopped and waited. For what, exactly, she wasn’t sure.

Then she heard the man call, “How much for a lap dance for me and my buddy here?”

The Frog brothers, invisible thanks to the Snake talisman they were holding, watched Jade protectively.

Pedophiles, they thought angrily, sharing a knowing look. How dare they ask Jade for something like that? She’s a kid, and she’s not even a teenager yet. Those two guys are really messed up.

Jade’s hands (which were currently in her pockets, one of them clutching the Ox talisman, currently residing in her right pocket) clenched into fists, and she turned around as the men turned back to each other and laughed. But when they turned back to her, the man who had called after her about a lap dance was surprised to find her lifting him in the air while clutching his shoulder effortlessly.

“How’d you do that?” asked the man’s friend, who was just as shocked as his partner, whose shoulder Jade was holding.

“Oh, you do not want to know,” Jade replied coolly, and then tossed the man over her head and onto the pavement a few feet away. His friend’s eyes widened as Jade turned back to him and gave him a cool smile, and then turned and headed on her way.

As the man’s friend took off in the opposite direction (as he quite obviously didn’t want to be subjected to the same fate), Jade smiled to herself. Men, she thought. Sometimes they can get quite scared of things they don’t understand – and they’re supposed to be brave and not at all fearful of anything, when actually they’re not. They get scared, too, just as tweens and teenagers do. She shook her head. And they’re supposed to, as they put it, ‛hate what they fear’, too. How very cliché, in my opinion.

Her smile grew bigger at the thought, and she then headed back on the path to the Boardwalk. Apparently she had gotten distracted by those two guys – but in a good way, apparently, and she felt she needed something like that to clear her head. And why not?

Meanwhile, Edgar and Alan exchanged grins with each other. Apparently they liked how Jade took care of those two guys. Now if only she could go and find some of those vampires. Just the evil ones, though, as both Edgar and Alan knew that the good vampires had been keeping the crime rate down – and doing a good job of it as well. They knew that for sure.

Hey, maybe she could use the Monkey talisman to turn the evil bloodsuckers into something harmless – like a kitten, maybe...

The thought almost made them laugh out loud.


Jade was walking over to the boardwalk railings, and then then paused, leaning up against one of them. She then froze when she heard the voice calling her name. To her, it seemed, the many other voices were simply falling away until there was only one left.

She looked over to her right, and there he was, leaning against a fence, watching her...

Blond hair in a mullet. The black trenchcoat with a medallion on the front. The icy blue eyes that made her shiver all over mentally. And – now came the best part – the smirk that, she knew, would reel in so many girls like herself, while at the same time, seem to read one’s aura or soul.

Wow, Jade thought as the man walked over to her. He was suddenly at her side at an instant, and although she was sure he had walked over, she couldn’t recall the action taking place.

“Hey there, Jade.”

She looked up into the man’s face. “Yes?” Then she did a double take. “How’d you know my name?”

“Call it a hunch. Or men’s intuition, if you will,” he replied. “By the way,” he added after a moment’s thought, “I saw how you fought off that one guy, while his friend simply took off running. I got to tell you, for you to do something like that – well, let’s just say that took courage, which I know you have plenty of. I can just tell.”

Jade looked surprised. “Really?” she asked as she smiled a little.

David nodded.

“Cool,” said Jade as she looked out over the ocean, noting how it would go back and forth, sometimes leaving little gifts such as seashells (reminding her of that little tongue twister “She sells seashells by the seashore”, which she had come across quite often) and pieces of driftwood.
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