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Summary: Willow is drowning. Buffy is desperate. Severus is alone.

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A\N: Short, prompt based chapters. Buffy post Wrecked, HP post book four with some alterations, and by the end spoilers for all of both (there will be some slight time jumping and a little timeline wonky-ness) near the end. I own nothing of the characters or the universes, but you already knew that, didn't you?


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Severus caught the lamp mid-fall as he snapped open the phone. Balancing the two objects and cursing the haste that had put him in the situation, he said, “Hello?”

There was a moment of silence, where his stomach rolled, and he put the lamp carefully down, and breathed to steady his nerves.

“I need help.”

Three little words. Severus smiled a little at the phone before he considered what he was smiling at.


There was another pause, the phone awkward in his grip, and then she said. “Hurry.”

And she was gone.

Severus carefully shut the small phone, and pulled out his wand, trying not to look at the mirror visible in the next room to see how he looked. He knew.

He appeared, a little unsteady after the distance, and put out his hand to stabilize himself. His fingers caught the edge of a vase, and he was too slow this time to do anything but watch it fall and shatter across the floor.

She was in the room three seconds later, axe in hand.

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