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Iron Willow

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Summary: The Redheaded genius of the group gets an intelligence upgrade.

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Superheroes and Watchers

Extended fallout from the Halloween spell was something to talk to Giles about; he’d definitely have more people to train than Buffy afterwards. Maybe they’d get another Watcher in here to help. She almost wished Xavier’s was here, but the whole human superiority rigmarole that came with it just wore on her, even though Natasha was a benefactor to the group wanting to keep collateral damage down from uncontrolled powers outbursts. She was a strident opponent of the Sentinel plan, both before and after the Scarlet Wizard had made his foolish tantrum at his mother.

Oh, time to Bronze it with the Scoobies and then go home. Willow rode to the club and started to look around for familiar faces or cute boys like she and Buffy did. The only people there now were from Sunnydale U. The call to Giles netted that he was still with his Slayer training and that she was going home for a meal with her mother and the man in Joyce’s life. Xander was slaving away for his parents at home and doubted he’d go Bronzing tonight. Willow ended the call and decided to go home, seeing that her time here was a waste. As Willow arrives back home she checks the now in sync micro-JARVIS display, she was really happy when she could use some older Stark inventions to make her life easier. Although the range was terrible, she could access JARVIS from downstairs while she was building the Mark Zero. She pulled out her books and went to work studying lest Snyder call her parents and they come home-she did not want to have to hide JARVIS from them.

Willow looked at the JARVIS-phone and watched as the funds glowed, she was now a millionaire twice over thanks to her supercomputer. Hammering of metal plates to form the androgynous exterior sounded through her neighborhood, dampened by the layers of house above her. Soon, she’d have a Jarvis-clone be her wingman hacking into the electronic files to age her on paper so she could buy CRD and start stocking, prepping it to become Iron HQ.

The cackle that escaped her lips was uncommented on, as there was no one in the house to hear it. JARVIS hadn’t been wired for home surveillance or automation yet, so he didn’t count. She painted the exterior pink just to give it a nod to her gender and started building the suit that was going to be her first step in assisting her friends.

Willow went off to school walking this time because she had disassembled her bike for some of the Mark Zero’s parts. Namely, she had drilled out the frame so she could place the pneumatic stake launcher’s ammo along the arms as well as along her back, a back that was going to be a little less bulky since an arm would carry some ammunition now.

Tests would start soon enough on the armor; she still had to build that gauss cannon for the other arm. Then there was an old junkyard at the edge of town that would suffice for practice.

School was a breeze; Kerbopple’s test was easy to pass. She was fine until the Scooby meeting; which she had to start explaining that there were more people than them that were affected by the spell on Halloween.

“Giles, can the Watcher’s Council help? We have at least one of the girls that has uncontrolled super-strength, I don’t know but we might have an invisible problem on our hands sooner or later, we also have a person with sticky fingers.” Willow says.

“Wills, a klepto isn’t a problem for the Watcher’s Council to deal with she can just go see a shrink. Maybe Buffy can help out the super-strong girl, I’m sure she knows some exercises to keep from crushing everything.” Xander said.

Willow raised her eyes towards the heavens pleading that the Soldier possession had affected her kindergarten friend’s brain too.

“Xander, this girl sticks to things very well. She is not a klepto and since she’s been in school she hasn’t bothered us like Cordy and her sheep do.” Willow said spelling it out for her friend.

“Willow, who’s this girl I’ll go help her.” Buffy asked more enthusiastically than she had seen from the Slayer in a long time since Angel had been keeping his distance for some reason.

“Her name’s Stephanie Cordin. She’s a former brunette turned blonde, she spoke to me in the locker room and has some interesting views about men.” Willow says before the Slayer runs off.

“Giles, the girl with the invisibleness going might be easier for Xander to find with his military memories that probably include some enemy finding skills. I think she’s Emily Atkinsen or Deborah Smith.” She says to Xander who walks off.

“ Spider-girl might like high places, places good for spinning webs. Know of any? Green girl will most likely be out of reach until at least tomorrow. I’ve got to get home, Giles and do some work.: {Work on my armor something tells me we might need it soon.} Willow says as she jogs out of the Library.

“Children; why do they always leave me the hard work. Oh that’s right you’re supposed to be the responsible one, watching them and all that rot.” Giles grumbled as he shakes his head and goes searching for spider-girl.

Willow walked home, estimating that between suiting up and preliminary checks it would be late afternoon before she could make her way out of her basement and to the junkyard.

Her reinforcements to her house should allow egress of the Mark Zero and ingress a few times. She had calculated the requirements for the gently sloping tunnel she’d be digging for future egress.

Now to suit up, she felt like a schoolgirl at her birthday party as she pulled on the bottom of the suit. Now to seal on the boots, she wriggled into the shirt of the armor that was hanging from a chain fall. Lastly, she put on the plate gloves and the helmet. She clomped out of her house and towards the junkyard confident that her armor would insulate her from vamp attacks as she clomped into the junkyard.

“Okay JARVIS start recording, Mark Zero unit handles well walking. Commencing primary cannon tests, armed and firing in 5,4,3,2,1. The stake launcher fired a three shot burst. Willow smiled “Triple-burst works well. Testing single-shot, firing in three, two, one.” She said before depressing the firing stud. A stake fired with a hiss of air, Willow grinned behind the helmet’s faceplate.

“Single-shot works fine, primary cannon ok; commencing secondary cannon test, armed with formulation 001 of ammunition. Firing in three, two, one. She hit the firing plate and it hummed attracting a metal can. When she released the stud it flew off in the muzzle direction of the cannon. After she finished relaying this to JARVIS she said.

“Testing of tertiary weapon to begin in three, two, one.” She raised her palms and looked at the chemically treated glass. It shone like the lights they were. Success. She lowered her arms, query on power reserves.” Willow said.

“49%, sufficient for one try of the backup weapon and then a return home, ma’am.” JARVIS reported.

“Engage stabilizers.” Struts unfolded from the back. “Capacitor charge?” Willow said.

“One hundred percent.” JARVIS replied.

“Three, two,one. Firing.” A cone of energy emitted from the chest and the suit went limp. “JARVIS, remind me to increase the capacitors. Going limp is a problem.” Willow said as systems rebooted.

“I dislike that as well, rebooting is a thoroughly unpleasant experience for me.” JARVIS said as Willow clomped home.

Two vamps looking for a meal looked at each other.

“You know, I should probably stop snacking on those drunks. I could’ve sworn I saw a pink Iron Man.” One said.

“Yeah and I’ll stop with the druggies too.” Two said.

Of course no one cares anymore as they met the Slayer later that night.

A/N: Sorry for making Willow a ditz earlier, I just saw Iron Man and Slaying keeping her from studying properly.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Iron Willow" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Sep 11.

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