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Iron Willow

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Summary: The Redheaded genius of the group gets an intelligence upgrade.

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Chapter One

Iron Willow

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss, Iron Man belongs to Marvel.

A/N: Apologies in advance to comic fans if I mangle Marvel lore somewhere.
Willow had dressed differently on Halloween, much differently; she had gone as a really smart person under that lab coat.
She was definitely smart and brave to be piloting a suit she designed. She was Natasha Stark she kept the memories, the personality traits and the hair.
No longer was she a natural redhead; now Willow was a bona-fide blonde of course, she had memories while she remembered a trip to Afghanistan
and breaking out of thier in power armor that was far from feminine, she also remembered a relationship with her personal assistant James and the pain
her breaking up with him had caused. Pain that had forced her into the bottle.

Well, the pain aside, she was lucky the chest piece was for a guy or else she'd have a shrapnel souvenier from Afghanistan.
No, she actually had the ID tag that proclaimed her as Natasha Stark. It was lucky that Natasha could cobble together a tazer from spare parts or else
she'd have been a snack for a dog-like creature. Nothing says no like a few hundred volts of electricity.

Now there was a question, would she become Iron Woman. The question was a big one; because it involved her creating a lot of the tech needed from scratch.
Her Earth was not advanced enough; would she be able to do it? It would mean salvaging parts from different areas, from the old CRD building for one,Moloch wasn't working from square one that was for sure. She suppressed a shudder of fear at the name, Natasha knew she had been far too arrogant and scanning the book allowed her to loose the demon into the local Internet. She still had nightmares about him chasing her. Willow also thought that someone else in Sunnydale was using advanced tech at the school.

She'd have to listen more attentively to the geek crowd at lunch. Meanwhile she'd have to start using Natasha's smarts to create a downgraded version of J.A.R.V.I.S. to play the stock market so she could get ahold of the CRD facility after she had created a dummy corporation. After all, Natasha had seen how she was pushed around in the boardroom as a young heiress of the Stark fortune.

But for now she'd just downplay the intelligence leap, the Scooby meeting was going to start and if memory served Xander had muscles in places he definitely did not have them before.

"Yeah Buff, I got some memories of 'Nam in my head but nothing major." Xander said. Oh, Willow could tell he had more than just memories of Vietnam
he at least had all the Basic training and hopefully some Advanced. It would be good to have someone like Virginia Rhodes to test War Machine if it came to that.

She just professed a mild leap in intelligence and a new hair color, nothing major.

Buffy just demonstrated hers by speaking flawless French and waltzing around the Library with Giles.

"Nothing too major then, well Willow and Xander can go home. Buffy stay here, we need to check whether your Slayer abilities have been comprimised." Giles said.

This was good for Willow as she could start on J.A.R.V.I.S. tonight and have him finished late Sunday so she could sleep for school Monday.
While she had enough raw parts to build a mainframe capable of hosting Jarvis in the short-term on hand, she'd have to advance the tech level of the world in computers quickly at least in her lab. Jarvis was a memory intensive application and would rapidly outpace the super-computer's memory. Luckily, the downgraded version could fit on bleeding edge this Earth tech.

Setting up a new account with the funds from her birthday as the principle; she set JARVIS to work trading on Monday morning as she went in a little late to

"Rosenberg! You were such a promising young woman until you fell in with that juvenile delinquent Summers! Now you're late to school!"
Snyder barked as he signed her tardy slip.
Willow didn't mind Snyder truthfully, maybe she was intimidated a little by the vertically-challenged Gestapo; but Natasha saw it as an outrage.
Willow's new Stark side inspired her to formulate Operation Troll, a plan to gather evidence on the pint-sized Napoleon of Sunnydale High.

Willow started planning the first series of upgrades to existing operating systems in English class, while they were reading Frankenstein.
Mary Shelley had good ideas back in the old days, but they paled in comparison as to what Stark Enterprises had on the drawing board.

Natasha's father was planning a series of upgrades that would have launched the company to a new era, but what he had never told her what exactly they were.
It was always "You won't understand this." or "This is something a woman shouldn't worry about." Natasha wasn't sure but it seems Daddy dearest saw her as a tool to launch his political carreer by marrying her off.

Enough of that, she had a company to build from scratch. Now, what to call it? How about VenusTech or RedStar? Aw who was she kidding, James was always better with
coming up with names. She'd just ask Xander later; for now they were coming up on some notes and it seemed that Mrs. Kerbopple was on a roll.
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