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Wings of a raven

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Summary: What if?What if Sam sold his soul in exchange for his brothers safety and revenge towards the demons who hunted Winchester family? What if Buffy saw trough Spike’s fake pain after he hit her in Smashed? What if she seeks Tara’s help imminently after that?

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CristinaFR18410,7711122,72825 Sep 1120 Jul 12No

Chapter 4): Adventures of a boy, a demon and kitty

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Supernatural trivia is mixed from these sources: Buffy the Vampire slayer, Hakushaku to Yōsei, Kuroshitsuji, Supernatural and Harry Potter (owned by J.K. Rowling).

Luckily for me those fandoms don’t clash. Oh and words in italics are in Welsh.

A.N.: This chapter is mostly so that people who bother with this story get to know characters from Kuroshitsuji (Black butler) and Hakushaku to Yōsei (Earl and a fiery) , since it is a less known fandom. Mostly random events before main characters meet. Main characters being Earl Ciel Vincent Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis and Buffy Anne Summers Makhil Carlton (she was given surname of Lyida's family to blend in). Now on to the story:


June, 16. 1886 - England

In the countryside of London, a huge and beautiful mansion stood surrounded by vast gardens with trees and various roses and bushes adoring it.

A happy family lived in the big house, served by content and loyal staff.

Lady Rachel Christine Phantomhive nee Durless, mistress of the household, was a kind and beautiful blue eyed woman. Even when she suffered through her asthma attacks, she was always kind to everyone.

Her husband Earl Vincent Adrian Phantomhive, head of the Phantomhive family and owner of Funton company, Queen Victoria Watchdog, was a tall man with blue eyes and dark bluish-black hair, he was an exceptionally kind and welcoming master of the house who valued people; be it from nobility, middle class or lower. Naturally people were easily drawn to him and he was a loving father whose family was very important to him.

They had a happy life filled with laughter that they shared with their son, who was at that particular moment a small nine year old boy, who was running down the hallway. He was smiling.


Ciel was happily skipping down the corridor looking for his parents; it was his birthday. He would be celebrating his ninth birthday and he was looking forward to spending time with his parents and other close relatives that were due to arrive.

Bursting into his father’s study with a big smile…

“Mother, father…” he called only to stop short when he saw his father sitting on the chair, his otherwise white shirt splattered with blood, his mother lying face down on by the fireplace, her own blood soaking the carpet covered floor.

There was so much blood splattered on the, walls, ceiling and furniture…the fire licking the curtains, rising in intensity, casting terrifying shadows of people with white masks standing around the room watching the fire as it consumed the horrific sight.

Soon their attention turned to the shell shocked child by the door. And a mocking laughter echoed through the room. Many hands reached toward Ciel. Horrified the nine year old boy ran.

June, 16. 1886 - Scotland

The sun was shinning.

Roses were growing.

Pixies were playing with the postman again.

Not that he could see them, so Ly made a fool out herself again, when she scolded that impish fey. Not that the bouncy 8 year old was in anyway discouraged when people gave her weird looks.

Buffy smiled at the thought she had been here for five months and she was settling in with these people like she had been born in this household.

Which still amazed her…especially when Lydia started to call her cousin Anne. And she really loved that kid.

Who would not?

The only downside was her own conflicting feelings. She’ felt guilty for not missing Dawn as much as she should, but she felt…disconnected toward her own sister…it was very strange, it was like they were not blood anymore…and that was confusing. Since she had very clear memories of Dawn being there.

Not that she could dwell on her emotions that were ping-ponging in her head when she had so much to learn and relearn.

To put it mildly, when she arrived she was confused and in pain. Then came the shock of being surrounded by people who dressed in 18th century clothes.

And then she found out that she was in the 18th century, talk about a time skip.

And when she ran a hand through her hair…well let’s just say her shriek made glasses break. And when the tail was discovered…well better not to dwell on what she did…speaking about that damn tail… she was having problems.

Not that that was anything new in the least, well since she was called. But those problems were not either school or slaying related, as a matter of fact; she hadn’t seen or felt….or smelt a single vampire.

OK that last part she wasn’t so sure of since, while she was cat-ified, was that even a word?

Her’ senses expanded into cat territory a lot. She was faster, stronger; she had developed a fascination to catnip, much to her embarrassment. She could see and smell better too…in fact call her a Catwoman with capital C…with cat ears and a tail to boot.

Luckily she was pretty good with glamour, she could glamour herself in the opposite sex for Goddess sake …and that certainly brought about new nightmares, since it was freaking realistic…how it the world can men can walk normally…how it had come to an incident where she had to disguise herself as a male, well this was going to her grave…again.

But back to vampires …

In short she didn’t have a clue how vampire smelt. You see while that cat attributes she now possessed were generally a good thing, as well as apparently, according to Aurora she had some fairy blood in her as well, weird that, not that Aunt Aurora, as she was insisting to be addressed as, had any definite answers. When she told the Carlton family that she was from the year 2002, Aurora theorized that for all they knew, Buffy was a descendant.

Time travelling was a bitch after all.

Back to the problem at hand funnily enough it wasn’t the 18th century stuff that gave her problems, and she really needed to thank Ethan’s Halloween “let’s make chaos on the one day free of slaying spell”.

Since the more that she used it, the more crystal clear her memory became. And while that little lady was fainting a lot, and was useless in a fight, her knowledge was now priceless for Buffy.

So what was the problem? Well Buffy was fighting her tail. Honestly. The thing had a mind of its own.

“Will you stop that?” Nico’s whiskers twitched for the hundredth time when Buffy, yet again, went to grab the tail, like a young kitten that was pouncing on a string. It was embarrassing.

“Stuff it Nico.” Buffy hissed watching her silver haired, black spotted tail beckon her with its black top. Her silver, black tipped cat ears were laid back closely on her head.

“How in the world are you able to manage your tail?” she grumbled slanting a glance at the long haired grey cat that was currently sitting, human like, his legs crossed, smoking a cigar and reading a newspaper.

“Simple.” Came the deadpan replay from the irritating cat shaped fur ball.

“That’s not helpful.” Buffy grumbled.

“So with what do you have problems now? Besides your obsessive desire to cha-cha with your tail.”

August 26, 1886 England

The cell was dark.

The bright light from the torches hurt his eyes.

But that was nothing new.

His clothes were torn and bloodied with his own blood. The mark that had been branded on his small chest, with a hot iron, marked him as a slave and sacrifice. Every time his coarse shirt scraped across the brand it sent a sharp, hot pain through him.
He got used to it.

Used to the pain.

Used to the abuse under uncaring, cruel hands.

Used to the promises that was lies and mocking laughter from his captors.

It made him burn with hatred.

Burn with need to avenge his parent’s murder.

Burned to rain down the same humiliation and pain to those responsible for his humiliation.

Today the small fraction of his tormentors had decided to have a party with drinking and women, not minding the starved, bloodied 10 year old boy in the cage. A dark humanoid shape appeared. Glowing’ slit-pupil pink eyes glowing through the swirls of dark green flames and black feathers.

“Who summoned a demon?” Came a voice from the dark swirl.


The glowing eyes in the pale face traced the room, “No.”

“Kyaaa!!!” Screamed the women who were entertaining.


“I…It really showed up?!” Came the frightened whisper from somewhere from the crowd.


A flamboyant, fat man pranced forward, his bejeweled mask glittering. “Grant me eternal live and wealth!” He announced, smiling in anticipation.

Annoyed. “No.”

The eyes met a - the wide blue gaze of a captured boy.

A sharp toothed smile. ”Oh. So it’s this one.”

The demon moved closer to the boy talking, “You have given a big sacrifice. Now, it’s your choice whether to make a contract with me and have your wishes granted…or not. The price to cross the river was already paid.”

The boy was shaking, but not from fear, but from exhaustion and expectation.

“I…” A small hand grabbed the iron bars, hauling the shaking body upwards. “I … I want power…” The men who were standing around forgotten stirred. Shouts to shut the boy up were heard.

But the boy wouldn’t be quieted…ever again.

“The power to take revenge on the ones who did this to us!!! Demon! I’ll make a contract with you.”

Green flames parted a bit to reveal a pale hand, while most of the demon was still obscured by flames and feathers. “So you are abandoning the light for the path to hell…fine…well then, let’s make our contract.”

Now the demon was standing directly above the shaking, small figure in the cage. “The more visible the place where your contract seal is, the stronger its power. So where do you want…”

“Anywhere is fine.” Came the calm resolution from the boy. “I want a power stronger than anybody else!”

A hand shot out from the flames, grabbing the boys face, holding him still. “Ohja.” Came amused murmur from the demon. “You are quite greedy. Well then, I shall put the contract seal on that big eye of yours.”


Flames were encircling the building while two figures watched as the structure crumbled. A tall lean man with raven black hair smiled at the boy that stood a short distance away from him.

“Well then master. Let us go back to the mansion.”

The boys head lowered. “I don’t know where it is.”

“Uh. Oh my.” He muttered annoyed, looks like he ended up with a boy who was – had been wrapped in cotton wool.

But the boy tilted his head thinking. “I have relative in Royal hospital. Let’s go there first.”
The demon nodded. “Certainly.”

‘Then” demon turned, only to be stopped by a hand holding his tailcoat.

“Wait demon, what’s your name?”

“Whatever my master wishes.”

“Then from now on you’ll be Sebastian.”

“Very well, from now on I am Sebastian.” Sebastian bowed. Then with a smile he inquired. “Is that the name of the previous butler?”

The boy shakes his head. “It was my dog’s name.”
The smile didn’t change but the eyes closed and there was a barely perceptive twitch of an eyebrow. I take that back, the demon thought; I ended up serving a truly disagreeable little brat.

August 26. 1886 - Scotland

Buffy was sitting through the lecture that Aunt Aurora was giving her and her daughter. She deemed it prudent to teach her new found niece anything she knew, because apparently, in the future this knowledge was lost.

“Earth is divided in 4 main worlds, with each having 3 sub worlds, I believe Anne you called them dimensions, in which alternative realities don’t belong because they are artificially created by magic. There are also dimensional pockets that serve as a form of prisons or vaults.”

“So, if say, a vengeance demon would grant someone something,” at that Aurora smirked at the blonde and Lydia looked from her mother to her cousin, her big green-gold eyes blinking curiously.

“That would be an alternative reality, yes.” Aurora gave a slight nod at Buffy. “You have experience with demons, though I think your classification of races and species of goruwchnaturiol is scattered.”

“The first main world is where we currently reside, this world, shared by ordinary folk, is named gweld y byd or the seen world. Then there is hidden world or byd cudd, where tylwyth teg, or fairy beings live, but they can appear in gweld y byd whenever they wish, fflam dân byd bywyd is the world of life, fire and darkness and it’s mostly occupied by akuma. And finally, bydoedd selio or the sealed worlds. The dwellings of the races of akuma, fey folk, demons, spirits that were sealed away from the 3 worlds. Most despised of those are deformed Fomhoire who are sealed separately.”

Taking a book from the bookshelf she opened it to reveal a set of pictures…

“Merows are mer people, there are many different races of them, some live in the seas, and even those differ in appearance, then there are those that live in streams, springs, those are smallest, no bigger than your thumb. They can control weather and live under the sea. Dwarfs, goblins, elves, gnomes, pixies are divided into two races; those that can fly and those that are earth bound, and selkies are wise and noble Faroese fairies, they wear silk clothing…”

September 5. 1886, London, Ollivanders Wand Shop, south Side of Diagon Alley – England

“Oh dear, oh dear.” A man with blue eyes snatched a wand from an eleven year old. “A fir wand is apparently not for you……..hmmm…..”

“Father?” a young man poked his head around the corner, holding a green and violet envelope in his hand.

“Yes?” Came the distracted reply while the master wand maker looked for a match for his young customer.
The wand maker’s son glanced curiously at the strange letter in his hand. “There is a letter arrived for you sir.”

“Well boy, just send the owl off and I’ll…”

“It didn’t come by owl sir. It just appeared.”

“Just appeared you say, let me see the letter.” Ollivander left the baffled customer without paying them any word, making a platinum blond parent stiffen at the insult.

“Hmmm, well looks like you’ll look after the customers today, Gravies.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now see here, Olliviander…”

“Terribly sorry, Mr. Malfoy, but I am in a dreadful hurry. My apprentice will accommodate your boy. Good day.” And with that the man made a beckoning motion with his wand and a suitcase flew into his hand. Then before Mr.Malfoy could utter any more objections the wand maker disappeared with a loud crack.


Scotland, near the city of Edinburg

Displacement of air…a loud crack that echoed amongst the tress.

“What was that?”

“Looks like he arrived.”

“He who?”


“Shush, come with me girls.” Aurora said and started to walk where the sound had come from, followed closely by Buffy and Lydia. Or rather Buffy was carrying Lydia since the girl couldn’t walk across the grass which was taller than her. And so the tree three came into a glade.

“So why are we…”

“Well Anne since you are so adamant in learning magic, and have showed quite the promise, I contacted a…friend if you will, who agreed to outfit you and Lydia, with wands.”


“It will help you channel magic more accurately and more easily, since you won’t need words at all.” Buffy stared, Lydia gasped, and Aurora smiled at the reaction of the two.


In the middle of the glade a tent stood the flag on top flying gently on the breeze.

A tent.

A very large tent.

Buffy thought stupefied but still followed her aunt, with an inquisitive 8 years old in her arms.
They entered the tent…it was dusty and it smelled of wood. And was stocked with slim long boxes.

“Good day Mr. Garry, how are you been? How does your family fare?”

“Miss Makhil, Ebony, Kelpie hair, nine and a quarter inch, flexible.”

“I am wedded, now, to Mr Carlton. This is my daughter Lydia and my niece Anne, they require a wand.”

“Yes, yes. Hmm are they …”


“Then, come this way, children, oh don’t scoff Missy, I am old man so for me even you are child.” He chuckled, at Buffy’s annoyed scowl.

“Then, come this way, children, oh don’t scoff Missy." he waged a finger before Buffy's nose, making her even more annoyed at the man, sure she wasn't as old as he, but at 20 year old she was hardly a child, in fact if she was right in this century she was closer at being a spinster.

”I am old man, therefore for this old man you are child.” he chuckled then he addressed all three of them.

“Now here is what will do…you will…” he pulled at think ribbon, “be blindfolded,” the ribbon fell over the girls eyes, blinding them, “and you will choose, and be chosen.”

“I hate that word,” Buffy muttered, “it never brings anything good.” She then felt a slight tingle, following it, her hands outstretched, her fingers brushed over a wooden box.
There. Like a warm breeze, welcoming fire.

“Now bring it here young misuses, and let’s see what is it you found?”

He picked the wand from Lydia’s box first.

“Cheery, nine inches, swishy, unicorn hair. Excellent choice miss Miss Lydia.”

“Now Miss Anne, ahhh … larch, flexible, ten inches, phoenix feather, another excellent choice.”

To be continued…

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Wings of a raven" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jul 12.

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