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Wings of a raven

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Summary: What if?What if Sam sold his soul in exchange for his brothers safety and revenge towards the demons who hunted Winchester family? What if Buffy saw trough Spike’s fake pain after he hit her in Smashed? What if she seeks Tara’s help imminently after that?

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Chapter One: Sold my soul



Disclaimer: Hakushaku to Yōsei (Earl and Fairy) belong to Mizue Tani, Kuroshitsuji (Black butler) belongs to Yana Toboso , Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to J. Whedon and Supernatural belongs to E. Kripke. There are also mentions of the characters/places and events from BtVS novel “Blood and Fog” written by Nancy Holder.
Pictures found on Google, they do not belong to me, I just copy pasted them together,

Author’s notes: While most of this story will be placed in Victorian era since Black Butler is main crossover with Buffy being stuck in 18th century, this story starts with Supernatural - All Hell breaks Loose 1&2 with appearances of Buffy (BtVS) and Sebastian Michaelis (Black butler). Then it switches to BtVS – episode Smashed.

Summary: What if Sam sold his soul in exchange for his brother’s safety and revenge towards the demons who hunted Winchester family? What if Buffy saw through Spike’s fake pain after he hit her in Smashed? What if she seeks Tara’s help immediately after that? What if angry Dawn made a wish which sends her sister to Victorian England era?

Special thank you to my beta readers Kendra and Angie.

Now on to the story:


May 10, 2007 South Dakota

Night had fallen on the small town of Cold Oak, South Dakota. What made this small town different from any other was that it was completely uninhabited for a number of years and no human nor animal stepped within its borders. Until recently, this month to be precise, young people started to appear out of thin air. This was interesting enough, because over the course of a few days, one of them would kill all others by bending a demon to their will.

The young woman was so involved in this ability that she failed to realize that she was being watched by a raven. Under the watchful eyes of that bird, a whole drama unravelled by the arrival of a young man named Samuel Winchester.

It watched how he tried to help the others, how he was taunted by Azazael, how he managed to defeat his former comrade Jake.

It watched the arrival of his older brother.

It watched.

It waited.

For the moment when it would finally make contact.


Dean and Bobby ran through the thick foliage of a forest to finally reach their destination. Quickly turning a corner around the wooden building,

Dean spotted Sam standing shakily over something.

A person?


Dean smiled when he ran toward him, ‘that’s my brother,’ he thought, and then called to him to get his attention.


Sam looked up to see his brother and Bobby rushing towards him. He dropped the knife absentmindedly to the ground and started, painfully, moving towards his running relative and family friend.

Dean’s relief was short lived when he saw the person his brother was standing over before, slowly rise to their feet while holding Sam’s discarded knife.

“Sam! Look out!” he yelled a warning - but it was too late, as a man lunged toward Sam stabbing him in the lower back and giving the blade a vicious twist, creating a massive wound. He then turned and bolted into the night, with Bobby hot on his heels.

Dean slid to the ground in front of Sam, catching his brother who had fallen to his knees.

“Sam!” Dean yells grabbing Sam’s clothes trying to support him, trying to keep him conscious, trying to keep him from dying.

But Sam’s brown-haired head slumped forward, he was drawing shallow breaths and his green eyes, the colour that Dean shares, their mom’s eyes, are closed.

“Whoa! Sam, come on Sammy!”

Dean’s hands slid around to the wound, feeling the hot blood seeping through the clothes. Withdrawing the hand, he stared at the blood that covered his palm, like it wasn’t a part of his body, but something alien.

He lowered Sam to the ground and grabbed his face.

“Sammy, Sam! Hey, listen to me, we are going to patch you up, okay... You'll be as good as new. Huh?” he lightly shakes Sam and finally is rewarded when Sam’s eyes open. He looked into his brother’s pain-filled eyes.

Dean smiled, “I’m going to take care of you. Ya hear, Sammy? I’m going to take care of you. It's my job, right, to watch out for my pain-in-the-ass little brother.”

Sam’s eyes were slowly losing their focus, the image of his brother, Dean, blurring. Feeling cold, Sam’s eyes slid closed, his ears ringing with Dean’s desperate calls.

”Sam... Sam.... Sam! Sammy!” Sam's body slumped forward heavily.

“No.. no-n-n-n-n-no. Oh god... Oh god... Sam!”


Sam was floating on a plane of pitch black, with white feathers falling all around him; he tilted his head back when he heard the sound of flapping wings just in time to see a raven as it landed on a dying branch before him. Frowning, questions welled up in his mind:

“Wasn’t I stabbed?”

“Am I dead?”

“What happened?”

“Where is this?”

“Where is Dean?”

A chuckle interrupted his thoughts, and only then he realized that he was talking out loud. Looking around him, he saw no one, no one but the raven sitting on the branch watching him. He jumped when a human voice came from the birds opened beak.

“To answer your questions,” a rich baritone sounded, making him shiver at the amusement that he could clearly hear from that voice. “You are caught between life and death; well, you are more dead than alive. As for your brother, he is on the way to crossroads to make a deal for you to be brought back to life,” Raven informed him.

Sam’s eyes widened. “What!” he yelped.

Raven’s head tilted to the side, watching him now with only one black eye. “No need to shout, I am not deaf you know.”

“Who or what are you?” Sam asked as this was no ordinary bird. Who knows maybe that myth of crows or was it ravens bringing people back from the dead was true, and Hollywood made the right portrait of that myth.

“Hmm, put simply, I am a demon and you summoned me,” the bird informed him.

A demon! Summoned! Sam’s thoughts whirled.

“What I haven’t...” he objected. But was stopped when the raven shrugged with its wings. Shrugged! How utterly bizarre that was.

“Oh yes, if you hadn’t I wouldn’t be here.”

“What do you want?”

“World peace?” came the sardonic reply, “What do you think? Your soul. Idiot.”

A pause and, when Sam opened his mouth to refuse, the raven, again, started to speak; now watching him with both eyes.

“World peace does come with me eating you soul, since you being dead prevents Lucifer escaping from his -- ah -- so called secure prison.” The last part came with a disgusted sneer at the fallen angel’s name.

“Lucifer?” Sam’s eyes widened yet again, he was really developing a new habit, he thought. But, considering he was talking to a bird, which was apparently a demon that wanted to eat his soul, and the fact that he himself was flouting along with white feathers and actually considering in making that Faustian bargain.

A sigh tore through the bird’s beak. Which was another bizarre thing, Sam decided.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of that thing before?” bird grumbled.

Sam nodded then gave a light shrug. “I did, but I thought you demons would worship him and all?”

“It shows how little you know. Besides, who says I will eat your soul immediately? I am going to eat it when your revenge is fulfilled and your brother is safe. I will be your sword or, better, your gun and shield. So what will it be? Do we have a contract?”

“Are you lying?” he asked the bird.

“Would you believe me if I said I never lie to the person I made a contact with?”

Sam pondered for a moment, then answered truthfully. “No.”

“Well then don’t ask unnecessary questions. By refusing your faith just once, you will be forever obstructed from passing through God's gate," the
bird clarified again.

Then its gaze became more intent, more piercing.

"Once again I ask, dost thou desire a contract?”

Sam thought for a moment. Was his revenge worth more that his soul… or his brother’s safety?

Dean was on his way to the crossroads if this demon is telling the truth.

Making his decision, Sam nodded.


The white feathers that had been falling down since Sam arrived in this strange place fell upward now, turning from white to black obstructing Sam’s view of the raven and its branch, and then the feathers stopped and faded from Sam’s view, replaced by a mist. And Sam could suddenly stand up, realizing that he wasn’t flouting anymore.

Sensing movement he turned to see a figure in the mist, a figure that was walking closer and closer. It finally revealed a tall, young adult male with burgundy red eyes on a pale face that could belong to a model, dressed in an outfit consisting of black trousers, tailcoat, vest, and a tie.


In some abandoned shack Dean was sitting on the floor staring at Sam’s dead body, thoughts colliding in his mind as he watched over his brother.

Sammy was dead.

Dead. Dead. Dead. DEAD!!! It went through Dean's mind, that single thought, time and time again. He couldn’t protect his baby brother. The promise made to their dad broken. Dad’s dying wish unfulfilled. He wasn’t strong enough or fast enough and he failed.

While he was watching his dead brother, Bobby came with bucket of chicken.

“Dean?” said the older hunter’s voice behind a grieving Dean. But the elder Winchester didn’t even turn around.

“No thanks. I’m fine.”

Bobby let out tired sigh. “You should eat something.”

Dean filched impatiently. “I’ve said I’m fine.”

Bobby put the bucket on the floor and drew closer. “Dean… I hate to bring this up, I really do. But don’t you think maybe it’s time we bury Sam?”

“No,” came resolute answer from sitting man.

Bobby let out a more audible sigh than before. “We could...maybe...”

“What? Torch his corpse? Not yet.” Dean shook his head, repeating. “Not yet, not just yet.”

“I want you to go with me.” Bobby shifted so that he could see the younger man’s expression. Who would have thought that he would come to care for John’s sons so much like they were his own? Now one was dead and the other… well, the other worried him. He was worried for Dean, worried that the idiot would do something stupid.

“I'm not going anywhere.” Oh yes, Bobby could see it now, that damnable Winchester block-hardness rearing up.

“Dean, please,” Bobby implored.

That only made the younger man snap irritably, “Would you cut me some slack?”

Bobby shifted his eyes away from Dean, not looking him directly in the eye. “I just don't think you should be alone, that's all. I’ve gotta admit, I could use your help.” He ignored the boys snort and continued.

“Something big is going down, end-of-the-world big.”

Dean turned to the older man. “Well, then let it end!” he shouted.

Bobby let out a tired sigh, “You don't mean that.”

“You don't think so? Huh? You don't think I've given enough? You don't think I've paid enough? I'm done with it. All of it. And if you know what's good for you, turn around, and get the hell out of here.”

Then he shouted at the top of his lungs: “GO!!!”

But he calmed down when he noticed the pained expression on the older man’s bearded face. “I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please, just go. “

Bobby gave the tiniest of nods, accepting the apology. “You know where I'll be.”

He turned his back on Dean and leaves the abandoned shack. Dean took another look at Sam's body with tears trailing from his eyes, down across his cheek, down to his chin and then finally dropping on the floor.


Into the night, nearing the crossing of roads, an Impala engine revving, driving recklessly Dean suddenly reached his destination, slammed on the brakes and stopped on a dirt road. Exiting the car, he holds a box containing several items, including a photo ID of himself. He buries the box in the middle of a crossroads. Several seconds pass in silence as Dean looked right and left.

“Oh come on already,” he grumbled impatiently. Rising, he drew a deep
breath and shouted, ”Show your face, you bitch!”

Suddenly a beautiful dark haired woman with baby blue eyes dressed in a black cocktail dress appeared, smirking.

”Easy there sugar, you'll wake the neighbours. Dean. It's so, so good to see you.” She walked around him, inhaling sharply. “I mean it. Look at you. You’ve gone and got your family killed. All alone in the world. It's too sweet. Excuse me, you're gonna have to give me a moment. Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses.” She finished with a flirtatious smile at the hunter.

“I should send you straight back to hell,” Dean bit out through clenched teeth, his fingernails digging into his callused hands.

This only made the demon smirk at him. “Oh, you should. But you won't. And I know why.” She walked around him again, hips swaying, the dress swishing around her legs.

“Oh yeah?” Dean widened his eyes innocently.

The demonic smile grew wider. “Yeah. Following in Daddy's footsteps. You wanna make a deal. Bring little Sammy back from the dead and, let me guess, you're offering up your own soul?”

“There are a hundred other demons who'd love to get their hands on it. And it's all yours. And all you got to do is bring Sam back. And give me ten years, ten years, and then you come for me”.

The demon let out a thrilled laugh, “You must be joking.”

Dean frowned. “That's the same deal you give everybody else.”

“You're not everybody else,” she leaned in, whispering in Dean's ear.

“Why would I want to give you anything? Keep your gutter soul. It's too tarnished, anyway. “

“Nine years.”



“You keep going, I'll keep saying no.” She smiled at him.

Dean was desperate now. This has to work… it just has to. He promised dad he would take care of Sammy.

“Okay, five years. Five years, and my bill comes due. That's my last offer, five years or no deal.”

The demon made a show of leaning over for the kiss, then smiled a hairsbreadth away from Deans lips. “Then no deal.”


“Fine,” she echoed, turning on her inch heel and walking away. “Make
sure you bury Sam before he starts stinking up the joint.”

“Wait!” Dean shouted after the departing crossroads demon.

She stopped and whispered softly, “It’s a fire sale, and everything must go.”

“What do I have to do?” Dean finally asked, giving in.

She turned her head, watching Dean from the corner of her eye, internally laughing in triumph for bringing the Winchester to his knees.

“First of all, quit grovelling. Needy guys are such a turnoff,” she sighed dramatically.

“Look, I shouldn't be doing this. I could get in a lot of trouble. But what can I say? I got a blind spot for you, Dean. You're like a...puppy. You're just too fun to play with. I'll do it.”

Dean’s head shot up. “You'll bring him back?“

“I will. And because I'm such a saint, I'll give you one year and one year only. But here's the thing. If you try and welch or weasel your way out, then the deal is off. Sam drops dead. He's back to rotten meat in no time. So... it's a better deal than your dad ever got. What do you say?”

Dean grabbed the demon and goes in to kiss and finish the deal, when a fist connected with his chin and the next thing he knew, he was sprawled on the ground.

“No deal,” said a woman’s voice.

Dean rubs his jaw and looks up to see a blond woman standing in front of the shocked crossroads demon.

“Hey Barbie what are...” Dean glared at the hot blonde standing by a hot glaring brunette who hissed at the blond, her eyes bleeding in to red.

“Stop interfering human...”

At that, the blonde rolled her eyes at the demon’s display. Then she looks towards Dean, completely ignoring the brunette.

“Right… firstly,” she began tapping her index finger with her other hand, sea blue green eyes boring into Dean’s. “This deal you are trying to make with the wannabe demon is invalid, considering Samuel Winchester has made a deal with somebody else, by the way.” At that she briskly turned to address the demon standing only two steps away from her.

“Demon girl you might wanna scram before Sebby arrives, cause I really don’t wanna see a lip lock between my hubby and you.” Then she stiffened and covered her eyes with her hand with muttered, “too late.”

And before Dean could respond to that, he saw leaves swirl and whip in a sudden gust and a man dropped by the two women gracefully from out of nowhere, a man who was holding a stunned, ALIVE Sam, bridal style. The man put Sam on the ground and then swiftly, in one fluid motion, locked lips with crossroads demon.

After a couple of seconds, the black-clad woman fell to the ground looking dazed. Looking around she started shivering her blue eyes wide with fright.

“Where am I?” she asked looking around fearfully.

The man who had, just a moment ago, locked lips with her, raised his right arm over his heart and gave a slight bow, black bangs sliding forward and his eyes closed. The appearance of a well-dressed, handsome stranger made the woman on the ground flush and looked at him with wide eyes.

“I am sorry to say my lady but you were in some kind of accident. And we were wondering if we could offer some assistance?” he said, still bowed down.

“Um...” came the flabbergasted reply.

“Don’t worry. We’ll help you out,” the blonde woman that had been silent until now replied. She stepped forward and knelt beside the frightened brunette. Then the blonde reach out and pulled the taller woman to her feet.

Smiling slightly, the blonde extended her hand, “Since we apparently will be sharing a car ride my name is Buffy Anne.” She waved in the man’s direction, “and this is my husband, Sebastian Michaelis. Those two behind him are Dean and Sam Winchester. We are pleased to meet you.”

To be continued...
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