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Ghosts and vampires and Civil Rights, Oh my...

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Summary: A ficlet to honour the webcomic of a friend. Has nothing to do whatsoever with anything else that I have written. Post Chosen

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Author’s note:


This little thing has nothing to do with anything I’ve written before. It is a crossover with a webcomic that is probably my second favourite. (My favourite is Girl Genius.)


The Webcomic in question is A girl and her Fed and is copyrighted by it’s creator, who goes by the name Otter.


I hope this encourages people to go and have a look at it.


Ghosts and vampires and Civil rights, oh my…


“So, what are we going to do about this whole cyborg thing?” Buffy asked blithely as she fell into a deep, leather upholstered chair in the main library of the Joyce Summers’Academy for Gifted Girls.


“Cyborg thing? Cyborg thing? Buffy, this is the greatest and most frightening development in technology, ever!” Willow glared at the oblivious blonde. “It’s like the NID and The Initiative and the…all sorts of bad stuff rolled into one!”


“Oh? Ah.” Buffy rather shamefacedly played with the fringe on her peasant blouse.


“What were you thinking of doing about it?” Faith smirked. “I was thinking of going for the big boy, Mulcahey, but his girl is a bit scary.”


The eyes of all the Scoobies turned to the dark haired Slayer, who shifted uncomfortably. “What? The girl is mental!”


Giles straightened his glasses. “Quite. There is also the matter of the interference with the ethereal and, for want of a better word, the Ghostly dimension. Far too many ghosts are becoming active in worldly affairs. If this continues, we may need to act.”


“Do you think they knew they’re on the ethereal wave?” Xander asked; looking along the stake he was whittling.


“They very well might not. If the ghosts are smart, they will not reveal themselves.”


“What about security? If these guys are so immersed in the net and stuff, can’t they get into the Foundation Computers? I mean, Willow hacks everything in and out of sight, what is stopping them from doing the same.” Buffy asked.


“Ethics.” Kennedy remarked meanly, still upset that the red head had broken up with her.


“Kennedy, do behave. You are here as senior teacher, not as a senior member of the Council, and only because Vi is absent. Now, what are the dangers? Willow?” Giles interfered before the meeting devolved into name calling.


“I-I don’t know. I mean, our defences are better than any in the world, and no one who does not know about magic ought to be able to get in, but they have access to the ethereal wave, they might be able to by pass some, if not all the magical defences, and the technological ones…” Willow shrugged hopelessly.


Giles sighed. “And everything we do is on there…I did tell you that all this computerization would lead to bad things, Willow.”


“Giles! Willow could not have known a bunch of zany crackpots would implant chips into people to control them and the world’s data systems!” Dawn said and then blinked. “Well, except for that whole thing with the Initiative, where they tried to drug and control Riley…errr…but still, you were out of line, Giles!”


“Quite, I do apologize, Willow. I’m just worried. This is not something that we are equipped to handle. If only we had someone on the inside.” Giles lamented.


“No one on the list of Cyborgs ring a bell? What about the support personnel?” Xander asked.


“I-I don’t know. Giles?” Willow was still pale and shocked from the man’s remark about the computerisation of the Foundation archives.


“I did not read it fully, but we would need someone high up in the organization to know if they were, or might be, a danger to us.” Giles said thoughtfully.


“Okay, lets go through the list and see where we get from there. “Err…sugar, this is an old list, Director Mulcahey is still an agent on this one.”


“Oh, yes. Who was director before him again?” Giles asked, sipping his tea.


“Smithback, Richard Smithback.”


“Smithback…” A slow smile spread over Giles’s face. “Well now…we may just be in luck.”


Buffy leaned over to Faith. “And for your information, I want Josh.”


Dawn rolled her eyes. “Duh! Everybody wants to date Josh!”












The End?

You have reached the end of "Ghosts and vampires and Civil Rights, Oh my..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Sep 11.

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