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Summary: Xander and Willow loose a bet and have to dress in costumes of Buffy's choosing.

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Marvel Universe > GeneralrothosFR1531,8750168,32127 Sep 1130 Sep 11No

It Ain't Easy Being Green

Disclaimer: See chapter 1
A/N: This is the last challenge oriented chapter. Some things will be explained from last chapter.

It ain’t Easy Being Green

Xander woke in his bed feeling like he had gone ten rounds with one of his father’s bottles and winced at the light he saw. He shut his eyes and threw off the covers to rise in a less painful way.

Of course, less painful is kind of objective when you fall to the floor and fall flat on your face whilst clipping your head on the bedside table.

“Ow.” Was the first word out of Xander’s mouth, the next several words can’t be typed here due to the fact that they would be considered very not nice.

The reason for the stream of not nice words was the realization that it had been so placed that he wouldn’t have hit it unless he had a growth spurt. Now with his head really hurting Xander quickly stumbled to the medicine cabinet in the adjoining bathroom. After retrieving the aspirin from the cabinet and downing the pair of white tablets with tap water; he stood up to put them back and saw something that shouldn’t be there if he was male. Actually there were two something’s hurriedly; Xander rushed over to the toilet and examined if he was able to go standing up. The answer was no, the resulting scream echoed, through Sunnydale, through California and then the world.

Later at the Scooby meeting Xander was still shocked that he craved chocolate more than before. Of course being seven feet tall and green really added to that.

Buffy was wailing about being Lady Useless last night and Willow was now dressed in a blouse and knee-high skirt, grinning.

“Well, at least Monday’s French test is in the bag. Of course, now I have the urge to sew to combat.” Buffy said.

“Why ever would you combat such a useful skill Buffy? Your mother most likely can find you projects at home.” Giles said smiling.

“Yeah Buffy, you can totally sew your own socks now.” Willow said.

“Well, I guess it’s a small thing I can easily live with.” Buffy said dejectedly.

“Well, Willow what did you acquire from last night’s putridity?” Giles asked thinking that he owed Ethan a kick or three.

“A law degree and the right to tell people not to make me angry.” Willow said with a gleam in her very green eyes.

“Willow everyone has that right.” Giles said before the Buffmeister could stop him from making a big mistake. Not for him but for the clothes Willow was wearing.

“Giles, I think you need a demonstration of what I mean. Buffy, I need you to keep track of my burette.” Willow said as she handed over the piece of plastic.

First Willow’s hair turned green, then everything expanded before turning verdant green shredding everything except her blouse.

“One question Willow? Why doesn’t your blouse shred? Is it magical?” Giles said.

“My blouse is Comics Code Authority approved.” The Hulked out redhead said.

Buffy looked at her friend, “Willow, we’ll fix this. Giles can exorcise this right?”

“No Buffy, this is potent Chaos Magic powered by a god of chaos. We might be able to get this reversed far later; but not now.” Giles said polishing his glasses.

“So I can’t be helped then? I’m doomed to spend the rest of my life as a female Jolly Green Giant?” Xander interrupted.

“Maybe not Xander, the magic seems to be shifting within you. So you could change in the next day or in the next century.” Giles said as he continued polishing his glasses.

“Well, I still have memories; memories of being a lawyer. Memories of being afraid of changing and being dosed with radiation making me stuck in this form. I’m more freaked out at not being a man than a Jolly Green Giant!” Xander yelled.

Then Xander turns and runs before any of the Scoobies can stop the new emerald giantess.

Willow-Hulk glares at Buffy. “If he hurts himself before I can reach him I will hurt you.” Willow’s voice is devoid of emotion before she turns and tears out of the Library after her friend.

“Wills wouldn’t hurt me? Would she Giles?” Buffy asks her stunned Watcher.

“Before no. Now, I don’t know; I just don’t know.” Giles says as you can hear glasses snapping.

A/N:There ends the challenge,but not the story! I'd like to thank all the reviewers for their feedback. I'm going to add to "Iron Willow" some more so this story might not get another chapter until Monday.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Hulk-o-ween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Sep 11.

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