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Summary: Xander and Willow loose a bet and have to dress in costumes of Buffy's choosing.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: BTVS is not mine and neither is Marvel. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and the Marvel universe, specifically what I will be using belongs to Marvel.

Challenge Response: Challenge 5858: She-Hulks YAHFC

The coin must have been rigged somehow; or else Giles was helping Buffy! There was almost no way Buffy could have won that toss twice! Physical challenge was ruled out because she was the Slayer and mental challenges were ruled out because Willow was a brain.Tails never come up twice: once for him and once for Willow! Now the Scoobies were at the mercies of the Buffmeister for the choice of Halloween costumes for the Snyder quest. Really they were conscripted; but it still meant Buffy chose the costumes.

Buffy had no comics’ knowledge, but had insisted on choosing She-Hulk for Willow and Hulk for him. Okay that wasn’t so bad; I mean she could have chosen Man-Thing and Dr. Doom, by accident! The only problem was the costume to even get him appropriately muscled for the Hulk cost a fortune and the pants were too large to wear without some padding! Well, Willow just needed the temporary hair dye for hers and some green bodypaint, speaking of bodypaint she had enough for both of them!

“Hey, Wills my bestest buddy in the whole wide world; could you spare some of that extra paint to help me with my costume?” Xander said using the trademark puppy dog eyes.

“Why not Xander? I mean there’ll be more than enough paint and rather than let it go to waste we can use more of it than if I just used it.” Willow said.

Ethan rang the Scoobies out; smiling at the Chaos about to be unleashed with two Hulks out there.

Hours later

Xander and Willow finished some of their preparations at her house. She flat out refused to let Xander see her putting body paint on and she would need her girlfriend’s help to reach some spots.

So off to Casa del Summers they went. Willow was letting her greenish black hair dry on the walk; and Xander was figuring out the logistics of walking in Hulked up form.

Buffy opened the door with her hair up.

“Willow! Xander! You look great Hulked up! Let me guess, Willow needed my help with body paint? Go to my room and I’ll be up Wills. Xander, you better let that paint dry before you come into the house.” With that, Buffy ushered Willow in and pointed Xander to the backyard.

Xander stood in the backyard , standing in the sun to let his paint dry.

“Hey, Big Green! Buffy’s ready for you, come see!” Dawn says as she dashes inside.

Xander takes a deep breath and follows the princess into the house to a waiting Buffy.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking