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So Much More

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Summary: HP/Charmed/BtVS OotP spoilers. Adalaide McGregger is so much more then what meets the eye

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Charmed > Willow-Centered
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered
JubeeFR13610,749051,93222 Dec 0325 Dec 03No

The New Babysitter

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"M-m-o-o-r-r-r-n-n-ing H-heidy." Adalaide yawned as she walked into the gym. She plopped her bag down and her water bottle right next to it.

"Hi Dolly!" The blonde girl replied. "Tired?"

"Yea." Adalaide replied. "And I can’t even go home and sleep. I’m baby-sitting for my neighbor. They have a little baby boy so that should be fun."

"I’m sorry." Heidy said faking sympathy. Adalaide had made varsity Rockettes, the pom/dance team, just this May. Heidy hadn’t made it, she was still on JV. They were still very good friends.

"There was this weird black, shaggy dog that followed me all the way to the Park this morning." Adalaide said. "It just kept staring at me. Then we I came it, I looked back and it laid down underneath the bench out that, like it was going to wait for me."

"Weird." Heidy replied.

"LAPS!" Head coach Aileen yelled as she entered the gym and spotted all the girls sitting and talking. Many groans could be heard but everyone got up and ran around the gym five times. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of shoes slamming down on the hard wood floor. After they all finished running, they stretched as usual and split into the two groups. Maria, the JV coach, took the JV girls to the upper balcony and Laura proceeded to teach the rest of the routine to the varsity girls.

"You look sloppy! You’re going to ELITE camp, you have to be better!" Laura yelled. "Two laps," she said, "GO!" Everyone scrambled to run. When everyone came back to the center, huffing slightly, she said, "Do it better so we can go on." She turned on the music. Twenty minutes later, she wasn’t satisfied. "RUN!" She simply said. The girls ran and they all knew to keep running until she said stop and to keep up with everyone else. All of a sudden, Adalaide felt the room start to spin and she slowed slightly.

"ADALAIDE, KEEP UP!" Laura yelled as Aileen got up and walked to where Laura was standing. Adalaide forced herself to keep running. Her legs gave out from under her and she fell to the floor. Both Aileen and Laura came running to her and helped her up.

"Okay girls, go take a two minute water break." Laura yelled to everyone. Emily brought Adalaide’s water bottle over and Aileen helped her to the edge of the gym. Laura continued to coach the girls when Aileen talked to Adalaide.

"What happened?" She asked.

"I felt a little dizzy but I thought I was fine and then my legs just gave out." Adalaide said, her whole body was shaking.

"Did you eat anything this morning?" Aileen asked.

"Yea, I had an apple like I always do." Adalaide replied.

"Alright, well, why don’t you sit for the rest of practice and get some rest. When you go home, you should probably try and get to the doctor." Aileen instructed and Adalaide nodded. She would call her mom while baby-sitting and try to figure out how to get to the doctor. No one would be home to take her but she’d figure it out. About five minutes later she felt fine. In fact, she felt that she had more energy than she’d ever had in her life. She tried telling Aileen but she wouldn’t let Adalaide dance at all.

"Dolly!" Maria called after practice. Adalaide was just grabbing her bag.

"Yea?" Adalaide replied as she straighten and looked at Maria.

"Do you have a ride?" Maria asked.

"No, I was walking home as usual." Adalaide said.

"I’ll drive you." Maria offered.

"No, that’s ok." Adalaide turned down graciously.

"No really, you can’t just walk home, I’ll worried about you." Maria said and locked the girls arm in her’s. They walked down the three steps and out the door. Adalaide immediately spotted the black dog again. It was still under the bench but it had lifted it’s head when the girls walked out.

"Hey Maria," Adalaide said. She pointed to the dog, "Is that anyone’s dog?"

"No, it must be a stray, why?" She said casually.

"It followed me here this morning and does it look like it was waiting for me to get out of practice to you?" Adalaide inquired not taking her eyes off the dog. It was quite shaggy and dirty looking.

"It likes you I guess." Maria said in her ‘I’m not really interested voice’. She led the way to her car. "Hey, do you wanna drive? You have your permit right?"

"No that’s ok." Adalaide said as she opened the passenger side door and got in. "I mean, I have my permit but I’m not really in the mood to drive right now." Just to make it convincing, she yawned as well. During the short drive home, they talked about things. Maria asked how Adalaide liked being on varsity and how her parents were. One of the reasons Maria and Adalaide were close was the fact that Mr. and Mrs. McGregger never took an interest in the team. Adalaide didn’t mind that much when it came time to pay for things because her parents never complained about the cost. They also never came to any of the functions or competitions or shows. Maria’s parents had been the same way when she was in high school so that had that to talk about. They drove through Burger King that was on the way and got some breakfast.

"Are you sure you’re ok?" Maria asked for the tenth time as she turned onto Prescott Street.

"I’m fine, really, I feel great." Adalaide replied.

"Alright. Have fun baby-sitting." Maria said. Adalaide had told her about the Halliwells. She was supposed to baby-sit right after practice.

"Yea, right." Adalaide said and hopped out of the car. Maria waited to make sure she got in ok. It was a redhead who came to the door.

"Hi!" She said and let Adalaide come in. "You must be the baby-sitter. I’m Paige." She offered her hand and Adalaide shook it gently. Paige turned around and called up the stairs. "Piper, she here. I’m going now." Paige smiled at the girl and left out the front door. Adalaide was feeling uncomfortable in the house by her self and anxiously waited for Piper to come down.

"I’m gonna be late!" A second girl said rushing down the stairs. She flew past Adalaide almost knocking her down and out the door. She was just thinking how different Piper looked then from what she remembered when a third woman came down the stairs.

"Sorry, that’s Pheobe. She’s always late to work." The girl came down the stairs. She also extended her hand. "I’m Piper. We’ll be leaving as soon as Leo’s ready." She said at looked up the stairs. "Ok, we’re just going out to brunch with my dad. The number of the restaurant is on the fridge as well as Paige and Pheobe’s cell phone in case there’s an emergency. There’s some formula already made in the fridge and the diapers and the baby wipes are in the nursery. Wyatt’s still sleeping. Here’s the baby monitor." Piper handed the monitor to Adalaide. "I think that’s everything."

"Ok, don’t worry about anything." Adalaide said hoping to sound convincing. There was something about this house that was not right to her. Leo came down the stairs.

"This is my husband Leo." Piper introduced. She turned to Leo. "This is Adalaide."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Wyatt." Adalaide said while they shook hands. She knew that Piper hadn’t taken his last name.

"Please, call me Leo." He replied. Adalaide nodded. The couple left.

Adalaide wasn’t the type of person who raided the fridge while baby-sitting nor did she snoop through the house. The first thing she did was go upstairs just to see where the baby was for when he woke up. She dropped her bag off in the hall and went back down the stairs. She did go into the kitchen and she opened the fridge so she could see where the formula was. She then went and locked the front door so she could go upstairs and not worry about any burglars.

She sat in a chair in Piper and Leo’s bedroom and got out her CD player. She set the volume as low as it would go as to not disturb the baby. She found herself absentmindedly humming, counting, and going through the steps from all of the routines from last year. She’d burned a CD with all the songs they’d used. She even knew most of the steps varsity had used even though she’d been on JV. Wyatt eventually woke up and was very cranky. He cried at first so Adalaide picked him up and felt his diaper. It felt dry so she tried her best to soothe the baby as she trotted down the stairs and got the formula. She warmed it slightly and tested it on her own arm. It was the perfect temperature so she gently introduced the bottle to the boy. He accepted it and drained it dry. She lifted him to her shoulder and patted his back until he gave her a large baby burp. She played with him and a rattle until his diaper needed changing and then he drifted into blissful sleep again. She set him back in his crib.

Adalaide took up residence once more in the chair and listened to her music. She started at a noise from downstairs. She left her CD player in her bag and grabbed the baby monitor. She crept as quietly as she could down the stairs hoping that she might be able to catch any intruder off guard. She peered around the wall at the front door only to see Paige setting her purse and keys on a table. Adalaide relaxed. Paige looked up and started.

"Geez," she said putting a hand over her heart, "you scared me. You should make more noise when you walk."

Adalaide laughed lightly. "Back so soon?" she asked curiously. She figured Paige had been off to a job of some sort like a normal person.

"Yeah. I was just out shopping and things like that." Paige replied. Adalaide noticed a few bags on the floor now that she’d said that.

"Everything go okay?" Paige asked.

"Yeah." Adalaide replied cheerfully. "He’s a little prince."

"That’s my little Wyatt." Paige retorted. "Well," she said and handed Adalaide a few bills folded together, "thank you. I’m sure we’ll be calling soon."

"Oh, it’s my pleasure." Adalaide replied. She climbed the stairs and collected her bag. She let herself out and crossed the street to her house.


Adalaide found herself in the kitchen baking. Her apron had flour smudges and she was vigorously mixing the ingredients together in a bowl. The front door opened and closed.

"Hello?" Adalaide called from the kitchen.

"Yeah." The voice of her sister called back Christine came into the kitchen.

"What are you doing home?" Adalaide asked as she added the butterscotch chips.

"I have a huge headache so Angie’s taking over for me at the store." Christine replied. She was referring to the Farmer Jack where she’d worked for two years. "Speaking of work," she added, "aren’t’ you supposed to be baby-sitting?" Christine went to a cupboard and got out the aspirin.

"Yeah," Adalaide replied mixing the batter around more, "I went and now I’m back."

"How was it?" Christine asked. "Was there anything strange there?" They both felt the Halliwell’s were peculiar.

"The only strange thing is three grown sisters living together in one house." Adalaide replied adding chocolate chips in now. Christine took the aspirin with some water and eyed her younger sister.

"What’s wrong?" She asked going to the opposite side of the island counter so she could look at her sister.

"What do you mean?" Adalaide asked innocently grabbing the bowl and spatula again.

"Whenever something’s bugging you, you bake. What are you making anyway?" Christine asked eyeing the batter strangely.

"I do not!" Adalaide said defensively and started mixing again. "I’m making cookies."

"What kind?" Christine asked.

"Their peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. I call them Chocolate Nutty Scotch cookies." She replied. "I hope they’re good."

"Well call me when their ready and we can chat." Christine said as she stole a handful of dough. Adalaide finished baking them and called her sister down. They sat at the table with two glasses of milk and all the Chocolate Nutty Scotch cookies they could eat. Adalaide took her sister all about what had happened at practice and about the dog that followed her. The girls shared a rare afternoon together. After eating over half the cookies Adalaide had baked, Christine treated her to a movie. Most of the time the sisters didn’t get along but there were some days where the alignment of the stars shifted and they got along. Adalaide loved those days. She cherished them. They did one of those photo booths that was right outside the movie theater in the mall and got two sets. Adalaide put it in her shoebox after writing ‘Me and my sis’ and the date on the back.
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