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So Much More

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Summary: HP/Charmed/BtVS OotP spoilers. Adalaide McGregger is so much more then what meets the eye

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Charmed > Willow-Centered
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered
JubeeFR13610,749051,93222 Dec 0325 Dec 03No


A/n: I hope you all like this
so far!  And I also hope that my
character isn’t too Mary Sue for you.  I
realize that all my characters are Mary Sue but deal with it.  I’ll try later for less Mary Sue.  Any way, I’m sure you’re all dying to know
what happens.



The four girls sat in the
living room.  Piper, Pheobe and Paige
waiting anxiously for an explanation from this new girl Willow.

“I know you guys are the
Charmed Ones.” Willow said.  The three
sisters looked at each other which caused Willow to think that wasn’t the best way to start out.  “I need help with this spell I’m working on.”

“What kind of spell is it?”
Pheobe asked with interest.

“It’s sort of a locator spell
but not.” Willow said.  She went
on to explain about Buffy and the potentials becoming Slayers.  “See I’ve been reading about these different
spells that can reveal a person’s aura but I need one that covers the world.”  Willow reached into her bag and pulled out all the research
she’d done at Angel’s hotel.  Paige
picked up Willow’s notebook and started flipping through it. 

“Why don’t we go get
something to eat?” Pheobe suggested.  “We
can talk about this some more, my treat.” Everyone agreed so the four left for
a restaurant.


“How?  Why? What’s going on?” Adalaide yelled to
Leo.  She refused to move from her
spot.  “I mean, this is the weirdest
dream I’ve ever had.”  She laughed to

The three males looked at her
with funny expressions on their faces. 
Harry was the first to speak. 

“This isn’t a dream.” He
said.  Somewhere inside him he was a
little hurt that she felt that way but he couldn’t explain why.

“Um, yeah it is.” Adalaide
replied.  “I mean, how else would you
explain me being about to travel across the ocean without even knowing it?”

Leo looked hurriedly at the
robed men.  “We’d better go.  I’ll explain once we get back to the Manor.”  He motioned for Adalaide to come to him.

“And how are we getting to
the Manor?” She asked sarcastically.  “Are
we gonna fly?!”  She laughed.  He shook his head.

“I know it’s weird but we
need to get out of here.” Leo said urgently. 

Well, since it is a dream
and all, I guess it can’t hurt now can it?
Adalaide thought to herself.  She
walked to Leo while Harry stared at her like she had three heads.  It was rather unnerving.  Adalaide could hear a distant noise, as if
someone was calling her from really far away.  It grew louder as Leo placed a hand on her
shoulder and the park seemed to dissolve in blue lights. 

“Adalaide!  You can’t possibly be tired again, you slept
until what noon!  You better
get up before mom gets really mad.  She’s
been calling you to come downstairs for like five minutes.” Christine yelled.  She had a smile on her face though.  She always enjoyed seeing Adalaide getting in
trouble.  Adalaide sat upright and looked
around her room.  She knew it’d all been
a dream.  She jumped out of her bed and
practically skipped down the stairs. 

I need to stop watching so
much TV,
she said to herself, I’m getting
way too many strange ideas.



Sirius, Harry, and Leo
arrived in the kitchen of the Manor.  Leo
looked around himself.

“Where’s Adalaide?” he asked
frantically.  Oh no, I dropped her
somewhere, she could be anywhere,
he thought to himself, that poor girl
she’s probably scared out of her mind.



“Adalaide,” Mrs. McGregger
said as Adalaide bounced into the front hall of their house.  “The Halliwells called while you were
sleeping.  They want you to go over to
their house as soon as possible.  I’m
going to meet some business people for a few early drinks.”

“Okay, bye mom.” Adalaide
said.  Mrs. McGregger left out of the
door without another word to her daughter. 
Adalaide smiled to herself as she opened the front door and went into
the blinding light of the California
sun.  She ran across the street and up
the front steps to the Halliwell house. 
She knocked loudly on the door and waited for an answer.  Leo answered the door and Adalaide laughed.

“Mr. Wyatt, it’s the funniest
thing, I was napping and I had the weirdest dream with you in it.” Adalaide
said as she walked into the now familiar house. 
“There were a group of men in robes, and a boy my age named..” Adalaide
hesitated as two people emerged into the front hall, “HARRY!”  Leo grabbed Adalaide’s shoulders from behind
causing her to jump slight.

“Are you okay?  Nothing’s injured is it?” He asked with
genuine concern. 

“I’m fine, but does anyone
want to explain?” Adalaide responded. 
She was being a lot ruder then she normally was but this was very
confusing.  Harry nodded.

“Yes, please.” He said.  “Sirius, you’re supposed to be dead!” Harry
turned to Sirius with slightly angry eyes. 

“Tell me about it.” Sirius responded.  Leo interrupted however.

“Why don’t we all just go and
sit down and we’ll explain everything.” Leo said now that he had calmed down a
little bit.  He pushed Adalaide and Harry
into the living room and the two plopped down onto the couch.  Adalaide made notice of how close they were sitting
and how his leg was touching hers.  It would
have been a bigger deal if she was so confused at the moment.  Adalaide looked to Leo and this other man for

“Well, it’s rather
complicated and I didn’t want to tell you anything until we were sure but I
guess I have to now.  I mean there’s no
other way.” Leo mumbled.  “I’m a

“A what?” Adalaide
asked.  She had never heard the word

“It’s kinda like a guardian
angel for witches and future whitelighters.” Leo explained.  Adalaide laughed.  She couldn’t help herself.  He was just so serious yet what he was saying
was ridiculous. 

“Right, like there are really
witches going around turning people into frogs or toads or whatever.” Adalaide
rolled her eyes.  “Give me a break, I’m
not stupid.”

“There really is magic out
there.” Harry said.  Adalaide looked at
him.  “I’m a wizard.”  Adalaide laughed yet she noted the hint of a
blush appearing on Harry’s cheeks and she couldn’t help thinking how adorable
it was.

“And I’m the Queen of England.”
Adalaide said sardonically.  She must
have spent way too much time with her sister to have picked up some of this

“And,” Leo said, not wanting
to argue, “We think that you’re a witch.” 
Adalaide stopped laughing and was completely silent for a whole
minute.  Then she got on her feet suddenly
and made for the door.

“You’re all crazy, you’ve
gonna insane.” She mumbled as she shook her head and made her way for the
door.  I’m never babysitting for them
she thought. 

“Adalaide wait.” Leo
called.  Adalaide stopped at looked at
him.  “There’s a little bit more.”  Adalaide considered it for a second.

“Sure, why not.  I could use a good story.” She replied and
took her seat next to Harry again.  He
seemed to be looking at her in a new light.

“Well, I or we, also think
that you could possibly be my and Piper’s daughter.” Leo said and waited for a

“Prove it.” Adalaide

“Well, we can’t.  Not really.” Leo said and Adalaide stood and
headed for the door.  Leo sighed in
defeat.  Harry was torn.  One part of him was dying to talk to his god father,
yet the other part wanted to run after Adalaide and show her magic.  When Harry looked, Adalaide was already out
the door.  He turned and looked at

“What happened to you?” Harry
asked him.  Sirius sighed and sat down
facing Harry.  Leo sat down as well but
his eyes were filling with tears and they were glued to the window watching
Adalaide run home.

“I died.” Sirius
replied.  “I died in the Department of
Mysteries like you saw.  However, I didn’t
stay dead.  Leo here recruited me to be a
whitelighter.  So here I am.”

“Are you my whitelighter?” Harry
asked.  Leo had said that whitelighters
guard witches so wouldn’t they guard wizards as well.

“No, you don’t have one.” Sirius
answered.  “It’s a different type of
witch.”  Harry was filling with anger
now.  If Sirius was still alive, then
why didn’t he come and talk to me?
He thought.  He owes me that.  Harry was sure that Sirius had been watching
him on those nights that he had spent in the park.  He hated that people could watch him but he
could communicate back with them.

“Why didn’t you come see me?”
Harry burst standing on his feet now.  He
was sick of being protected so much.

“I came to see you, I watched
you many nights when you went out by yourself.  I just couldn’t talk to you.” Sirius said with
pleading eyes.  He looked to Leo.  “He can’t go back now, somehow they’ve found
him.  He’ll be dead within the minute if
he goes back now.”  Harry looked to Leo
and back to Sirius.  His anger erupted
inside him and he tore through the house and out the front door.  Sirius stood to follow him but Leo held him

“Let him go.” He said.  “He’ll come back.”



Adalaide hadn’t gone
home.  She needed to think.  She was circling the neighborhood
thinking.  She looked to the sky for
answers.  The sun was slowly descending
behind the clouds as the day grew old.  She
touched her cross necklace.  It never
left her, even when she slept. 

“Oh God.” She spoke
aloud.  “Is it true?  Can I be a, a…?” She faltered, what if
someone heard her.  “I mean isn’t that
going against everything you taught us?” 
She sighed and wiped a tear from her eye.  She shook herself mentally.  Why am I so emotional about this, it can’t
possibly be real.
She thought.  The
sun was almost gone now and Adalaide looked around her.

“Where am I?” She
thought.  She’d been wondering aimlessly
for who knows how long and she didn’t know how she was going to find her way
back.  She stopped and stood in the
middle of the sidewalk with her arms wrapped around herself.  For summer in California, it seemed unseasonable cool.  It must just be the wind.  A voice from behind her spooked her in the
growing darkness.

“Adalaide.” A male voice
whispered softly.  She turned to find Harry
standing there.  Adalaide quickly wiped
her tears away.

“Yeah?” she asked.  He just looked at her for a second and
Adalaide felt a strange urge to run into his arms.

“Are you alright?” He asked
as he took a step closer. 

“I guess so.” She replied,
shivering from the harsh wind.  “I’m just
confused.”  Harry made an un-explained

“I’m torn.” Adalaide
continued.  “I’m torn between knowledge
that Leo is a nice guy who wouldn’t really want to do any harm and the
doubtless truth that magic isn’t real.  It
can’t be.  If it was real, then it must
be evil.”  Harry seemed to pull away

“Do you think I’m evil?” He
asked.  Adalaide shook her head and
shivered once more.

“Then believe that magic isn’t
evil.” Harry said.  He pulled out his
wand and took a step toward Adalaide but she stepped away.  She stared frightened at the stick.

“What are you doing?” She

“I’m gonna show you some
magic.” He replied.  “Lumos.” He
said and the tip of his wand lit up.  Adalaide
wasn’t impressed.

“Wow, you turned on a
flashlight.” She said.

“It’s not a flashlight.” He
said.  “Here, look.”  Adalaide moved closer and their foreheads
touch slightly as the both looked down at the wand.  “It’s a wand.”  Adalaide could feel his breath quicken and
she looked and him.  Maybe it is real,
she thought to herself. 

“Do you know the way back to
the Manor?” She asked worriedly.  Harry
shook his head.  However a voice from the
dark replied.

“I do.” Leo emerged from the darkness.  Adalaide smiled and he smiled back.  He led the way silently.  When they got to the Manor, Piper, Pheobe and
Paige were waiting anxiously for Adalaide. 
As well as a guy with long white hair and a beard that was named
Professor Dumbledore.


a/n: review review review 

The End?

You have reached the end of "So Much More" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Dec 03.

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