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Hunter's tall tales.

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Summary: Sam, Dean, and a few others sit drinking and telling tall tales. Anyone can add a chapter.

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairingsqrm + 1 otherFR1828650374628 Sep 113 Mar 12No

Chapter One

I do not own Supernatural or Btvs.

Sam and Dean sit in the Roadhouse. It is late in the night and Ellen is sitting with them. The bar is closed to all but those who are spending the night. Ash sits in the corner playing on his computer trying to hack the pentagon in all probability, Jo is sweeping up.

The three sit telling stories. Tall tales that only hunters know. Like when a hunter woke up a woman after running afoul of a witch. Or the time a hunter killed the same werewolf three times. But the one Ellen was telling an old favorite among hunters. A tale of the one eyed stranger. He appears out of nowhere a force of nature. He would single handed destroy a vampire nest and the next day you would hear about the demon he exorcised. He never stays in one place long, moving quickly even for a hunter. Some say he is a fiction created by monsters to tell around campfires. After all even monsters need a reason to fear the night. And Alexander is the reason they do.

Ellen tells of the time he faced an ancient vampire. One so old it was tough that even it didn't know its own age. Alexander came to its lair with only his knife in hand. He had driven through the night and the sun slowly rose above the horizon as he walks up to the dilapidated barn. This vampire had gathered a large nest around it's self and the one eyed hunter didn't exactly know the numbers.

He enters the building to find that there are over twenty of the creatures sleeping off the previous night. He starts making his way through the room beheading the sleeping vampires as he goes. He accomplishes his task with silence and a brutal efficiency that only comes from much experience. He almost manages to kill all of the minions when the final one awakens and raises the alarm. Taking off it's head with a single stroke he rushes toward the far door he suspects leads to their leader.

He reaches the door only to have it explode outward at him as the vampire crashes through it.

He rolls backward and onto his feet. Readying his blade he faces off against the ancient creature. For what seems like an eternity they look at each other sizing up their opponent. Then the vampire lunges forward. Expecting the the one eyed hunter simply steppes to the side letting the creature decapitate it's self upon his outstretched blade.

Ellen tosses back a shot an slams the glass down on the table. Sam your turn.

Now it's your turn. Anyone can add a chapter.

The hunters' tall tails.

This is meant to be a collection of short stories about hunters in the supernatural verse. Original characters are welcome. It's a simple premise each tale is told by someone in the bar. Beyond that the sky is the limit.
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