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Me and the Moon(y)

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Summary: After preventing the final Apocalypse the Scoobies are deported from their dimension to live in everlasting joy. Except for Xander who gets yanked into a different direction and ends up at Godric's Hollow 1981. /up for adoption/

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinlothlorienFR182018,991622674,66429 Sep 1125 Apr 14No

Under the clear night sky

Disclaimer: See Prologue.

A/N: Warning: This chapter contains gratuitous fluff. Nah, I'm just kidding. There's no such thing as gratuitous fluff.

Under the clear night sky

“Well, that was certainly fun,” said Xander teasingly as he watched Remus take a long sip of whiskey.

“Fun,” repeated Remus dryly. “It was certainly fun if you define fun as slow meticulous torture by a snarky bastard with too large a vocabulary and a chip on his shoulder the size of Atlantis.”

Xander grinned in response. “Severus isn’t that bad when he forgets to hate everyone and everything. He has an interesting way of thinking about problems and, while he is extremely negative, he does give interesting suggestions.”

“I wouldn’t call sacrificing a Gryffindor first year to the patron saint of lost items an interesting suggestion.”

“He was joking,” said Xander with a roll of his eye. “I think... Anyway, stop being so negative and maudlin. I was promised an astronomy lesson today so get off that couch and deliver.”

Remus chuckled quietly and gave Xander a none too subtle once-over. His smile turned predatory. He swiftly got up, grabbed Xander’s hand and dragged him out of the room. They made a stop in the kitchens to get some finger foods and then went to the Astronomy tower.


Xander has never spent any considerable amount of time gazing at the stars. Mostly because he spent most of his nights either hunting or running away from various demons. When he did have nights off, he mostly spent them inside - knowing what all was roaming the night didn’t make it easy to relax enough to lie on the floor and stargaze. That was what made this date that much more enjoyable. Having shared a few glasses of whiskey, Remus and Xander were now lying on a surprisingly comfortable blanket (Xander suspected there was magic involved) observing the stars and trying to find different shapes in them. Remus shared what little he remembered from his astronomy lessons, feeling comfortable under the night sky for the first time since he was a child - he couldn’t entirely get over his slightly irrational fear of the moon ever since being bitten by Greyback.

“Are you alright?” asked Xander when he noticed Remus seemed to be thinking very hard about something.

Remus smiled serenely. “I’m fine.” He turned to lie on his side facing Xander. “I’ve just realized you seemed to have cured me of my phobia of the night sky.”

Xander looked understandably perplexed. “You have a star phobia?”

“Of course not. That would be silly,” came the teasing answer. “However, I’ve never felt very comfortable under moonlight. Not since I was bitten anyway. That’s probably why I did so poorly at astronomy. But with you here, it didn’t even occur to me to be nervous. It’s nice,” he said softly and leaned down to kiss Xander gently. The kiss went on for quite a while, but never grew very heated. It was too soft and comfortable to rush and both men wanted to move slowly with their relationship.

Breaking the kiss Remus smiled and lay down with his head on Xander’s chest. The older man sighed with contentment and started playing with the sand-coloured curls. The next few minutes passed in comfortable silence.

“If I get any more comfortable, I might just fall asleep here,” said Xander teasingly.

“Mmm,” came the slightly groggy reply. “That wouldn’t be so bad. I’ve put up a warming spell and I can ward the area in case someone wants to come here at this time of the night. And we wouldn’t have to move, which is definitely looking good just now.”

“I was joking.”

“It’s still a good idea.”

Xander smiled thoughtfully. “Good point. Alright, you’ve tempted me. Put up the ward and we’ll see about sleeping up here.”

Xander realized the flaw of this plan a moment later, when Remus went to get up. He tightened his grip on the young werewolf.

“Where are you going?”

“To put up the ward.”

“Can’t you do it from here?” asked Xander with a slight pout. “I don’t think I like this plan very much anymore.”

Remus smiled and gently kissed the pout off of Xander’s face. When he broke the kiss a few moments later, he was rewarded with a happy little sigh.

“What was that for?”

“You’re adorable.”

Xander felt that that answer deserved an incredulous snort and a raised eyebrow, just to fully express how utterly ridiculous it was.

“I’m a twenty-five year-old carpenter with countless scars and an eye-patch. I don’t think that counts as adorable under any definition.”

“Pouting because I was going to move away from you for a minute is adorable,” countered Remus and smiled when it earned him another pout. He gave Xander a quick peck and then swiftly got up to set up the ward.

True to his word he was back in a minute, smiling at the pout that never left Xander’s face. He lay back down and sighed happily when one of Xander’s hands went straight for his hair and the other wound up around his waist.

Xander smiled thoughtfully. “I haven’t slept outside since I was about 16 I think. And it’s not even Christmas.”

“Christmas?” repeated Remus curiously.

“I’ll tell you another time, I promise.”

“See that you do,” teased Remus.

They lay there in near complete silence, content to just touch each other gently until they slowly drifted into sleep. It was one of the best night’s sleep either of them remembered getting in a long time.

A/N: Did you like it? Like I said, pure fluff. Please leave a review and let me know what you think.
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