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Me and the Moon(y)

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Summary: After preventing the final Apocalypse the Scoobies are deported from their dimension to live in everlasting joy. Except for Xander who gets yanked into a different direction and ends up at Godric's Hollow 1981. /up for adoption/

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinlothlorienFR182018,991622674,66329 Sep 1125 Apr 14No

A wild solution appears

Disclaimer: See Prologue.

A/N: Hi! *waves nervously and hides behind chair* Don't be mad at me. I know this chapter took forever. I'm sorry. On the bright side many things happen in it and it's a tiny bit longer than the previous ones. (A really tiny bit) I hope you like it and that you haven't already given up on this story. I promise I will complete it, though I can't say for sure when the next chapter will be up. Hopefully some time before next year :P

A wild solution appears

Severus was annoyed. The research was going slowly, mostly because dark knowledge of this sort was often kept secret by the old families and they were unlikely to be willing to lend books. The situation was not improved by the utter uselessness of the werewolf and the muggle, who would apparently rather spend their days looking besottedly at each other than vanishing Dark Lords. Since Dumbledore and Flitwick still haven’t arrived, this meant that Severus did most of the work himself.

The worst of it was that he couldn’t even be angry about it. The research was fascinating and for once he could truly immerse himself in a dark subject without people eying him suspiciously for it. And to be fair (not that he was particularly inclined to do so), the muggle at least already contributed something to the effort. The research he did before approaching Dumbledore was very thorough and surprisingly helpful. The fact that he had so little to complain about only annoyed him further and he was preparing to snap at the werewolf when Dumbledore and Flitwick finally entered the room.

“Headmaster, Professor, so glad you could join us,” said Severus sarcastically turning to Remus and Xander. “Now if you could kindly un-glue your eyes from each other for long enough to perhaps read a paragraph or two that would be lovely.”

Xander and Remus shared a mischievous look.

“Of course, Severus,” replied Remus softly.

“For all the good it’ll do,” added Xander under his breath. He really missed his friends. Giles and Willow would have had an answer by now. Even Andrew would be a welcomed sight. Oh, well, stiff upper lip as they always imagined Giles saying when he was being particularly British (though he never actually said it).

“Come now, Xander,” said the Headmaster jovially. “I’m sure that if we work together we’ll have this sorted out in no time.”

Xander valiantly refrained from pointing out that they’d been working together for some time now and had not yet sorted it out. Instead he nodded and turned back to his book.


“I think I found something.”

Everyone turned to Remus expectantly. They’d been working on the problem for nearly two weeks now, but they were no closer to finding a viable way of destroying the Horcruxes.

“I think we’ve been going about this whole thing the wrong way. We can’t destroy the Horcruxes in the same way any possessing entity could be destroyed, because all the banishment spells are based on the assumption that the caster is dealing with a natural being.”

“What’s your point, Lupin?” asked Severus snappishly. “I would hardly describe any possession as natural.”

“No, no, he has a point,” exclaimed Flitwick excitedly. “All possessions are in some way routed in natural entities or the remnants of natural entities. Whereas a Horcruxes is as unnatural as can be. Each Horcruxes is just a sliver of a soul, not the whole thing.”

“Exactly,” continued Remus. “I don’t think we should be trying to destroy each individual Horcruxes. We have to destroy the whole soul at once.”

“How do you propose we go about doing that? We still haven’t discovered any way in which Horcruxes could be harmed let alone destroyed.”

“Don’t be so pessimistic, Severus,” said Dumbledore. “I’m sure in time we will find a solution.”

Xander rubbed his eyes tiredly. “How about fire?” he suggested only half jokingly. “Fire usually works if it’s hot enough.”

Severus took a deep breath to deliver a sufficiently scathing lecture as to why the American should keep his silly ideas for himself, but he was interrupted by Flitwick’s exclamation.

“That’s it! Horcruxes are unnatural, we agree on that, right? And I’m sure you’re all aware of how the laws of magic work. Nothing unnatural can exist for very long, because magic itself rebels against its presence. If we can somehow evoke pure magic it should work towards destroying the Horcruxes on its own.”

“Well done, Remus, Filius,” said the Headmaster with a smile. “I do believe we cracked the problem. Now it’s just a matter of gathering all of the Horcruxes and deciding upon the best evocation ritual.”

Xander groaned. “It’s too late now to start a new research party. I suggest we stop for today and meet again tomorrow.”

“I second that suggestion,” added Remus.

“I third it,” drawled Severus with a look of disgust at having agreed with the werewolf.

Dumbledore smiled brightly. “Good idea, Xander. Unfortunately tomorrow is no good, as Filius and myself are quite busy escorting the children to Hogsmeade. It might be a good idea to take the weekend off and meet again on Monday.”

Thoroughly tired of research, everyone quickly agreed and left the Room of Requirements. Severus nodded to Remus and Xander before swiftly dashing towards the apparation point.


“Wake me up on Monday,” sighed Xander as he collapsed onto his sofa. Remus smiled indulgently before gently lying down next to him.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” he admonished while gently tracing Xander’s features with his finger. “Surely you can think of a better way of spending your first free weekend in a month.” He leaned in to pepper Xander’s face with gentle kisses starting with his right cheek and moving across to the left. “And if your imagination fails you,” he whispered when he reached the muggle’s ear, “I’m sure I can offer some suggestions.”

Xander groaned and pulled Remus in for a kiss. They kissed lazily for some time, neither of them in any hurry, as their hands gently explored the other’s body. One of Xander’s hands ended up tangled in Remus’ hair while the other was busy trying to surreptitiously un-tuck his shirt to reach the skin of his lower back. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Xander instead tried to roll them over. It didn’t go according to plan and only Remus’ quick reflexes saved them from rolling off the sofa entirely. The werewolf lay his forehead against Xander’s chest and started laughing softly. Xander soon joined in.

“OK, that didn’t go as well as I thought it would. Maybe we should move to the bedroom.”

Remus agreed and, still smiling, slowly got up.

“Only if you promise not to try and throw me off your bed a well,” he said teasingly.

Xander laughed softly and wrapped his arms around the other man. “I would never do anything to get you out of my bed,” he said, underscoring his point with a kiss.

Half entwined and still kissing they slowly made their way towards Xander’s bedroom where Remus offered many suggestions and Xander added a few of his own.

When they returned to Hogwarts on Monday, Dumbledore was excited to see their renewed enthusiasm for research. Severus just complained that their disgusting cheerfulness was giving him a headache.

A/N: Yes, I attempted to write smut. I did not succeed :P It seems that this will remain a smut-free story.
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